Thursday, April 3, 2014

Thursday's Ten Things

Our day has finally came to an end. I'm sitting in my computer chair listening to the sound of rain & my Hubby and two little one's breathing as they sleep. My big baby is in her room watching television. Life is definitely good.

While today has been busy, it's also been a wonderful day. I'm feeling 100 times better and that makes this girl happy. Since I'm in such a good mood, I thought I'd do a 10 Things on Thursday Post for ya! Here's 10 things that are on my mind tonight!

Thursday's Ten Things

1. It was a late start day and that was okay with me- Usually our mornings start at somewhere around 6:30 am. Actually this week mine have been starting at 5:00 am. Today was different though. While I did get up and pack the Hubby's bucket this morning, I went straight back to bed after he left. Anika had a Counseling Appointment at 11:00 today and didn't go into school until after her appointment. Axle's teacher was out until 10:30 today so he didn't go to school until she came in. That means we all got to sleep in till 9:00 this morning. You definitely didn't hear any of us complaining.

2. Annalee and I killed time at the Dollar General and snagged a few cute things- Anika's counseling appointment was an 1 1/2 long today. While Annalee and I did sit around and chat with the ladies in the office for a bit, we sure didn't want to have to wait the entire time. I decided that her and I would run up to the Dollar General and hang out for a bit. I usually go to the Family Dollar and hadn't been to the Dollar General for awhile. We pretty much just took our time browsing around & even scored some cute stuff. I got the best picture of Lee while we were there. She was trailing along behind me and when I turned around and looked at her, this is what I saw. The girl is going to be a shopper friends and apparently she likes Shower Curtains and Baskets!

My Shopping Buddy!

Tot School supplies- Lacing Cards, Grow Capsules
and Learning Chips!

Bunny Prints- These will be leading to my kids 
Easter Basket's this year. How cute is that?

Hot Dog Holders- These are plastic and washable
I might have been ridiculously excited to find these
These now have a new home in my camper!!!

3. We did a little thrift shopping today- After Anika's appointment, I took her on to school. By this time it was almost 1:00. I didn't want to have to come home to just turn around and get back out. Ax gets out of school at 1:30 so Annalee and I decided we would just spend some time doing some thrift shopping while were waiting to go get home. Okay, Annalee didn't decide but she didn't mind my decision. I LOVE this little Consignment Shop in town but she is rarely open. We got lucky today and she was there. While I didn't score much, what I did score was good things and at a good price. I got Anika a Fossil Brand Dress. She needs Church Dresses. I got myself a Cato's Brand Dress which I really like on me and I got Ax two pair of Underoo's! Total Price $11.00. 

My Cato's Dress

Anika's Fossil Dress

Ax's Undies- I bet he will love me for showing his undies 
online one day!

4. I met the new Boyfriend today- Anika has been "dating" this guy for a few days now. They seem to be hitting it off pretty well. She asked if he could come home with her today and so I said yes. They planned on seeing a movie tonight and then I was going to take him home. I must tell you, I was impressed by him. Not only is he as cute as a button but he was very well mannered and respectful. He has goals and plans & seems to come from a nice family. They didn't get to see the movie because we had a crazy storm come through our town knocking power out pretty much everywhere except our house. The movie place was without power so they were closed. They ended up just hanging out here and we ordered some pizzas. I took him home around 9:30 and dropped him off. She walked in and met his parents. I don't know how long Mister Wonderful will last, I mean they are teenagers but I can say I do like him and that makes me happy.

5. Axle got Bubbles- Axle was playing outside when I picked him up today. His teacher said he had a really good day and only took one meltdown on her. They are making butterflies out of footprints and handprints. Today they forced Axle to paint his foot and make a footprint. I guess he had a complete breakdown. Here is the thing with Axle for those of you that don't know. I sense that he may have some Sensory Issues and may possibly be on the Autism Spectrum. Now this is definitely a mild and highly functioning case BUT he does have delays in several areas and has some sensory problems. The OT and Speech Therapist along with our Family Doctor also agrees that this is a very good possibility. We haven't had any "specialized testing" done and I'm not sure I plan on it for another year or so. I acknowledge what I think is going on with him, read and research, work with his school and therapist and do everything in my power to handle situations appropriately. Even with an official diagnosis, that is all I could do anyway. So back to the point, that is why painting his feet and such is a big deal to him. Forcing him to do it though usually ends up in him enjoying just like it did today. She said once he made the first footprint, he was ready to make 10 more! Anyway, back to the whole moral of this story, he got bubbles today at school. Ax plays with bubbles a lot because they help strengthen his muscles in his mouth BUT when you get bubbles from school, that is just special. He was tickled pink to show them to me and blowed them the entire car ride home. Annalee was so amused, it was her first time ever seeing bubbles. When we got home Ax requested that him and Lee stay outside and play bubbles and so they did. I cleaned out my car and picked up garbage around the house while I watched them. They were just so precious playing together. It melted my heart.

