Friday, April 25, 2014

Forty Friday Thoughts

Forty Friday Thoughts!

1. My Husband drives me crazy when he comes home on 2nd shift and won’t go to bed. I think he was up till somewhere around 5:00 this morning cleaning on his garage. He doesn’t know how to be quiet so of course I was up and down throughout the entire time as well. I ended up oversleeping today and I’ve felt like crap. I totally blame it on him.

2. Anika’s style has changed so drastically over this past year. She went from living in sweats and tees to wearing dresses, skirts and even khakis. I guess it’s all part of the growing up process.

3 We had a storm this morning. There was a LOUD clap of thunder and I heard Ax coming running through the house. He was moving so fast I’m not sure his feet were even touching the floor. I assured him it was just God moving his furniture around & then went and laid down with him in Sissy’s bed. I ended up sleeping till 11:30 today. This did not make me happy.

4. I absolutely love the Cheese Crackers with Peanut Butter in the middle. Am I the only one? I eat at least a package a day!

5. Annalee refused to nap today. She rested but never would go to sleep. Axle went right on to sleep. I guess one out of two isn’t bad.

6. Our County held a huge event today at Noon. Mike Huckabee was coming to speak and Angelenna Presley was making an appearance. My Mom worked the Event and I wanted to go but didn’t think my two little one’s would cooperate so I ended up having to miss it.

7. First Steps called again today and scheduled a time next week to come out and meet with me. Hopefully this is the last thing we have to go through before Annalee starts receiving her Speech Therapy.

8. I was still in my pajamas well after 2:00 today. Isn’t that pitiful?

9. I seriously NEED to put a lightbulb in my closet. Trying to find clothes in the dark just isn’t working for me.

10. I absolutely hate straightening my hair. It’s just a long boring process. I broke down and did it today in hopes that cleaning up a little would improve my mood.

11. My sunburn is finally starting to heal. I’m thinking I should be able to get back in the tanning bed at the beginning of next week. Angie needs a tan!!!

12. Even though it’s been rainy all day, it’s still been warm. I can do warm rain over snow ANYDAY

13. Dustin came home with Anika again tonight, big shocker! I swear I feel like I’ve adopted another child.

14. I realized earlier that I had a low balance on my electric. I had to go put money on my credit card to pay it. It’s always something

15. I tried to get a picture of Annalee’s dress today. She refused to cooperate. She is NOT a picture gal. I did get this cute one though. Can you say adorable?

16. I picked up the other fuel filter for our boat today. We might take it out on the lake for a little while this weekend. I’ve not even got to ride on it yet.

17. I had to run to my doctor’s office today to get my medicine refilled. I hate having to go in every single month. I guess it’s because it’s a controlled substance but I’ve been on it over a year. You would think by now they would know I was taking it as prescribed.

18. I bought some Whoopie Pies at the store. Oh my those things make me happy

19. I finally took the time to clean out my purse today. I’ve said I needed to do it for a month now. I found Uno Cards, Batteries and tons of Post It’s. How does that stuff end up in my purse, I have no idea!!

20. Dinner tonight featured Hamburger Steak, Mac n Cheese and Cornbread Stuffing!!!

21. After spending too long last night on PInterest looking for Birthday party ideas, I think I’ve finally decided on a joint party for Axle and Annalee. It’s going to be a “Splash Party” and I’m incorporating the Little Mermaid and Jake and the Neverland Pirates!! I’m excited about it. Check out this cute invitation I found!

22. My kids couldn’t believe we weren’t going camping this weekend. Apparently they think we should camp every single weekend during the Spring, Summer and Fall.

23. Anika and Dustin’s date night ended up consisting of playing Uno. They are two adventurous teenagers I tell ya!

24. I have managed to do quite a bit of blog reading today and this makes me super happy. I love reading and catching up with everyone

25. I’m fairly certain that my week of PMS is nearing. That always sucks. On the bright side, I’m not pregnant.

26. I seriously think I could do laundry from now until the end of time and NOT be caught up. It’s plain ridiculous how many dirty clothes we have around here.

27. My Anika has started drawing all the time. She just draws random things. I think it’s a stress release for her. I always used writing as my outlet. I think she uses drawing as hers.

28. I put on a sweatshirt this afternoon and sat on my porch for a bit. It was a chilly evening and damp from all the rain we had today. It was so quiet and peaceful out there though.

30. Tomorrow Dustin is working for my Mom’s neighbor. He’s trying to make enough money to pay for all his Prom stuff. Anika is going to Paintsville with my Mom. They have to go to the bank and I’m sure they will work in some shopping. They always do!

31. Annalee ended up taking a very long nap this evening. I’m hoping that doesn’t mean she’s going to be up all night

32. My cousin Brittany is in charge of doing Anika’s makeup for prom. She’s been pinning ideas away on Pinterest. I love these two, hope she picks one of them!

33. No big plans for the weekend around here. We are just gonna go with the flow. I must admit, that sounds pretty good to me.

34. My calendar for next week is already getting full. I have a First Steps meeting for Lee Lee, an IEP Meeting at Axle’s school, the Kids have an appointment with their Pediatrician and Mom & I are hoping to go out and hit up a few Yard Sales! It seems I’m always on my toes around here.

35. On my To Do List for the Weekend: Clean out the Camper and Dye my Hair. Easy enough!

36. I’m thinking Cinnamon Rolls or Blueberry Muffins sound good for Breakfast tomorrow. I just can’t decide which one.

37. I found this quote today on Facebook and I LOVED it so I wanted to share it with you. How true it is!

38. I looked over my April goals today and let’s just say I haven’t done so well. Definitely not thrilled about sharing my progress with you but I will at the end of the month anyway cause I like to keep it real on the blog. That means showing my failures along with my successes.

39. As I was going through my camera tonight I realized that Axle had at some point gotten a hold of it today. Apparently he thinks Spongebob is the only thing around here worthy of a photo. He actually didn’t do half bad to be four!

40. As much as I’d like to wait up on the Hubby, I’ not going to. I don’t want to feel like crud all day tomorrow. I’m going to finish up a few things and then head to bed!

Happy Weekend Everyone


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