Wednesday, April 23, 2014

It's Okay

I just finished drying my hair and slipped into my pajamas. My night is almost at an end. The days seem to fly by anymore. I have so much I WANT to do in a days time but it just seems the hours are not there. I guess we can only do what we can do.

I decided to do today's post as in "It's Okay Post". Frankly, I think they are fun! Here is what I'm saying It's Okay to today!

It's Okay: That I held my baby boy a little longer than I should have this morning. It made us a little later than normal getting him ready for school but having him sleep in my arms was so precious this morning. He's getting so big. I just want to savor those moments while they last.

It's Okay: That Anika still asks me to straighten the back of her hair every morning. At almost 16 years old, I'm glad she still needs her old mommy for something.

It's Okay: That dressing Axle for school each morning is very much like wrestling an alligator. Most mornings he causes me to break a sweat.

It's Okay: That I take a pic of Anika pretty much every morning of her life. She loves the camera so she doesn't mind a bit.

It's Okay: That I send my boy out the door for school every morning crying. I know it's for his own good. It still sucks though.

It's Okay: That I really needed to shower and wash my dirty hair this morning but I pulled it back instead. Yes, I'm lazy.

It's Okay: That I traded my car in on a Mini Van today and I'm totally in love with it. My friends say I'm getting old, I don't even care! That baby has a ton of room :)

It's Okay: That I still haven't posted a pic of the boat we bought last week. I'm going to do that soon, promise!

It's Okay: That I talk to my Mommy a million times a day. She is my best friend!

It's Okay: That some of my family (extended) is upset with me. I made a choice and I have to stand behind it. I think I did the right thing.

It's Okay: That Hubby and I grill pretty much everyday in the Summer. Today we had Hot Dogs for lunch. Yummy!

It's Okay: That Axle is fascinated with the van doors because they close by themselves. Trying to keep him from playing with them is going to be a chore though.

It's Okay: That I LOVE that my kids are on a schedule and nap at the same time each day together. Mommy needs a break from time to time.

It's Okay: That I snuck in an hour nap today. Sometimes naps are the best!

It's Okay: That I think these are the most disgusting food ever and my Husband LOVES them!!!

It's Okay: That my Husband pees out the back door and I have no clue why. It's even more okay that when he tried to give me an explanation today, I totally still didn't get it. I'm going to spare you the ridiculous explanation he gave me.

It's Okay: That I didn't get to tan today. I burnt myself up yesterday. Anika tanned today and she got burnt too. Looks like her and I both will be laying out for a few days now.

It's Okay: That I visit Advanced Auto almost as much as I visit the Grocery Store. Apparently it's like a Walmart for my Husband.

It's Okay: That nothing makes me happier than Anika and her Boyfriend going to Youth Group together. There isn't a better place for them to be than in the house of the Lord.

It's Okay: That while I should have been cleaning today I was on the phone with my Sister in Law instead. She has a Gender Reveal Session scheduled for next weekend and I'm so excited about it.

It's Okay: That my kids birthday's aren't till July and I went ahead and booked the Waterslide for their party today. I wanted to make sure we could get it. Doesn't this bad boy look awesome?

It's Okay: That my To Do List was a mile long today and pretty much nothing got accomplished. Looks like I'll have to work double hard tomorrow!

It's Okay: That Hubby and I decided to NOT make plans for the weekend and just do what we felt like doing when the weekend comes. The past few weekends we have been gone camping so we wanted to spend some time at home this weekend.

It's Okay: That I didn't have any plans for tomorrow and all that changed late tonight. Looks like I'll be taking the boyfriend to get fitted for a Tuxedo after school!

It's Okay: That I'm really excited about going to the Hillbilly Days Festival Friday night. I love Festivals!

It's Okay: That my laundry is still piled up. I'll get it done one day surely

It's Okay: That when I took a bath tonight I thought I might cry. Baths and Sunburns do not mix

It's Okay: That I'm itching to go thrift shopping. Maybe I'll work in a trip tomorrow

It's Okay: That the temperatures were cooler today. The sun was still shining so that made me a happy gal

It's Okay: That no projects have been going on around here with the kids. We have just been busy.

It's Okay: That I don't get to blog read nearly as much as I'd like. I have to live in the real world too I guess.

It's Okay: That today makes 2 days I've forgotten to get my medicine and that if I don't get it tomorrow, I'll turn into a crazy psycho woman. Okay, it really isn't okay, I have to remember it tomorrow.

It's Okay: That I fed the kids KFC/Taco Bell for dinner. I didn't have time to cook before Youth Group

It's Okay: That I could go on and on with this post but for the sake of not feeling yucky tomorrow I better wrap it up and go to bed.

Happy Hump Day Friends



  1. I talk to my mom a million times a day too, lol!

    So sweet that she lets you take her picture every morning :)

    Yuck to pickled eggs!

    The waterslide looks so fun!

    OK, I love that you had so much that you're OK with ... I wonder if I'll even come up with 5, lol.

  2. THIS IS AWESOME! I want to go on the water slide too. Hillbilly Days sounds like fun. My husband and I rarely make plans on the weekends as that's our time with our family.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.