Tuesday, April 8, 2014

I'm Always Behind

I'm behind on blogging again. I know, you all aren't surprised. It seems I stay behind. I guess that is just the season of life I'm in, the busy season! Since I've got pretty much 2 days worth of stuff for you, I'm just going to do a random bullets post. It's probably easiest that way. I hope I don't bore you all too much!


* I woke at 4:00 am with a migraine. I have no clue what triggered it but luckily after some medicine and more sleep it went away. When I finally got up for the day at 9:00, my head was sore but wasn't hurting.

* Mom took Anika to school. She had spent the night with her on Sunday night. Ax didn't go to school because he had been sick so sleeping in was nice!

* I didn't even get dressed yesterday. Well I did but it was sweats and a pony tail (skanking it)! I pretty much just felt yucky and putting on clothes didn't tickle my fancy. I failed miserably at the OOTD Challenge last week so decided to just do it again this week. I'm hoping to at least show you a few outfit pics this week.

* I had to run errands yesterday morning for the Hubby. I swear sometimes I end up running for him more than I do the kids. He needed a title reinstated for a car he bought so I went to the Court House to get it done. Unfortunately, it will take a week to do so it didn't get accomplished anyway. At least I tried though and that was good enough for him.

* While I was out yesterday I ran to my Mom's and picked up two garbage bags full of clothes that my Aunt Leanna had sent me. She sends me all her hand me downs and I LOVE it! It had some of the cutest tops, pajamas and shoes in it ever. I was a happy camper :)

* I picked up lunch yesterday and brought home. I got us Cheeseburgers from the DQ which is Hubs favorite. When he told me he couldn't eat it, I knew he was getting sick. I was right, he ended up having a very rough night at work last night. I think he threw up about a billion times. Yep, he got Axle's stomach bug. Poor Hubs :(

* Anika sent me a message from school asking if she could go to eat Mexican after school with her friend Torie and her Boyfriend Dustin. I told her yes and she said that Torie's Mom would be bringing her home. Fine by me, one less trip to town I was going to have to make. Turns out Torie's Mom brought Her, Dustin and Torie home to me. Torie was going to spend the night but ended up getting sick and having to leave. Dustin stayed till around 8:00 and then I took him home. My house was full of teenagers yesterday evening.

* I seriously hid out in my bedroom all evening. I figured there was enough Teenagers to watch the little one's for a bit. I was so sick and weak feeling. I got online and did some more Vacation research but that was about it. Ax was a wild man because he didn't take a nap. I was kind of glad the teens were here to help.

* I gave both my babes a good bath last night. They both were haired over from our camping trip. Trying to was their hair is like trying to wrestle an alligator. It was tough but I won't be defeated!

* My Avon order came yesterday and I was super happy with the things I got. Now I'm skimming the new book trying to figure out what to order. I love Avon!

Bath Paint for Ax's Easter Basket 

My new Necklace & Earrings the I LOVE!!!!

Some Spring Polish for Me!

I can never have enough chap stick :) 

* The kids and I had Pizza from the Pizza Place last night for dinner. My purse really didn't need me to order out but I just wasn't up to cooking.

* UK played last night- EVERYONE in our State was watching it. Not me, I went to bed. I'm not even kidding, I missed the game. I was just too tired to stay up.

* The winds were howling when I went to sleep but apparently they died down overnight. It had rained some Hubby said but I must have slept through that too. I'm assuming I must have been in a deep sleep. I vaguely remember him coming home and telling me what a terrible night he had and how sick he had been.

TODAY (Tuesday)

* Anika nor Ax went to school today. Anika woke up with the stomach virus this morning and I figured I'd give Ax another day at home. I knew he would be out Wednesday because his teacher was going to be so I no need to send him for one day.

* I actually got a little bit of quiet time on the computer today. Mind you, I said little bit. Ax woke pretty early and Lee woke right behind him. I did manage to do a little blog reading though.

