Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Past Two Days

I didn't get to blog yesterday so I knew I had to get a post up tonight. I hate getting behind on blogging because it's hard for me to remember stuff to catch up! I guess I'm getting old or it could just be my Mommy Brain!

I'll just give you a quick rundown of our past two days. That's probably the easiest way to get you all caught up to date.


* I woke up at 4:30 with the Husband. Frankly, I did NOT want to get out of bed. If you read my post from Monday, you know I spent Monday night at the Urgent Care due to an allergic reaction to a medication. They gave me some shots and prescriptions and sent me home. I guess it was the shots but I was up pretty much all night with cold sweats and vomiting. It was not fun friends. I finally dozed off around 3:00 and the alarm went off at 4:30, I was exhausted. I managed to drag my butt out of bed though, pack the Hubby's bucket and see him off to work. The man better adore me!

* As bad as I wanted to crawl back into bed, I knew I couldn't. We had big plans for the day and cancelling them wasn't an option. I kept myself awake by playing on the net and watching the News!

* I woke Anika at 6:30 so she could get up and get herself ready for school. She got all beautified. She's quite the fashionista these days and a total girly girl!

* After she headed off for school, I fixed myself some breakfast. Axle's latest toast & jelly craving must have rubbed off on me because I was craving it too. I must say, that was some really good jelly I bought.

* I got myself showered and dressed before waking the kids. When I woke Annalee she was all smiles, she usually is. Ax on the other hand was not a happy camper. He finally got out of bed but only to move to the couch and fall asleep again. He is totally not a morning person. I fixed Lee and Ax some breakfast & eventually managed to get him awake enough to come to the table. He didn't eat but a bite.

* While the kids ate (or were supposed to be eating), I dried and straightened my hair, put my face on and brushed my teeth. Ax cried pretty much the entire time I was doing it. What a great way to start the morning.

* After numerous times of consoling him, he finally got into a bit of a better mood so I took advantage of it and dressed him. He even posed for a photo!

* Next up was dressing Lee Lee. While you think she would be easy to get dressed, she is not. She has now started a new game of running away and hiding every time it's her turn to get ready. I end up having to drag her to the couch which makes her mad and leads to her crying the entire dressing session. Yep, the joys of the morning's. I won the battle though and finally got her ready to go. I tried to get her to pose for a photo but she wasn't feeling it. She's not a fan of the camera!

* I packed the diaper bag, fixed Lee Lee a bottle, got my stuff together and we finally got out the door and on our way to Axle's 1st Field Trip with his School. It was held at our local Community Center. I pleaded with him to ride the bus but he wouldn't have it. I think he would have enjoyed it but I've learned over time to pick my battles with Ax so I just let him ride with us. We ended up not being on time but actually early. That is a record breaker for us three.

* Once Ax's class arrived we got with his group and headed to the gym. The classes were all labeled different farm animals and we were the cows. I still have Axle's pin that he refused to wear hooked to my purse! The Community Center was set up with different stations and each group went to different stations and alternated throughout the day. It actually was a pretty smooth operation they had going on.

* Ax's first station was the Petting Zoo. It was outside and the day was beautiful and perfect for it. There were goats, sheep, horses, rabbits and other various animals that were unknown to me. Lee enjoyed it so much. She petted the animals and hand fed the goats. Ax is my more cautious child. He's not nearly as outgoing as Lee. I was so proud of him though. After much persuasion from me, he petted the animals, held a rabbit and even hand fed the goat. That was a big deal for him!

* The second station we hit up was the Storytime Station. It was presented by the ladies from our local library. They always do a great job. They read the Letter Men story to the kids and the kids really got into it. Even Axle enjoyed it quite a bit. They also sang If Your Happy and You Know It & Old McDonald had a Farm. Ax is not big into singing and dancing so he sat in his seat. Lee Lee on the other hand had a blast with it. I helped her with the hand movements and she just cackled. It's safe to say it was probably her favorite part.

* Lunch was next and the schools had packed it for the student's parent's and siblings. They had Turkey Sandwiches in the shape of a fish, Carrot sticks & Ranch Dressing, Grapes, Chips, Ghrahm Crackers and their choice of Chocolate Milk or Water. I think my son was the only kid that chose water. He is not a Chocolate Milk fan but boy does he ever like his White Milk.

