Sunday, April 27, 2014

Why Can't Every Day be a Weekend?

It's definitely been another wonderful day around here. Why can't everyday be a weekend? I have to be honest, I woke in a terrible mood this morning. I think it had something to do with my husband NOT knowing how to go to bed at a decent hour. Yes, this drives me crazy and I know I gripe about it a lot BUT 2 am is seriously ridiculous. Anyway, I overslept for Church which just totally frustrated me. That in itself put me in a pretty snappy mood. Luckily Anika didn't oversleep though and Mom picked her up and took her. She looked beautiful this morning but I forgot to take a picture. Sorry about that, you will just have to take my word for it. Dustin went with them this morning too. I'm really glad she's found someone who enjoys Church like she does.

When Mom picked her up she brought me two pairs of shorts. I'm always thankful for shorts because I have a hard time finding any I like. These were actually handed down to her from my Aunt but didn't fit her. They fit me perfect. Total Score!!!

I finally got myself motivated enough to take a shower around 11 am. Ax and Hubby went outside and started working on getting the boat ready and Annalee stayed in the bathroom with me. I swear that child loves water. From outside of the tub she managed to soak the floor and herself. It is terribly hard to bath with her in the room with me but somehow I manage.

After I showered I ran to town to get some stuff we needed. I grabbed some hotdogs and snack food, some charcoal and some plates. I also found the piece to fix our toilet which made me very happy. Now if I can get Hubby to actually fix it tomorrow, I'll be even happier. Thirty minutes and $50.00 later I had everything we needed and headed back home. It's so ridiculous that it pretty much costs $50.00 to do anything.

We hung around a bit & waited on Anika and Dustin to get home. When mom dropped them off she wanted to take Lee Lee back home with her and I was happy to let her. Lee wasn't having a great morning and I knew she'd be happier at Nan's than boating with us.

We finally got left and arrived at the lake around 1:30. It was definitely a perfect boating day. The weather was gorgeous. Our boat ran good, it's faster than I expected. The kids of course loved it. We knew my Uncle and His Wife were at the lake too so we hunted them up first thing.

They were eager to show us their first catch of the day

We hung out on the Pontoon with them awhile and chatted. Axle fished some but was very inpatient. I guess that is just the personality of a 3 year old. We snacked on chips and Rice Krispie Treats and had a great time.

Hubby and Eva Chilling out
Photo Bombed by Axle

My Uncle Dave

Dustin sunning on the Pontoon

Uncle Dave & Eva

After hanging out with them awhile we ventured out to boat ride some more. Our crew loves just riding around the lake. I can't blame them, it's purely relaxing. As I sit in the seat today with the wind blowing in my face, I wondered WHY I let the little things get to me. I'm so blessed not to be happy all the time :)

My sweet girl...she's just so perfect to me!

We saw was warm, NOT that warm!

We started getting hungry so we pulled the boat into a boat in campsite. The nice thing about this lake is that they have campsites only accessible by boat. If there is no one on them, they let you use them to picnic, grill, etc. Today we had our pick of sites as there was only one group of people camping on the whole lakeside. We fired up the grill and made some hotdogs. We had chips to go with them. They were actually really good. The kids played and it was tons of fun!

Ax trying to learn how to slide down the fire pole!

Dinner Cooking :)

Love Birds

Does he look rotten or what?

Boy at Play

I love photos when he isn't paying attention

Give the boy a stick and he's happy


Hubby pondering it


My gal

Dustin did the work of cleaning out the firepit

Lake = Happy Angie

My Man

My Aunt and Uncle stopped by and had a Hot Dog with us and then our friends Christy & Brandon stopped by with their boys. It was fun just socializing with everyone. After our bellies digested, we hit the water for one last ride before heading home. Christy & Brandon followed us up the lake!

They had a great time

Our Buddies

Me and My Little Man

Brandon looked sad

My Boy and My Man

He LOVES to drive!!!

As bad as we hated to, we started toward the docks to load up about 6:00. On our way off the water we saw my cousin and her husband & little boy. They had just got on the water to do some evening fishing. We didn't get to stop so we just yelled and waved at them on the way by. I of course snapped a photo!

My cousin and her family!

As bad as we hated to, we got the boat loaded up and headed towards home. We were all exhausted. Something about the sun and water just drains you! Ax wanted to nap on the way home but I wouldn't let him. I knew if he did I'd never get him in bed tonight for school tomorrow.

We got home, unloaded the boat and then Anika and I ran Dustin home. Poor Dustin had taken a migraine and was feeling pretty rough. I'm hoping he feels better tomorrow. We then ran on up Mom's and picked up Little Lee. Let me tell ya, the girl was glad to see us. She of course had a great day with Mom but she gets so excited every time I pull in the driveway. Mom said they had spent the majority of the day planting flowers. That is right up Lee's alley, she loves dirt! We visited with them for a bit and then came home. I made Anika take a pic of Lee on the way home. Mom put her hair in pigtails and it was SO CUTE!!!!

The kids hung outside with Hubby for awhile after we got home. I was glad, it gave Anika and I some time to do some housework. This place needed it, things were starting to look like a battle zone around here. We got everything straightened up, the clean laundry put away and the trash took out. When we were done it looked so much better. I'm glad I don't have to get up in the morning now and face that mess.

Lee went to sleep fairly easy tonight. Hubby hung out in the garage with his friend Brandon for a bit. They were trying to get an old digger plow to run. They had no luck, too bad cause I was wanting them to plow me up a garden. Hubby came in around 9:00 and hit the sack and Ax went with him. Anika's still rambling around doing who knows what. I'm going to have to hit the sack soon too!

Please take a moment and pray for a girl I know named Jessie. She was in a pretty serious ATV Accident last night and they flew her out just a bit ago. She has several broken bones but they also believe she has a brain bleed. She's a wonderful girl and needs all the prayers she can get.

Also, please pray for ALL those getting hit by these storms. We are in a slight risk for severe weather tomorrow and I'm praying it doesn't get too bad. I hate storms.

Well, that does it for me. Time to go get ready for a new week ahead. Tomorrow morning I'll be helping my Mom clean my Grandma's house but other than that, we have nothing planned for the day.

Hope you and yours have had a great weekend and have a wonderful week ahead!!!



  1. What a GLORIOUS day!!! Your boating adventure sounds like so much fun!! Wish we lived closer so we could join you some weekend!!
    Loved seeing you and your family enjoying your time together!
    Prayers for the young girl.....


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  3. Looks like a great day for being on the water. Glad you got some new shorts!

  4. i am so lucky....we are retired (kinda) and everyday feels like the weekend!! looks like you had a perfect day!! i really enjoyed your pictures!! angie, would you consider removing the word verification, i have been struggling with it??

  5. Awesome day on the lake! If I lived near there I'd be there all the time. How cool that there are grilling stations you can just pull up to and use.

    Praying for Jessie. Please let us know how things work out.