* Poor Anika slept pretty much the whole day. It wasn't till around noon that she actually got up and started moving around. She was definitely feeling rough.  

* I fixed brunch this morning. We had Sausage, Eggs, Hashbrowns, Toast & Jelly. Lee, Ax and I all ate good but Anika didn't eat a bite and Hubby only had some toast. He said he just needed something light. Too bad, it was quite good!

* Hubby had to work 2nd shift tonight. My kids hate to see him leave so bad. Annalee cries pretty much everyday when he leaves. They did at least get some Daddy Time today though before he had to go.

* Both of my kids took almost 3 hour naps today. That rarely happens. It was pure bliss! While they were sleeping, Anika hung out with them while I ran to town to do a few errands. I rewarded her with an orange slush which just happens to be her favorite.

* I was looking at my schedule today. I'm failing dramatically in lots of areas. I think it's because I'm trying too hard to be structured. While the idea of a daily routine/schedule is so appealing to me, it's very difficult with kids a mixture of ages. I never feel like I'm on top of anything. I'm going to make some changes but still trying to decide what those changes are going to be. One for sure change is going to be adding more Tot School Time. I'm going to make it a priority.

* I actually did get a little accomplished around here today. My table is now cleaned off and the 500 articles of clothing that were piled on top of it are now put away. I also managed to get almost all of the germ infested articles out of the camper and washed. I'm hoping to clean the camper good tomorrow sometime.

* I finished my 101 in 1001 List today. I started a list a long time ago and decided to start over now that I'm feeling better and dealing better with my depression. I'm excited to share it with you and will do that soon.

* Anika is actually up and moving around this evening. I think she might be on the mend. I'm sure the new boyfriend is quite some motivation for her to get well and get back to school too though. She pretty much has been on the phone with him all evening. It's puppy love for sure!

* Anika loves Chicken Alfredo and I had picked up one of the Banquet Family Size Frozen Entrees of it awhile back. I'd been hesitant to make it just because I was certain it wasn't going to be good. I broke down tonight and fixed it for dinner with some Garlic Bread. I must say, I was pleasantly surprised. It was actually pretty good.

* I did get dressed today but I shouldn't have waited till 10:00 tonight to take a picture. Frankly, I look like crap. I like to keep it real though so I'll show you the pic anyway. No, I'm not still supporting Kentucky, it just happens to be the colors I wore today. I pretty much just threw this on this morning in an effort to get dressed. I knew I'd be home pretty much all day so I wanted to be comfortable.

Long Sleeved- Hand Me Down From Aunt
Track Pants- Hand Me Down From Aunt
Polka Dot Shoes- Keds from Peebles

* I made a Dump Cake tonight and it was so good. I might have ate 1/2 the cake all by myself. Do not judge me!!!

* Annalee didn't get to go to Storytime again this week. I swear I have good intentions. With Anika sick this morning, I couldn't leave her :(

* Little Lee is already sleeping. Ax is in his bed watching television. Our night is winding down.

* I was thinking earlier about the stages my kids are in now and decided to jot down a few things about each one. This is really more for me than you. I want to remember these days. You can just skip on over to the next thing if you don't want to read it all.

Annalee- 21 Months Old
- She is into everything. She is the biggest nosy butt ever. There isn't a drawer that goes untouched in this house. I'm constantly picking up spoons, bras, ink pens and whatever else she drags out.
- Her new favorite spot is the toilet. It's been a constant battle to keep her out of it.
- She HATES having her hair washed and throws one heck of a fit every time we have to do it
- She is a very happy gal and smiles & giggles all the time. She has the prettiest smile and sweetest laugh
- She's developed a temper and gets very angry when Ax takes something from her. She's also started hitting so that has become a slight problem.
- Her personality reminds me so much of my Grandma. I sure wish she was still here to see her.
- She LOVES animals and is constantly petting our cat
- She is not afraid of much. She will climb just like her brother, be friendly with most anyone and try just about anything
- She is a huge fan of music and loves to dance. Every time anything comes on upbeat she starts cutting the rug
- She loves most all foods. I've not seen much of anything the girl won't eat. Suckers are her favorite but you have to watch her because she likes to bite them in half
- When you tell her to hide, she covers her eyes or closes them. It's so cute! 
- She knows where her hair, eyes, nose and mouth is. Pretty smart :) 
- She isn't talking much at all. She says Ball, Papa, Uhm, Mom Mom & Bye. That is about it!
- She's so chunky and wears a 3T in clothes. It's hard to find things to fit her
- She's in a size 6 diapers now- We will begin potty training before too long
- She loves hugs, kisses and cuddles. She can blow kisses and wave

