Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Dear Monday

Monday's Letters

Dear Monday: You were NOT one bit nice. Could you please make it for it and let me have a pleasant week this week, please!!

Dear 4:30 am: I wish I could love you, I really do. It's just so hard to drag my big behind out of the bed though. 

Dear Hubby: I'm so happy you finally have a week of day shift and can be here with the kids and I in the evening and at night. We love having you home.

Dear Internet: I love how you keep me entertained for hours. I love Pinterest and Social Media. I don't love how you suck me in and I pretend like I have nothing else to do around here. I'll forgive you but only because you help me find such great things!

Dear Brain: You know better than laying down to rest at 8:00 am even if you don't have to get the kids up for school. You still had things to do. You must become better at resisting the urge!

Dear Babies: You all are the BEST sleepers and while I shouldn't complain, you really let Mommy sleep too late. It's obvious where you all get your love of sleep from. We should really get up before 10:00 each day.

Dear Morning Chores: I'm glad I managed to complete you since your all I got done.

Dear Viki: You are a perfect Sister in Law. I so enjoy our long chats and you will be my forever friend.

Dear Blackberry Jam: You are now my son's new love. He requests you every morning for breakfast. Luckily Little Lee loves you too!

Dear Time: Where do you go so quickly. I look at the clock and then I look again 10 minutes later (or so I think) and you've already moved up another 2 hours. You cause me to rush. I HATE rushing. Slow down please.

Dear Mom: I did not find it nearly as amusing as you that I actually thought the new Monistat Pills were for swallowing. I'm so glad I don't buy new stuff!

Dear Aunt Debbie: Your funeral service was beautiful. The boys and David did a wonderful job, you would have been proud. I hope you know how very much your boys loved you. It was so hard seeing them hurt so bad yesterday. We all loved you. You left behind grandchildren, children, sisters, nieces and nephews who all thought you were absolutely wonderful. Your life was too short but I know God has something amazing that our mind can't comprehend for your eternity. May you fly high my sweet Aunt Debbie & I love you.

Dear Extended Family: As I looked around at dinner after the service yesterday, I felt so blessed. There are so many of us still living (and so many already passed) but one thing is for sure, you can't break the ties of family. While I may not see you all nearly enough, know that I hold each of you very dear in my hearts and I know you do the same. There is nothing like family and ours is beautiful :)

Dear Anika: I'm very glad you have a new "love interest" in your life. You just make sure you tell him your Mother is mean and violent when it comes to her baby so if he likes his toes he better be good to you!! (Just kidding, sort of)!

Dear Trader Joe (AKA Husband)-  Why do you trade around and get yourself in these messes? Why can't you just listen to your wife?

Dear Kids: Mommy really wanted to take you outside yesterday. The weather was gorgeous. I'm so sorry. We will do it for sure today!

Dear Urgent Care Center: Thank you for taking such good care of me last night. I had no idea I was severely allergic to Omnicef and the shots and medicine you gave me have already helped so much. I appreciate you all!

Dear Housework: It was between doing you last night and dying. I chose to live. I'll get to you later.

Dear Decadron Shot: I've had a million of you. Apparently I had never had you in a large dose. Being awake at 3:00 am with cold sweats and nausea sucked BUT my hives are looking better. I guess you were just doing your job.

Dear Tuesday Morning: You came again way too early. I need sleep but there is no time for that. We have a busy day ahead.

Dear Readers: Can you believe what a Monday I had? Don't worry though I survived and hopefully the rest of the week will go much smoother. Don't forget that I started my OOTD Challenge yesterday and while it was a chaotic day, I did get the picture. I wore this to my Aunt Debbie's Funeral Service.

Skirt- Thrifted
Shirt- Cato's
Earrings & Necklace- Cato's

Well friends I'm off here to get some things done. Ax has his very 1st Field Trip today so Lee and I will be going with him. I'm so excited, him not so much! This afternoon we are visiting with the In Laws so it's going to be a busy Tuesday. Hope you all have a great one.



  1. Wow. What a Monday! I hope you have a wonderful April Fools Day!

  2. Yikes on the Omnicef. One of my boys gets severe eczema from it, so he can't take it either.

  3. I think it is so neat to write Monday letters ... but wish Monday was a bit nicer this time around.

    And seriously, what would we do without the Internet?! ;)

  4. so very sweet!! beautiful picture of you!!!

  5. There is no one on the planet who could possibly like 4:30 a.m. that's just wrong!!