Saturday, May 17, 2014

50 Things about my Friday

Hello Friends...It's way too early for me to be up on a Saturday but the Hubby overslept this morning and his Buddy he rides with woke me beating on our window. I'm not complaining, he sure didn't need to miss work today. Anyway, while I was awake and my mind was fresh, I thought I'd go ahead and type up a blog post. I meant to get it up last night but it just didn't happen! Here's Fifty Things about my Friday that I thought I'd share!!!

Fifty Things about my Friday

1. I don't know if I told you or not but my Mom has a concussion. She hit her head working in my grandma's flowers the other day. She hit it at the back of her head against the garage door. The doctor said the concussion was mild but that she needed lots of rest. 

2. Since Mom is out of commission, I've been taking the kids to school. We almost overslept yesterday but luckily we didn't. Anika was only about 15 minutes late. Ax ended up not going again, he went with me and Lee Lee instead.

3. Things with Anika are improving at school. While I sometimes hate the fact that it's better to let it go than to continue to stir in it, I know I'm doing what is best for her.

4. I felt like absolute death yesterday morning. I'm thinking I had a stomach virus or at least a touch of one. My tummy hurt unreal bad. I mean some of the worst tummy pain I've ever had. I also felt so nauseated. My Hubby asked me was I pregnant? I started to shoot him (ha ha)!!!

5. It was cold yesterday morning and by cold I mean like 40 degrees. Our Spring has spoiled us. We went from snow to 80 degree temperatures. Kentucky pretty much skipped Spring and went straight to Summer. While that was A-Okay with me, it also made yesterday morning feel freezing!!!

6. Poor Ax must have agreed it was cold. He literally drug a blanket to the van with us when we took Anika to school.

7. It was pretty obvious Anika wasn't like the morning chilliness. She wore Dustin's sweat pants that were 3 sizes too big for her. She said she was skankin' it. Apparently that is teenage terms for deciding to not clean up.

8. I had to stop by the bank yesterday morning on our way home. The teller must have not noticed Ax and Lee in the car because she didn't give us any suckers. Trust me, this did not make Axle happy at all.

9. Oh and can I just tell you how I excited I was that yesterday was payday. We were seriously BROKE. Like I counted out quarters the day before for gas broke. 

10. I had promised my Granny I would take her shopping so the kids and I got cleaned up to do just that. Honestly, I didn't think we were ever going to get out of the house. The kids were not one bit cooperative for some reason and right before we were ready to go, Little Lee fell and busted her nose. It definitely called for a morning Motrin for this Mommy.

11. I told Granny we would be there at 9:00 am but we didn't show up until 10:00 am. She was ready and waiting for us. Lucky for us, Granny doesn't have a real good concept of time so I'm not sure she even knew we were an hour late. She looked pretty as a doll when I picked her up. She had gotten her hair done a few days ago and decided to cut it shorter. It looked good on her :)

12. Annalee cracks me up. Every time we drive by Granny's house or stop to see her she yells "Mama, dog" She knows it's where Mama and the dog lives. It's the cutest thing ever!

13. Granny had a gift card for Goody's that her Daughter in Law got her for Mother's Day. She was excited to buy her some new clothes. We let her shop but stayed close to her to make sure she didn't fall. She ended up getting 2 pair of shoes, a dress and a pants outfit. She's ready to go to Church now so she can wear her new dress. We were there probably an hour all together. Granny is a slow shopper. The kids did okay though, they only melted down once or twice.

14. I found a maxi skirt that I just loved but ended up not getting. I might be kicking myself for it this morning. I did find an outfit for Annalee that I seriously just could not pass up. It is the cutest thing ever. She's going to look flat out adorable in it.

15. I didn't think about the fact that Granny now has trouble counting and managing money. I just assumed she knew how much she had and how much she had spent. She did pretty well and only went over $18.00. She was going to put her shoes back but I told her not to worry about it, I'd get them. It's hard for me to remember that she struggles with things now. I'm just used to her being so independent.