* After lunch there was a short break so I took Ax to potty and changed Lee's diaper. We then walked outside for a few minutes. My boy loves the outdoors and he found dirt to play in as soon as we stepped out.

* When we returned inside we were put in the gym. There was a guy who was leading our group and he did a game of Simon Says with the kids. I think it was a bit advanced as not many of them had a clue as to what they were supposed to be doing. After that he pulled out the parachute and all the kids gathered around to bounce a ball on it. They were having a blast. Then the best part, the kids took turns running in and out of the underneath of the parachute. Lee wanted nothing to do with this so she just stood and watched. Ax was fearful but eventually went (okay I pushed him). Once under and he was hooked. He did it probably another 20 times. It was definitely the highlight of his day.

* We were sent to our next station which was inside the movie theater. Our community center also houses our town's movie theater. The kids were shown a cartoon on the big screen and while they all seemed fairly interested, I never did really figure out what the cartoon was. I think it was about a King but I could be wrong. It was a REALLY old movie. Ax thought they guy was Santa Clause so I just went with it. He actually really enjoyed it except for the fact that he couldn't have popcorn. Who could blame him though? A movie without popcorn just isn't right. Annalee was just amazed at the huge screen. She pretty much pointed and babbled the entire time.

* Our final station of the day was a Magic Show. Now I must tell you, the guy impressed me. He did some really cute tricks and the kids were all pretty amazed. Ax watched contently but Annalee was a different story. It was her nap time and she wallowed me to death. We made it through though.

* While I wasn't feeling the best in the world I was definitely glad I decided to take the kids on the trip. It was for sure fun. The temperatures had hit 80 degrees when we got outside and started home. It was a glorious day. I decided it was the perfect day to hit up the DQ and have some Strawberry Milkshakes. The kids agreed.

* Once we got home both of my kids were ready for milk and bed. They were out in a matter of minutes. The trip had definitely exhausted them. They weren't the only ones, I felt like I was going to fall over. I called my Mom and chatted with her a bit. She informed me that my Family Doctor's Father passed away. Such heartbreaking news. He had died of a massive heart attack. My prayers have definitely been with them. Mom asked how I was feeling and I told her I felt like I'd been ran over by a truck so she suggested I nap with the kids. She didn't have to try too hard to persuade me, I knew my body needed the rest. She said she would pick up Anika for me from school so to sleep I went. We ended up sleeping almost 3 hours.

* When I woke up I wasn't feeling very much better. I did a quick straighten of the house and some laundry. I also started dinner. We had Chicken & Rice with Loaded Baked Potatoes. Hubby got home a bit after 6:00 and we ate. We had planned on going to his parent's house for the evening but changed our minds. I think we were both just tired.

* Hubby hung out in the garage with the kids for awhile and I did pretty much nothing. I just couldn't muster up the energy. The only thing I really accomplished was setting a few goals for the month of April. Here they are. I tried to be realistic when setting these goals. I don't want to set myself up to fail.

April Goals
1. Keep up with my Bedtime Routine
2. Take the kids to their Pediatrician
3. Get our Side by Side up and running
4. Get my hair trimmed and brows waxed
5. Start Tanning
6. Keep up with my Meal Planning and $100.00 a week Grocery Budget
7. Start taking Lee Lee to Storytime
8. Continue with my Cleaning Schedule
9. Finish my Home Management Binder
10. Visit my Grandma more often

* Our friend's son stopped by for a visit. He was out riding his 4-wheeler. I had to make a trip to town to pick up Anika from my Mom and stopped and got him some gas for his 4-wheeler.

* My friend Trish and her boys stopped in for a bit. Her and I chatted for a long time while the kids played on the Playstation. Well the boys and Axle did, Anika skyped her new found love! They ended up not leaving till after 10:00 and by the time they left Hubby was already in the bed. I kissed him goodnight and then sat down at my computer for a bit. I was getting very itchy again so I called my Mom for her suggestions (doesn't every 35 year old call their Mom when they are sick)? Mom told me to take my sleeping pill and 2 bendaryl and go to bed, so I did.

Wednesday (today)

* When the alarm went off at 4:30 this morning I like to NEVER got myself out of bed. My Mother's suggestion of Benadryl and my Sleeping meds worked like a charm except I couldn't get woke up. I managed to somehow pack the Hubby's bucket and send him off to work but then I went right back to sleep.

