Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Things I Know

It's that time of the night again, time for me to blog. It's been a very good Wednesday around here. It's definitely been the best day of this week so far. I figured since I'm in a good mood that I'd just share a bunch of stuff with you. You know how much I like to jabber when I'm in a good mood!!!

Things I Know on this Wednesday

* Everyone in my house has been healthy today. That makes this Mommy VERY happy!!!

* My Husband constantly needs something from me. Today it was me making a trip to Advanced for him, helping him sit the bed on the Rhino, finding him a work shirt and so forth. He's worse than the kids.

* Speaking of Husband, mine seriously missed his calling. He was born to be a mechanic. He absolutely loves working on cars.

* Axle gets mad these days at the drop of a hat. I see this reaction from him several times a day. He's too funny and very dramatic!

* My kids are seriously loving these warmer temperatures. My door has stayed open most of the day and they have ran in and out. Lee has mastered the steps and can now make it to the yard. Honestly though, she ends up sitting on the porch most of the time.

* Getting a good night's sleep is crucial to my mental health. It makes a world of difference in my mood.

* My kids HATE when I'm on the phone or computer. They absolutely do anything and everything in their power to get my attention. Frankly, the act like yard apes!

* I'm very glad my electric company sends out reminders when my bill is due. If they did not, I would have been sitting in the dark today!

* If I plan on wearing shorts, I need to shave my legs the night before. Like seriously, I just can't find the time to do it in the mornings. 

* It's amazing at the miracle work, my straightening iron can do. Twenty minutes with that bad boy and I look like a different person.

* I love cooking lunches that only requires me to use one pot. They are easy and definitely leave less of a mess to clean up.

* My Family loves Tex Mex. Well, everyone except Axle but he doesn't much like any foods. Even Anika's boyfriend liked it.

* Annalee is doing awesome at spoon feeding. She's been using a spoon for awhile but lately she is barely dropping any of her food on her.

* Rocks can occupy my children for an endless amount of time

* I worry entirely too much. It's a personality trait I suppose but I hate it.

* I'm beginning to think Annalee has a touch of asthma. She keeps a horrible cough and it seems to be worse in the morning and at night. I mentioned it to her doctor but he says she is still a little young to tell.

* I liked the outfit I wore today. I actually took a pic of it too. At least I'm doing better on my OOTD Challenge this week. Maybe I'll finish out the week with a bang and be able to move on to a new challenge next week.

Black Pants- Kmart
Printed Top- Hand me Down from my Aunt
Undershirt- Family Dollar
Shoes- Borrowed from Anika
Necklace- Family Dollar

* I have a serious double chin going on. Anyone got any recommendations for tightening that bad boy?

* Hubby is determined to buy the kids that big boat play structure that I refer to as the Ark! Looks like it's probably going to be their Birthday Gift!

* Speaking of their Birthday's, I should start thinking about what I'm doing for them this year!

* I decided to do a DIY Project today. That is never good. The other day Anika realized that my cabinets in my kitchen were actually covered by a plastic covering. I had painted them but never realized it was plastic I was painting on. I just thought it was a material they used to make the cabinets. Well, my curiosity got the best of me and I peeled the plastic coating off today. Okay, the kids helped me but it got done. Anyway, now I'm going to have to sand the cabinets and stain or paint them at some point. Why do I do things like that? I just made work for myself as if I don't have enough to do!

My cabinets prior to me peeling them

My cabinets after I peeled them

* Sometimes I look at Lee and wonder where she came from. She looks nothing like Hubby or I. Her hair is very light, she has blue eyes and her hair is curly. She favors my mom but also looks a lot like my Grandma. 

* I have an issue with mops. I've bought a bazillion kind and don't like any of them. Today I bought a Mr. Clean Roller Mop. I must tell you that after using it, I'm not impressed. Errr...the hunt for the perfect mop continues.

* My son LOVES Ice Breakers. I think it's because he knows I hate him eating them. I'm always terrified he's going to get choked. He says "I crack them Mom". That makes me feel no better.

* Anika and her new Boyfriend are pretty much inseperable. He came home with her after school today and they went to Youth Group. After they got back, I ran him home. Good thing for them I actually like him.

* I'm so happy Anika's enjoying Youth Group. Next Wednesday they are doing a Pride Clean Up Project. She brought home a permission slip for it tonight.

* Axle tries so hard to be a good big brother. He's constantly looking out for Lee. Today they were pretending to drive to work and Lee couldn't get in the car. He started pushing her butt trying to help her. It was too cute.

