Monday, April 21, 2014

The Wheels Just Keep Turning

Today has been one of those days that my mind has felt like a spinning top out of control. If I've not had 1,000,000 thoughts run through my head, I've not had none. Frankly, I hate when I do that. It's pretty much just exhausting. To try and get some of my thoughts on to paper, I decided to just do a random brain dump. Be prepare for lots of rambling ahead.

* Axle actually had a good morning today. When I woke him he didn't cry any. We even made it through the getting dressed process without crying. He did melt down when my Mom pulled in to get him but he had already quit by the time they backed out of the driveway. I'd say we have made some progress.

* The Easter Bunny got Anika a shirt in her basket. He wasn't sure if she would like it or not but she obviously did since she wore it today!

* One of Hubby's friends brought me a tanning bed today. It needs cleaned up and is missing a few bulbs but I'm just hoping it will work. Hubby is supposed to fix the plug in on it tomorrow and give it a try. If it works it's definitely worth some elbow grease to clean it and replacing a few missing bulbs. A free working tanning bed would make me one happy girl.

* It seems I spend 1/2 my day running errands. I've went to Bank, Courthouse, Gas Station (twice), Grocery Store, Dollar Store, Axle's School and Anika's School all today. Everyday pretty much seems like it requires that much running. It's no wonder I don't get anything around here done.

* I licensed the Hubby's vehicle today and mine too. That set us back another $120.00. I swear it's always something that cost money it seems.

* Annalee got to play in her new sprinkler today and I totally missed it. Hubby had her outside while I was off running errands. He said she loved it. I'm NOT missing it tomorrow though. I'm dedicating tomorrow evening outside with the kids playing the sprinkler.

* Ax had a good day at school today or at least seemed too. He brought home some really cute things that he had worked on last week. I love looking at his papers he brings home.

* I have a WANT list a mile long right now. The problem, I don't have the funds for everything I want. How do you decide?
* I want to get the kids a swimming pool
* I want to take Ax and Lee to the Zoo
* I want to buy the kids a swingset
* I NEED a van, my car is too small for our family of 5
* Our camper needs a $400.00 part
* We have $1,000.00 worth of rooms to pay for at the beach
* We have to have beach spending money
* We need new underpinning for our house
* We want to go to Kings Island
* We want to take a Memorial Day Trip
* We have Mother's Day coming up in May
* My Mom's Birthday is in June
* My Birthday, Axle's Birthday and Annalee's Birthday is in July
and the list goes on.......

* Axle got his May Calendar from school today. I can't believe it's almost May. He has a family picnic coming up with his class as well as a Camden Park Trip! Those should both be lots of fun. His last day of school is May 30th and he will have a Graduation Party. Isn't that the cutest?

* Speaking of May, Anika will be going to Prom the first part of May. SMH, how did she get so old so fast?

* I've been thinking about my Bucket List tonight...I really need to look over it and start trying to check things off. 

* I spent my evening inside (although I hated to) cleaning house. Anika was home tonight so she helped me. Things are looking 1/2 way normal around here again. Between the long weekend, Easter and being deathly ill, this place was a mess.

* My biggest challenge around here seems to be laundry. I really need a laundry schedule or maybe just a maid.

* I was looking at fun stuff to do in Myrtle Beach. We've actually been several times but there is always so much stuff to do and see there. I'm hoping to sit down soon and make a list of things I want to do while we are there. 

* I really NEED to start birthday party planning......It's coming too fast!

* I'm spending my energy outdoors tomorrow. Our camper needs cleaned out and so does my filthy car

* I'm really glad there isn't a lot on my agenda this week. I need an easy week.

* I skimped on cooking again today. We did Taco Bell for lunch & I fixed Turkey and Stuffing for dinner

* I'm making the Hubby grill us some steaks before he goes to work tomorrow :)

* I think Anika and her loverboy are having a spat. I hope not, that means teenage drama will occur. I'm HATE teenage drama

* I've still got to make my To Do List for tomorrow. I should go do that now

* I've took my sleeping pill and hope to be sound asleep no later than 11:00. Wish me luck!

* I've really enjoyed reading so many of your Easter Posts. I hope to get to read some more tomorrow

That's all I've got for you
I'm taking this exhausted brain of mine and shutting it off

Goodnight Friends!


  1. I feel you on running errands most of the day. It seems that's all our mornings consist of!
    As for a free tanning bed? Sweet score!!
    Laundry - UGH! I'm not sure what's worse… That, or unloading the dishwasher. I hate both chores!
    I hope you get to spend all of tomorrow outside!!

  2. oohhhh angie, tanning beds are so dangerous. everyone in my family has melanoma, it's serious stuff. i love you but i always feel an obligation, to spread the word!! you have a beautiful family that loves and needs you!!

  3. No matter how much laundry I do, I always feel like there is more! And that's just for my husband and I. No idea how I'll do it when we have kids!!