* Luckily Anika woke on her own this morning and got ready. Knowing I was sick, she woke Ax and got him ready too. Believe it or not, I didn't even know they left this morning (terrible parenting I know). I just could not function. I didn't roll over until 11:30 today and neither did Lee Lee.

* I had my morning chat with my Mommy and lounged around the house. I felt like a train wreck. I was clammy feeling and just had no energy. I finally decided I HAD to get a shower and so I did. While I was cleaning myself up, I let Lee play in the bath for awhile.

* Once I was ready, I finished bathing Lee and got her out. We had to wash her hair and she was NOT happy about it. I got her dressed up for the day and we headed to the school to pick up Axle. From what Mom said he had a pretty tough morning but his teacher said he did fine once he was there. He even stood and put his hand on his heart when they said the Pledge this morning. That is the first time he's ever done that. I was so proud :)

* He got a new book at school today and I can't wait to read it to him. He was very excited about it.

* We made a quick stop at the gas station and then came back home. Lee went down for a nap. It doesn't matter how late the child sleeps she still wants her 1:30 nap. Ax on the other hand refused to nap today. He did rest and watch cartoons but wouldn't go to sleep. That is very unusual for him.

* I had big plans of getting lots done during the time slot of them resting and time to pick up Anika. It was an epic fail. I got pretty much nothing accomplished. I swear my energy level has been zero.

* To top off the great week I've had, Mother Nature thought it would be funny to throw a little PMS into the mix today. I guess it was April Fool's a day late.

* Anika called me at around 2:40 and said I needed to bring her some clothes. Apparently the dress she wore today was too short too. It came all the way down past her fingertips which is what I understood the rules to be. Apparently they decided to change the rules and they have to be below the knee now. I'll be requesting a copy of the dress code tomorrow. I refused to take her clothes for the remainder 30 minutes of the day and they refused to let me pick her up early so she got to sit in the Resource Room till the bell rung. How stupid is that?

* I picked her up at 3:30, we ran a few errands and then came home. She warmed her up some Chicken Sandwiches & got ready for Youth Group. The bus picked her up around 5:15. I'm loving that she is enjoying Youth Group so much.

* Hubby got home just a bit after 6:00. He had a buddy stop by and they chatted a few minutes & then he came in and got the kids and took them out to play. I wish I had felt like taking pictures but I just didn't.

* I finally managed to muster up the energy to fix dinner around 7:30 tonight. We had Salisbury Steak, Mashed Potatoes, Mac n Cheese and Rolls. It was pretty good. Anika got home in time for dinner but wasn't hungry. Apparently they fed them Chili and Salads at Youth Group. She was telling me that in 2 weeks they are participating in a Community Cleanup here in the County. It's a very active Youth Group and she enjoys that.

* My friend Trish, Her Husband and the Boys stopped in again tonight. Little Lee was already sound asleep but Ax was still awake so the boys resumed their positions in front of the Playstation. That is where they sat the entire visit.

* We all hung out and chatted & of course Anika and Trish acted goofy, that is what they do when they are together.

* It was a little after 10 when the left tonight. Hubby and I talked for a few minutes and then him and Ax headed on to bed. Anika has been working on her Truancy stuff tonight. I cleaned up my kitchen and living room a little and then sat down at my blog and that brings us to here.

* As far as my OOTD Challenge, I got dressed both yesterday and today. Unfortunately I forgot to take a pic today and my outfit was cute. Go figure. I'll extend the challenge through the weekend to make up for today's mishap. Here is what I wore to Ax's field trip though and just FYI, the shirt went in the donate pile as soon as I got home.I had no idea it looked that unflattering until I saw the photo.

* I'm still feeling pretty yucky tonight. I'm sweating like not other, my tummy hurts, my allergies are killing me and I feel very tired. Yep, not a fun feeling. I'm really hoping tomorrow brings more energy my way. I can say one thing, having a reaction to a medication is NOT a fun thing.

* On tomorrow's agenda....Anika has counseling, Axle will be going into school late, Truancy stuff must be turned in, Electric Bill must be paid, I have to find Ax some Pajamas for PJ Day on Friday, I need to reserve a campsite for the Weekend, Hubby is going to look at a car and Anika's boyfriend is coming home with her tomorrow evening. It's definitely going to be a busy one folks!

I'll be back tomorrow sometime with an update!!!



  1. Petting zoos are always so fun.

    That's annoying about the dress code.

  2. lovely, nice look :)