* I am so happy to finally have all the throw up blankets, towels, etc. out of the camper and washed. It was such a big chore. Now the camper needs a good cleaning and disinfecting. I'm hoping to get around to it tomorrow.

* Everyone I've talked to lately has been sick with the stomach bug. It must have been one potent little virus. I hope it doesn't return here for a very long time.

* My Husband really needs to fix our toilet. The little thing in the tank broke. In order to flush it now you have to stick your hand down the back of the tank (in the water) and pull up on the little stopper thing. I know it's clean water but still, it grosses me out.

* Axle has recently became obsessed with filling up cups, water bottles, dishes, etc. He takes them to the bathroom sink, fills them up with water and then takes them outside and dumps them. He repeats this like a zillion times before he gets tired. 

* I forgot I bought this outfit the other day at Walmart. I think I'll get lots of use out of it. It's so comfortable. Actually, you will probably see me wearing it tomorrow!

* Sometimes I want to link up with that What I Wore Wednesday linkup but then I realize my photos pretty much suck so yeah, I don't.

* I've decided I couldn't live without a dishwasher. Like seriously, we have 3 loads of dirty dishes a day. If I had to hand wash them all we would be using plastic or paper plates a lot more.

* I've took enough Motrin this week to kill a horse. My allergies have drove me crazy. I'm thinking I need to start taking an allergy med on a daily basis. 

* While on the topic of medicines, they changed my sleeping pill from blue to pink. It's the exact same pill. Why would they do that? It's just weird. 

* I've realized the reason I don't bake often is because I eat too much of it. I made a dump cake last night and I hate to say it but it's gone tonight. It wouldn't be so bad but I was the ONLY one who ate it. No one else had even a single piece.

* My kitchen table will never be clear. I give up trying. We are forever stacking stuff on it and that is just never going to change. I'm accepting it.

* I seriously need a better system for paperwork and important documents. I'm forever losing stuff. I had planned on taking Lee to get her physical today but I lost the form. Now I'm going to have to ask for another one tomorrow. I'm such a big goober.

* Tomorrow we are going to a Fish Fry at my Parent's. I might be too totally excited about this. Catfish, Hush Puppies and Fried Potatoes make me VERY happy though :)

* First Steps will be here in the morning to do Little Lee's evaluation. I'm anxious to see how she scores

* I really need to call our Auto Insurance Company and drop insurance on 2 vehicles that we no longer have. That would save me about $200.00 a month. You would think that would be an incentive to do it but up to this point, it hasn't.

* I also need to call the Cable Company. One of my boxes hasn't been working for 3 days now. I just need them to reset it.

* Some days my Morning Chores just don't get done. Today was one of those days.

* I'm feeling mentally and emotionally stronger than I have in years. It's a good feeling!

* I received a condom in the mail today. I have no clue why. It was a free sample it said. Now how strange is that? Better question, how did I get on that list!

* We have a Birthday Party to go to Sunday. I love Birthday Parties!

* Why I mop is beyond me. My kids just use the wet floor as an ice skating rink

* I love the smell of Pine Sol 

* Groopdealz is such a great site. If you haven't visited it, you should!

* Balloons in the bathtub make for happy kids. Yes, my two are easily entertained.

* I hate telemarketers (sorry if any of you are telemarketers)! They have absolutely drove me insane today though.

* Ax and Lee found a craft box full of streamers today. They had the biggest mess. Did you know if streamers get wet they leave colored marks all over the floor. Nope, me either! I do now though!

* Both of my kids were bathed and in pajamas by 8:00 pm. This mom was on the ball today.

* We didn't eat supper till late this night and then it was McDonalds. I swear I'm going to get parent of the year very soon.

* I saw this on Pinterest today and loved it. How true it is!

* This weekend the weather is going to be gorgeous. I really want to go camping. I'm not sure we can afford it though.

* Anika is never going to leave home. Seriously, I think the child will live with me forever. She's such a mommy's baby.

* Axle cracked me up today. SJ knocked on the door and Axle went to it to open it. It was locked so he yelled outside to SJ and said "Unlock it Daddy". I think he was confused.

* Both my little's are sleeping and I'm heading that way myself. Anika is primping and then it's off to bed for her.

* Tomorrow is Thursday- Enjoy my Friends :)



  1. Cort was diagnosed with asthma at age 2 and has been seeing a specialist ever since. Hope Annalee doesn't have it!
    Yes, the nice weather is awesome.

  2. A condom in the mail?! That's bizarre!