Thursday, April 10, 2014

For Today

For Today: Thursday April 10, 2014

Outside my Window: All is calm...It's a beautiful warm night. I wish we were camping!

I am Thinking: About all sorts of things. My brain has been working overtime tonight. I'm not in a bad mood, just a thoughtful mood. I said to my Mother earlier that I needed a purpose. Sometimes it's true, I feel like I have no purpose. She replied "Your purpose in life is right there" and then gestured to my two little one's playing in the grass. Maybe I'm looking at it all wrong.

I am Thankful: For a compassionate doctor who finally got me on a medication combination that seems to be working. I feel happier and healthier than I have in many years. My emotional health is in a much better state. It's nice to be happy. I still struggle with anxiety and depression but I'm handling it. I'm stronger than I ever gave myself credit for.

In the Kitchen: There are dirty dishes in the sink, the garbage needs took out and the table is piled up. It's okay though, there is always tomorrow. Very little cooking has been done in there today. I think I decided to just take a day off.

I am Wearing: This cute ensemble. I also remembered to take a picture of it. I'm on a roll this week with my OOTD Challenge!

Outfit- Walmart
Shoes- Cato's
Necklace- Cato's

I am Creating: A priority list. I think it's good to sit down and look at all aspects of our lives and then prioritize them. It's funny how my daily actions don't really match up with my priorities in my life.

I am Going: To give you a sneak peak of Anika's Easter Dress. Frankly, it's just gorgeous on her. Now remember, she won't be wearing these hideous miss matched socks with it!

I am Wondering: How we are going to do everything we have planned to do over the next few months. Money is tight and trying to stretch your dollars isn't easy these days. I hate worrying over money. I really wish I just had unlimited funds. Then again, don't we all.

I am Reading: As many blogs as possible these days. I love reading my blogs. It gives me a sense of what is going on in this big old world outside of this teeny tiny county I live in. I guess I live through some of you all.

I am Hoping: To use tomorrow as a catch up day. I have so much that needs done. My To Do List never ends.

I am Looking Forward To: Easter and all the fun stuff it brings!

I am Learning: That life is tough but you just have to be tougher. Some days are bad and some days are good but all days are a blessing.

Around the House: Annalee is sleeping in her crib. Her cough is just terrible tonight. Ax is in my bed asking me to get him a million things. The boy just needs to go to sleep soon. Anika is in bed already. She's sick tonight. I think it's just allergies but it's obvious she feels like crap.

I am Pondering: If I want to stay up and blog read or just go to bed. As much as I love reading, I'm really tired. I think bed is going to win out tonight.

A Favorite Quote for Today: 

One of my Favorite Things: Today it was definitely my lunch of Apples and Caramel Dip. Oh sometimes it's the little things that make me the happiest!

Plans for the Rest of the Week: Well tomorrow is Friday and we are planning to be home pretty much all day. Not sure for our Saturday and Sunday plans yet. I'm just thankful the weather is going to be nice and the Husband is going to be off work. Next week is already booked full but let's not think about that till Monday, okay?

A Peek Into My Day: We had a great dinner at my Parent's this evening. They grilled Steaks and had Loaded Baked Potatoes, Salads, Baked Beans, Rolls, Cake and Fruit. I ate entirely too much. The kids played outside till almost dark and had a blast. My cousin came over with her Husband and Son. It was a blast catching up with them. My Grandma was also there and it's always special to spend time with her. It was a fantastic family evening!

My beautiful Momma!

Anika's Boyfriend

Anika and her Great Grandma

My Daddy and My Babies

I love this picture :) 

Anika and Dustin 

Anika and Dustin again 

My sweet little cousin Chase!!!

Beautiful Sunset 

I love these two boys

My Daddy had to give the big baby a Piggy Back 
Ride too!

Dustin and Anika being goofy

Friends, that does it for this gal tonight. I'm heading to my bed for some shut eye! Happy soon to be Friday to you all :)


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  1. I am so behind reading, but I am catching up. I think... What a nice time you had with your family. I love all the pictures. I think I like Anika with the darker hair. I like what you are learning... that all days are a blessing. You are so right and I have to get that into this little brain of mine.