Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Showing Wednesday some Love

Ah, the day has finally come to an end. It's been a long day but a fairly good one. Everyone is now sleeping and I have a super busy day ahead of me tomorrow so I'm going to type up this blog post and then head to bed myself. I'm hoping to get one more post up tomorrow before we leave for camping tomorrow night. If not, I'll be back on Saturday Evening to update you on our trip.

For now though, here is a few things I've been loving this Wednesday :)

- The fact that I actually got up this morning and packed the Hubby's bucket! I was a good wife

- Uninterrupted computer time while the kids were still sleeping.

- This funny that I saw on Facebook. I literally laughed out loud. It's so fitting seeing as how we had snow flurries yesterday.

- Sunshine and Warmer temperatures. It actually hit 50 degrees today.

- That Ax had a good day at school despite the fact that it was a total disaster trying to get him up, ready and in the car. Lots of kicking, screaming, crying and begging took place. By the time Mom left with him, I was in tears, he was in tears and Anika was in tears. Turns out he must have gotten it out of his system because he didn't shed one single tear after he arrived at school. Isn't that about right?

- My sleepy gal this morning eating her fried apples. She's such a happy and sweet baby!

- Anika's outfit this morning. I swear the child can rock pretty much anything. I just thought she looked adorable!

- That our campsite for tomorrow night is reserved. We will be staying Thursday night, Friday night and part of the day Saturday.

- That our hotel for vacation is finally booked. I'm so excited for my kids to stay at this hotel. It has 15 pools and water features, yes I said 15. It also has a bowling alley inside. How cool is that?

* That Anika participated in a Pride Cleanup this evening with her church. From my understanding they walked many miles and picked up 50 bags of garbage in the community. That's a pretty big deal for a teenager! She enjoyed it but was totally exhausted by the time she got home.

* That my Hubby was super happy and proud of me for getting everything done he asked me to do today. His list for me was a mile long. It was quite an accomplishment on my part.

* That Easter is coming. I'm not totally prepared yet but I'm getting there!!! I'm hopefully off to buy basket stuff tomorrow.

* That my Mom and Dad are going on vacation with us. June 29th cannot come soon enough!

* Sweet giggles from my baby girl. I swear just hearing her laugh melts my heart.

* These containers I scored for $1.25 yesterday. You can never have enough of these around!

* Watching my kids get totally excited about buying Strawberry Milkshakes. It truly is the little things!

* That they moved Axle's Easter Party to tomorrow instead of Friday. That means we will be able to attend. Tonight I filled up his plastic eggs and it made me so happy. I love stuff like that!

- Nap Time for the kiddos and Nap Time for the mommy! It might have been a nice long 2 hour nap at that!

- My boy sporting his new shades he talked me into buying him at the Dollar Store. This might be my favorite picture EVER!!!

- That Lee's final First Steps Evaluation went well. It was a hands on evaluation today and Lee Lee was so cooperative. She scored very low in Speech (which I knew she would) and slightly low in Cognitive. Her therapist will be calling next week to schedule his appointment times with us.

- That my Hubby always spends time outside with the kids when he comes home from work. Today they played their little hearts out and Ax rode his bike forever. He's getting really good on his bike!

- That we finally found a boat and we will be picking it up tomorrow :)

- That I checked off most of my To Do List for today. Go me!!!

- Lists- I'd be crazy without them. Right now I have a Camping List, Store List, Easter List, To Do List and Walmart List laying on my bar!

- Chicken Alfredo for dinner. It was delicious

- Bedtime- I'm exhausted

I'm calling it a night friends- Talk to everyone soon!!!



  1. Oh my gosh, Anika is so cute! I love her outfit and you're right; she can pull off anything!

  2. Love all of your pics in this post. Anika looks so cute and Ax with the sunglasses is just adorable. Glad you had a good day.