Axle- 3 Years 9 Months
- He is a live wire and never gets tired. He has more energy than the energizer bunny
- He loves to climb and I'm constantly getting on to him. Perching himself on top of the table is one of his favorite places to be
- He loves to bath and always has to have a car, truck, boat or something to bath with. Sometimes he wants Lee to bath with him and sometimes he doesn't
- He loves playing the Playstation. It won't be long and we will have to get him his own
- He is very good on his motorcycle and bicycle. We took his training wheels off the other day and his balance still isn't there. It's going to take awhile longer.
- He is adjusting to Preschool very slowly BUT he's making progress
- He loves doing school at home. Pretty much just little projects I plan for him
- He hates zippers and buttons on his pants and tags in his shirts. If you try to make him wear them, he goes into full blown meltdown mode
- He sleeps with me almost every night. Sometimes he will fall asleep in his bed but normally he crawls in my bed. I do not mind!
- He is a great helper and enjoys helping me Mop, Do Laundry and Dust!
- He loves camping and being outside. He's definitely all boy
- He is VERY loud and gets angry very quickly
- He is a super picky eater. He would live off breadsticks and french fries and dip if you would let him
- Although he keeps me on my toes and is a handful, he can be the sweetest thing ever. He constantly tells me he loves me.
- He is wearing a size 3T and is completely potty trained. We do use pull ups at night just in case of accidents.

Anika- 15 Years 4 Months
- She's a Freshman in High School this year. Her grades are fairly good although they could be better. She is in the Truancy Program because she hates school and never wants to go.
- She wants to go into Forensics when she gets older. She plans on attending college nearby
- She recently dyed her hair from blonde to brown. It looks good but made her look more like me
- She has recently gotten involved with a Church Youth Group and is enjoying being a part of it. She also enjoys Church Services on Sunday's
- She LOVES Mexican food and eats it at least once a week
- She is very stylish and girlie when it comes to things like fashion, makeup, etc. Give the girl a mud hole though and she'd be covered from head to toe. Her boyfriend said she was the most country city girl he had ever saw.
- She has a new Boyfriend named Dustin. He's 18 and a Senior. I worried about his age but he seems like a very nice boy
- She is wanting to learn to drive and wants me to teach her. Apparently she thinks I'll be easier than her dad.
- She is planning on playing High School Soccer again this year and I'm very glad. I love watching her play
- She is a good kid and gives me very little trouble. She's very respectful and helps me all the time. I'm very blessed
- She loves me to the moon and back and doesn't care who knows it. She's for sure a mommy's girl
- She loves music and writing. She's very creative
- She hangs out with her older cousin Brittany a lot. They are very close
- Her best friends are Megan and Torie. She also is best friends with the Coach from her school

* Well friends, I must finish up a few last minute chores and head to bed! Thanks for reading along tonight. Tomorrow is another busy day. Annalee has a doctor's appointment and Anika has Youth Group. We are always busy around here!

Until Tomorrow,

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  1. I am with ya. I'm behind a lot on blogging lately too. There just aren't enough hours in the day!
    Migraines. Ugh. So glad yours went away quickly but they are just the worst.
    As a Badger fan I'm glad to hear you aren't supporting Kentucky. ;) jk :)