16. I thought we were done shopping but she said she needed to go to the Dollar Store and get something. It was right beside Goody's so I told her to wait on the sidewalk while I put the bags in the car and we would walk on over there. Ax stayed with her and held her hand. He is so good to her. He always helps her out of the vehicle (or tries to) and leads her by the hand so she won't fall. It's too sweet.

17. My kids were like wild children in the Dollar Store. Thank God it was a pretty small place. 

18. I ended up buying 2 pair of pants and 2 tops while in there. I needed them like a whole in the head but they were so cute & so comfortable feeling. I got solid tops to go with them so that I could wear them with other things too. I figured Anika would make fun of them (she usually does) but she actually liked them. $30.00 for two outfits was pretty good so I guess I didn't go wrong buying them. Here's the pants...aren't they the cutest prints? They also feel like pajama material which makes me very happy. I am all about comfort.

19. The lady at the Dollar Store was a real piece of work. Let's just say I did not like her. She was NOT nice to my children at all & she was very rude to me. Apparently my kids got on her nerves. Well join the club lady, they get on my nerves sometimes too. Ax and Lee both found cups they wanted and Ax was trying to talk to her about his. She totally ignored the poor guy. Then to put icing on the cake, she accused Lee Lee of putting a sucker (which was still in a wrapper) in her mouth. Lee didn't as I was standing there and was watching her but regardless she demanded I pay for it. I went ahead and paid for the stupid sucker. In hindsight I wish I would have told her no. What was she going to do?

20. Hubby needed beer so I ran over to the beer store and picked him up some. There is 2 bars (holes in the wall) located by the beer store. Granny was telling me old stories about when my Uncles used to hang out in those bars. It amazes me how her long term memory is so good but yet she has no short term memory.

21. I was starving by this point and knew Granny was too so we stopped by Wendy's for lunch. I had the BEST Chili & Cheese ever. I think the cooler temperatures just made it taste so much better. Lee and Ax had nuggets. Lee ate every single bite of hers. I think Ax managed to eat one of his and a few fries. He was more interested in the Monster Truck toy that came in his kids meal. They both took in their new cups we bought at the Dollar Store and that made them very happy campers!

22. It was about 1:00 when we finally got back in town and I got Granny dropped off at her house. She was exhausted but I think she had a good time.

23. Annalee fell asleep in the car right before we got home. Luckily when we got home I changed her, gave her some milk and laid her right back down. She went right on back to sleep. Ax also fell asleep within 20 minutes of being home. I wore them all out, including myself.

24. I called to check in on my Mommy. She said she wasn't feeling much better. We chatted for a bit and then I told her I was going to lie down for a little bit and to call and wake me up at 3:15.

25. I had NO trouble going to sleep. At 3:15 the phone rang and it was Mom waking me.I vaguely remember talking to her and I fell right back asleep. I didn't wake again until 4:30 when Mom called asking where I was. Anika had texted her and said I never showed up at school. Yes, HUGE MOM FAIL!!!!

26. I obviously grabbed the kids up in a state of panic and we were off to pick up Anika. Her school let's out at 3:30 but I never actually pick her up until 4:00. I do that intentionally to let the traffic die down. The school traffic is pathetic up there. Anyway, I ended up only being a 1/2 hour late from my NORMAL time but let me tell you, Anika did not let it go. Yep, she proceeded to ride me about what a wonderful Mom I was forgetting my kid at school. Now mind you, Dustin was with her and when I got there they were just walking around but still, how could I forget her. was a long evening of listening to it.

27. I had a million errands to run after I picked her up yesterday. I had to stop at the Dollar Store for my Mom, Run down and pay the garage for the work they did on Hubby's vehicle, Stop and add money to my Prepaid Visa, Go in the Grocery Store, Take Mom's stuff to her and Stop by the Gas Station. It was well after 5:00 when we got home.

