Friday, April 11, 2014

Fifteen Friday Thoughts

I'm blogging a little early tonight. I've still got several things to get done before bed and don't want to run out of time. I knew if I put blogging off till last, I'd just not fit it in. I'll be away this weekend so I sure didn't want to get THAT far behind. You probably won't hear from me again till Monday but never fear, I'll be back. For now though, here is some Random Friday Thoughts for you!!!

1. My morning started out a TOTAL disaster. Seriously, I was almost in tears before 8:00 am. I didn't get enough sleep last night for one thing. Hubby called around 10:30 and said he was on his way home. I knew this was a hint from him for me to stay up and wait on him so I did. If he would come home and go to bed it would be one thing but instead, he watched television, took a shower and then played on Craigslist. It was after 2:00 am before I finally got to sleep. That NEVER works out well. I'm seriously going to have to do better about sticking to my bedtime routine.

2. Anika woke me up this morning and she was NOT a happy camper. She had asked me last night to email a report for her to my Mom. I told her I didn't think I had it saved but I'd check. Well, I forgot to check. Let's just say her attitude this morning came one ace of getting her in lots of trouble. For goodness sake, she's a Freshman in High School. I should not have to keep up with her work. It's her responsibility and therefore she should have checked. This put me in a bad mood first thing.

3. Exhausted, I woke Axle up. It took me twenty minutes to get him out of the bed and then it was only accomplished by dragging him. This led to him having a complete freak out. I dressed him for school by literally holding him down and he screamed to the top of his lungs the entire time. When mom came to pick him up, he stiffened up and was screaming, kicking, etc. While I should have just drug him on to the car, I gave in and just let him stay home. I was seriously too frustrated and tired to fight with him at that point. To top things off the Hubby who briefly got up and came through the house suggested that I handled the situation all wrong. Well let's just say that didn't go over well and I might have not been a very nice wife. Hubby went back to bed, I don't blame him.

4. Since I was so disgusted with Ax, I put him back in the bed. I thought I was punishing him but apparently not, he fell right to sleep. I took advantage and went to sleep on the couch too. It wasn't till 10:30 when Lee woke up crying that I got up for the day. I took my medicine and a motrin. I had a feeling it was going to be a rough day.

5. I sulked for a bit this morning and then remembered the quote I posted yesterday. For those of you who might of missed it, here it is again.

6. I decided that I WAS RUNNING THE DAY!!! Hubby and Ax had went to town so Little Lee and I got dressed. When they got back we all went outside and sat in the sunshine. I had a lot of things I needed to be doing but decided that being in a better mood was more important for my family. I broke out a kite we bought last year. Neither of my kids had ever flew a kite. It was windy so it was a perfect day. Axle had a blast and Lee was just amazed. How could you NOT be in a good mood after that?

7. Since Hubby had to go to work, I thought I'd run to DQ and grab us some Burgers to eat before he had to leave. When I returned we had a picnic in the garage. Axle informed me that you can't picnic in a garage, you must picnic on a hill. My mom took him on his 1st picnic this summer on a hill and ever since he's been convinced that is the only way you can picnic.

8. After we ate, I got Hubby's bucket packed and we did our daily ritual. Axle always starts his car while Hubby kisses Lee and I bye. Then Ax gives him kisses and while Hubby is pulling out of the driveway, Ax runs to the top of the hill (we have a fence up) and stands waiting on Hubby to pull up and give him five. It's seriously cute!

9. While I should have been accomplishing a boat load of stuff after he left, I just didn't. I put Annalee down for a nap, Ax watched cartoons and I wasted lots of time. I made a few needed phone calls but that was about the only productivity happening. I got online and started looking at campsites in Myrtle Beach. It looks like that is where we will be going for vacation. If all goes as planned, my parent's will be going with us. Since July is a super busy month for us we decided to just take a 7 day vacation this year. We are hoping to take another vacation at Christmas Time! I also started looking for ideas for the kids birthday parties that will happen in July. I think I'm sold on a Pirate Theme for Ax but haven't quite decided for Annalee. Then I done what I should have never done. I started looking at boats. I fell in love with this Stingray, now to convince Hubby we need to buy it.

10. I had to wake Annalee at a little after 3:00 so we could go get Anika from school. Thankfully she woke in a very good mood and was all smiles! I picked up Anika from school & her boyfriend Dustin of course. Those two are quite the pair. I had to run to Appalachian to pay the cell bill and then to add some money on my Credit Card before coming home.

11. Since I had pretty much procrastinated all day, we had chores to do when we got home. I put Miss Anika to work mopping. At least she done it with a smile!

12. We decided last minute today that we were going to go camping again this weekend. I called and got our site lined out, got some stuff packed up, laundry done, the camper cleaned and lists made. We are pulling out early in the morning. Dustin isn't going with us this time, he's going turkey hunting. Anika's all sad but some family time will do her some good. I think my parent's are coming down and bringing their boat so it should be a good weekend. The temps are going to be almost 80, pure heaven. We will have to head home fairly early on Sunday though because we have a Birthday Party to attend at 3:30. It's going to be a busy but fun weekend. I'm just praying this camping trip goes smoother than the last one.

13. I talked to my Mom tonight. My Dad and his Brother went fishing today and they had a nice day. They caught 8 keepers which means a fresh fish fry will be happening in the near future. My daddy was so proud. He made mom send me pictures!

14. I've been on GroopDealz tonight browsing. That site kills me. I LOVE so much of their stuff. Please tell me I'm not the only one. 

15. Well, Lee Lee is sleeping, Anika and Mom went to take Dustin home and Ax is watching cartoons. I guess I should jump off here and get a bath & pretty up my toenails for flip flops tomorrow. I hope you all have a fabulous weekend. I'll be back on Monday!!!



  1. You need more sleep the that!! Love the pictures of your little ones!!

  2. i agree with Debbie, you need more sleep. Your mood will improve too.

    I hope you get invited for that fish fry!