Look at how sweet!

Blowing Bubbles for his Little Sister!

6. Hubby traded for a car- Yes, I know that my Hubby's trading habits is not new news for anyone who ever reads my blog. I mean trust me, he trades more than he changes underwear. The last trade he made though, he got his butt burnt up. He traded his Jeep and Truck for a Rhino and Truck. Now while the Rhino is only going to cost $500.00 to fix (and it's well worth that), the truck he got was pure junk! He assured me he could fix it for all of about 1 day and then decided he was wrong. Guess what that meant, he had nothing to drive to work. I could rant and rave about how this behavior drives me insane (and it does) but I choose not too. See, I'm doing my best to accept and love ALL of him, even his flaws. I've not said a word to him and I've just let him go. He's tossed around 100 ideas of how he was going to get something to drive until finally I just said "trade your 2 guns for that little car my cousin has." Initially his reaction was that he didn't want a car, he wanted a truck. I explained that if he spent money to buy a truck then he couldn't get his Rhino fixed and if he couldn't afford to get it fixed the only other option would be to trade it for a truck. He didn't like that idea. I went on to further explain that if he traded the two guns he had, he would still have money to fix the Rhino and he could keep it. Yep, big yellow school bus! Guess what he did today...he did just as I suggested. Why he don't come ask me stuff in the first place I'll never understand. He knows I am the one with the better ideas, just saying!

7. My Sister in Law & Nieces stopped by for a visit- I love my Sister in Law more than anything. She has became over the years one of my best friends. Right now she is making some decisions that I don't understand but I'm trying hard to support her. While I try not to give her my opinion too often, I really just want to shake her and tell her to wake up. She will though in her own time and I know that. She's a good woman with good beliefs and morals. Sometimes we just have to learn from our mistakes I guess. Anyway, they visited today. Two of my Nieces was with her and I loved seeing them. My Niece Violet is a cracker jack. I took the cutest picture of her. We all hung out and chatted for awhile, the girls ate some pizza, the kids played and she took home some dresses to hem for me. I wish she would visit more often. I miss her being around.

She is a rotten tail
She was sticking her tongue out at me

8. Latest Pinterest Find- As I was surfing Pinterest tonight I found the coolest thing. You all know that I'm working on a Home Management Binder and it's my goal to finish it this month. I should have more done on it BUT I've been so sick and it's kind of slid to the side. Actually, everything has slid to the side. There has been NO Tot School, Housekeeping or Anything going on around here. Next week I'm hoping to jump back on the bandwagon and get things back on a schedule. Anyway, I have a section in my Home Management Binder that I plan on using for Day to Day Stuff. I still intend on keeping that section there BUT instead of putting my Daily To Do List in that section, I plan to use this little idea and binder clip it to the front of my notebook each day. Now how cool is that? I'm totally excited about getting my binder done and showing it to you all.

This idea uses post it notes and sections
So adorable!

9. OOTD Challenge Fail- As bad as I hate to admit it, I've pretty much failed my challenge this week. Now I haven't failed in the sense that I have actually cleaned myself up and dressed nicely every day this week. I have however failed at taking pictures and posting them on the blog. Yesterday I was sick and it just didn't happen. Today I changed to work out in the yard, totally forgetting to take my photo first. Oh well, not all is lost. I still hope to get a pic for you each day this weekend to share on Monday. Some is better than none, right?

10. A Camping we will go- Tomorrow evening we will be leaving for our very first camping trip of this year. I'm so excited and so are the kids. Hubby works tomorrow and we will be leaving when he gets home tomorrow evening. That means I have a FULL plate of things to do tomorrow. A woman's work REALLY IS NEVER DONE! There is grocery shopping to be done, clothes to be packed, items to be bought, lists to be made and so forth. I will be one busy gal. I'm sure I won't get time to blog before we leave so you will get a nice long catch up post on Sunday filling you in on all the happenings of our weekend. Be looking forward to it, it will probably be a good one. We will be staying tomorrow night and Saturday night and returning home on Sunday. The weather is supposed to be nice so I'm thinking we will do a little bike riding, eating grilled foods, walking, playing on the playground, fishing, sitting by a bon fire and roasting marshmallows. There may also be some adult beverages included for the Hubby and I. Oh let the good times roll!

Dear friends, I hope you all have a fabulous weekend
Until Sunday, you all take care!



  1. 5 am is early! My hubby is up at 5 and out the door before 5:15. I’m not sure how he does it. Those hot dog holders are perfect for the camper!! Good find! That planner is awesome.

  2. Can't wait to see your planner when it is all done. You scored some good stuff this week on your shopping trips. Love that picture of Lee with the baskets and shower curtains. So cute.