28. Hubby called as soon as I came through the door and said he was on his way home. The kids and I put away the groceries and then Anika & I put away the mound of laundry on the kitchen table. Hubby came home and talked with us a bit & then headed out to his garage for awhile. Ax and Lee went with him of course.

29. He probably wasn't out there a 1/2 hour before he came and asked me to go to town for him. He needed spray paint from the Dollar Store to spray paint his rowbars in his vehicle. Ugh, I didn't want to go but I did it anyway. Anika finished cleaning up the kitchen and straightening the living room for me while I was gone!

30. When I got back home I fixed some Taco Salads for dinner. Anika hadn't been feeling well and that is what she asked for. They were actually really good. Lee Lee didn't eat much of her's which is unusual for her but I didn't force her as I was afraid she might be getting sick. Ax of course ate a few bites of his. Hubby wouldn't come in to eat so I put his in the microwave so he could warm it up. 

31. I spent the rest of my evening being pretty much lazy. Anika and Dustin just hung out, Ax rode his Motorcycle and played outside & Annalee hung out in the garage with Hubby. Hubs had a friend stop by and they did some trading. He tried to tell me all about it when he came in last night but I was tired and didn't really care.

32. Dustin and Anika baked some brownies for dessert. They were VERY good :)

33. Dustin's Mom picked him up at 10:30. I had to take a picture of his cool mask before he left. He made it in art class. I thought it was pretty awesome!

34. Hubby ended up coming in around 10:00, showering, eating and going to bed. I was in a really foul mood so I was glad to see him go to sleep. Isn't that awful?

35. I played online (actually I was doing 1/2 way productive stuff) till after 1:00 am. I swear I have got to get on a better sleep routine.

36. I think Anika went to sleep right after Dustin left and both the little one's were in the bed by 11:00 pm. I guess that is why I stay up so late, I enjoy the quiet time.

37. It ended up being around 11:00 before Hubby went to bed. That is way past his bedtime especially when he has to work. That was the reason he overslept this morning.

38. Today we are supposed to go to a Birthday Party. It starts at 11:00 and is over an hour away. I'm not sure if we will make it yet or not.

39. I'm hoping to work in some Date time with Hubby tonight. I guess we will have to wait and see what happens.

40. The kids and I will probably go to Church tomorrow morning and then we will probably all get out and go riding on Sunday if the weather is good!!!

41. Next week is going to be a fairly busy one. Monday appears to be free but Tuesday the kids will both be home for Election Day. I have to go vote and then have a meeting at school with Axle's therapist. Also, Annalee's First Step Therapist will be coming that evening. Wednesday Anika has Counseling appointment and Thursday we will be going to Camden Park (an amusement park) with Axle's class. Friday I will spend all day packing for our Camping trip through Memorial Day Weekend. Also one evening Mom is wanting us to come up. She has a 1/2 of a Ham she is wanting us to fix. Lots of fun stuff :)

42. Dustin is working today. He got a weekend job with a Grass Cutting Company. He also goes to the College this evening to get his enrollment papers submitted! 

43. I have a To Do List a mile long and it's the weekend so none of it is probably going to get done. Oh well!

44. At some point today I need to run over to my SIL's house and take her some money

45. I also HAVE to pay a few bills today. If I don't get the electric paid we are going to be sitting in the dark

46. Anika said something about having a friend spend the night tonight. I'm wondering which one now. I really should listen better when she talks to me LOL!

47. For now though, I think I'll fix Lee Lee some milk. She's sitting up in her bed holding her bottle out to me.

48. Then I'm thinking I'll crawl back in bed for a bit, right after I go unplug whatever it is making a really annoying noise out in Hubby's garage.

49. If we go to the party or not today will probably depend on what time I wake back up. 

50. Hope you all have a GREAT weekend!!! I'll be back on Sunday with another post :)


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