Thursday, May 22, 2014

Amusement Park Fun and More

FOR TODAY: Thursday May 22, 2014

Outside My Window: It is dark and quiet. That is one of the perks of country living, quiet nights. The only sounds are normally those of the crickets and frogs. The camper is parked directly in front of my house just waiting to be loaded for our weekend trip.

I am Thinking: That I have so much to do tomorrow and not sure how I will ever get it done. I have stuff to pack for the weekend, groceries to buy, a trip that has to be made to the doctor, clothes that have to be washed and the list goes on. It's going to be a busy Friday around here.

I am Thankful: For the big bag of clothes that my SIL brought me for Annalee. We love hand me downs around here :)  There was a ton of stuff but here are a few of my favorite pieces that were in it!

In the Kitchen: There are a few dirty dishes in the sink and the table is piled full of clean clothes. I've started trying to lay out things for our weekend trip and it's now took over my table!!!

I am Wearing: My long black and white nightgown! My hubby calls it my Old Woman gown but I don't care. It's like the most comfortable thing EVER!!!!

I am Creating: Absolutely nothing today....been too busy to create :)

I am Going: To take Little Lee to the doctor tomorrow. Her eyes are running something terrible. I'm thinking it's probably just allergies but she's not feeling well so I thought I'd have her checked out before the holiday weekend.

I am Wondering: Why my bedroom smells like piss. I'm going to assume it's a dirty blanket in the clothes basket but it's really rank. Ugh, the joys of children!

I am Reading: Blogs and loving it. I finally got a little blog reading done today. It's hard to find time to do everything I want in a day!

I am Hoping: That we get our paperwork for our 401K Loan tomorrow. I need to get that done ASAP

I am Looking Forward To: Our camping trip this weekend, Annalee's Day Camp next week, Axle's Graduation next week, School being out, Vacation and a whole lot of other things. I LOVE SUMMER :)

I am Learning: That life is so much better when you learn to just let go of things you can't change or control. It's took me a long time and I've definitely figured it out the hard way but I so get it now! Better late than never, for sure!

Around the House: Lee Lee is asleep in her playpen. She's snoring like a big hog. Ax is in his bed watching cartoons. He won't go to sleep. For some odd reason he's been scared all night. Hubby is working and I sure wish he'd get home. Anika is at Mom's tonight and I'm missing her too. It's just too quiet around here.

I am Pondering: If I want to do Annalee's Party in Princesses or Mermaids

A Favorite Quote for the Day: 

One of my Favorite Things Today: Spending the day at Camden Park with my Kids and Mom. Ax's Preschool hosted a field trip there and it was so much fun! We all had a blast but were super exhausted by the end of the day. 

Plans for the Rest of the Week- The week is almost over. Tomorrow I'll be visiting the doctor with the kids, shopping and packing. The weekend we will be camping and won't be home till Monday afternoon! Pretty excited about it.

My friends I'm calling it a night. Hope you guys have a great Friday tomorrow!

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  1. Hooray for camping! Camden Park looks fun. Where is that?