Thursday, April 24, 2014

What makes a good Thursday?

It's sad to say but it's only 9:00 and I'm already ready for bed. I'm telling you, I'm getting old. Today has been a good day. We haven't been super busy but busy enough. So what makes for a good Thursday?

* Waking up on time and not being super rushed trying to get the kids out the door for school

* Axle NOT throwing his typical morning fit. It was definitely much more peaceful this morning

* Soaking up some Quiet Time while Annalee and the Hubby slept. The older I get the more I enjoy quiet time.

* Finding a sweet note the Hubby left me. He even drew us as a little stick family. After all these years he still owns my heart :)

* Annalee waking up so happy and smiling. She is such a morning girl!

* Axle getting to come home a little early from school

* This Watermelon Plant Axle brought home to me. He's been growing it at school. Now this Mommy has to figure out how to replant these plants he's brought home.

* The kids and I getting to spend some time with Daddy before he had to go to work!

* Yummy Hamburger Helper for lunch

* My kids napping at the same time!!!  This is such a blessing

* A 1/2 hour catnap for myself- I really needed it

* Taking Anika and Dustin to get Dustin's Tuxedo for Prom ordered. We went with a black tux and a tie. He's going to look so handsome!

* Dinner at Wendy's with all the kids and laughing until our sides hurt

* Stopping by Food City and grabbing a Whole Cooked Chicken to make tomorrow's lunch super easy!

* My boy making silly faces at me in the car!!!!

* Finding FREE tickets to the circus for my kiddos!!! We might just have to go :)

* Making some major laundry progress. I can see the floor now!

* Cruising around in our new van with SO MUCH room

* Getting to do a little Blog Reading

* Realizing tomorrow is Friday and the Weekend is almost here

* Bedtime- which is where I'm headed to now

Happy Almost Weekend!!!!


  1. We are on the same mind frame......I have been looking forward to going to bed ever since I got up this morning! The kids are getting so big!! Loved catching up with you!

  2. awesome family photographs!!

  3. The circus would be fun - you should go!

  4. Sounds like a good day. So many nice things happened. Good luck with the watermelon. Actually they are very easy to grow. Let us know when you are eating your first slice.