Sunday, April 13, 2014

Campground Fun and a Birthday Party!!! (Photo Overload)

My friends, this weekend has been CRAZY busy. While it's been a wonderful weekend and the weather has been beyond gorgeous, I'm ready for some Rest & Relaxation which is exactly what I'll be doing tomorrow. Okay that and trying to get my house lined back out. Anytime we leave for the weekend there is always chores to come home too. Such is life I suppose.

Saturday we woke fairly early. Reason being, we decided to go camping. Now I'm happy to report that this trip went MUCH better than our last. Hubby was home to help me load everything so that went pretty smoothly. Turns out I didn't forget too much this trip either. Anika wasn't going to go but decided to last minute. She had thought about staying with my Mom and Dad but the child loves camping and really hates to pass up a trip. Our friends Brandon & Christie and their kids met us here around 11:00. They decided to go with us this weekend and I'm really glad they did. We ended up pulling out around 11:30. I made a quick trip to pick up Dustin, stopped by the grocery store and let Anika run into Walmart for me and then it was on to the campground. Ax and Hubby were already there and had everything pretty much set up for us when we arrived. That's always nice.

Annalee ready to go camping

My beautiful Anika- I loved her hair pulled back

No trip is complete without a Walmart Run

Our campsite

We had a wonderful Saturday at the campground. Annalee was all smiles. The girl LOVES to camp!

We took a ride around the lake. Us gals and the kids rode in the back of the truck. Why do kids love riding the back of a truck so much?

The kids suckered us into letting the LOOK at the water. Rest assured there was more wading the water than looking at it. Good thing it was an 80 degree day!

 By the time we got  back to camp Annalee was falling over tired so I changed her clothes and laid her down for a nap. I might have fell asleep with her. Anika ended up waking me at some point laughing because they had been taking pics of me sleeping for Facebook. Yes, they are sure a sweet bunch!

When I woke we all hung around the campground for awhile and just chilled out. Anika and Dustin played Uno, Brandon picked us a few tunes on his guitar and the kids played in the dirt and rode bikes. It was relaxing and such fun!

After hours of listening to the kids wanting to go fishing, we finally caved and took them. This time we loaded up in a boat in the back of the truck. Yes, we are redneck!!! I must tell you that I did worry the boat would come sliding out but the guys assured me it was tied down. Luckily, they were right and I survived! The kids all had a blast fishing. Each little one caught a fish and believe it or not, Annalee caught the first one! Ax was SO HAPPY when he caught his. He had a grin from ear to ear. He's going to be his Papa's fishing buddy I do believe. The boat was just an old row boat. Of course the kids thought it was the coolest thing since sliced bread. There was lots of sand playing too and only a little sand throwing so that was successful!

We ended up staying down at the lake fishing longer than expected but didn't want to leave till all the little one's caught a bluegill! When we finally made it back to camp everyone was starving so I got washed up and started dinner while Christy and Anika took all the little one's to shower! By the time they got back dinner was pretty much done. It couldn't have been easy showering that many kiddos! We had Hamburgers & Hotdogs, Baked Beans, Shells and Cheese & Chips for dinner. It was quite tasty!

After dinner we broke out the marshmallows and made smores. Nothing makes kids happy like chocolate and marshmallows. My Axle doesn't necessarily like to eat the marshmallows but boy does he ever like to roast them.

The kids ran around and played some more while us adults sipped a cold beverage or two and let our dinner & dessert settle! We had promised the kids a night walk and so that is what we did next. The campground has many trails so we all took off with flashlights in hand and took a night walk. I obviously didn't get any pictures because (a) I was helping pack Annalee and (b) It was dark. It was fun though, the kids really enjoyed it!

We made it back to camp and decided it was time for everyone to call it a night. I laid down with my two and they were asleep in no time. Christy laid down with her 4 and had the same result. I think it's safe to say we wore them out! Us adults spent another hour or so chatting around the fire and then called it a night ourselves. I think we wore ourselves out trying to wear them out!

This morning I was up before 9:00. I have to be honest, my mood wasn't the best. I am NOT a morning person no matter how hard I try. A quick trip to the store though and I felt better when I got back. We fixed a big breakfast this morning. We had Fried Potatoes, Fried Bologna, Tomato Slices, Scrambled Eggs & Toast and Jelly. It was delicious! The kids played their little hearts out while us adults started packing up. Christy had to have the girls back to their mom kind of early for pictures and my kids & I had a birthday party to attend.

By 1:00 we were ready to hit the road. Ax would NOT agree to go to the Birthday party with me so he ended up riding home with Hubby in the camper. Before Anika, Dustin, Lee and I hit the road though, I remembered to take an OOTD picture. Can you believe that? I'm satisfied with my OOTD Challenge now and I'll be moving on to a new challenge starting tomorrow. I'm thinking I might still do OOTD pics though and start linking up with WIWW!

Outfit Details:
Top- Cato's
Shorts- Hand me Down from Aunt
Shoes- Hand me Down from Aunt
Necklace: Cato's

Before heading home the kids and I ran and got Hubby some beer & stopped by the Dollar Store to pick up a gift bag for the birthday present we were toting around in the trunk. While I was in there I got Anika a pair of shorts and Lee a dress. They were just $5.00 each so I couldn't pass them up. 

Hubby called as we were on our way home and said he lost a hubcap off the camper. After searching the road like a mad woman, I found it. I brought it home and dropped it off along with his beer. I made him a happy man!

Dustin's family was having a cookout and it just happened to be right above my Aunt's where we were going to the Birthday party at so I took him up there and dropped him off and we went on to the party. The party was for my 10 year old cousin Wesley and was done in a Ninja Turtle Theme. It was super cute and he had a nice turnout. There was outdoor toys to play with, some baseball playing, lots of food and lots of socializing. I'm glad I went, we all had a nice time. I hated Ax wouldn't go but he's not into crowds and I knew that was why he didn't want to so I didn't push. Anika walked up to Dustin's family's house for awhile and hung out with them. She said they were all really nice. It was her first time of meeting his extended family.

We left the party around 6:00 and headed home. I stopped and picked up some milk on the way. While all I really wanted to do was come home and rest, Hubby had a different idea. He pulled my car into the garage and tore it down. I have a wheel bearing that is going out. We then ran to Advanced to get a new one only to find they were closed. Yep, it sucked, now I'm stuck driving his clunker of a work car tomorrow. I finally did get some R&R this afternoon...well not really but I didn't do much of anything except was some clothes and order some Pizza for dinner. I was at least lazy.

Hubby and the babies have been asleep for awhile & Anika is now asleep too. I'm heading to the kitchen to get work clothes laid out and pizza put in the fridge then I'm crawling in my nice cozy bed for some sleep.

While it's been a great weekend, it's been exhausting. I'm hoping to do very little tomorrow!!

I hope your weekend went as well as ours. I'll check in on everyone tomorrow. Until then, have a good night!



  1. WoW angie, awesome family photo's....looks like you had a wonderful time!! i am not a camper ;)

  2. Camping and a party. How good does it get? It looks as if you had an awesome time. I loved seeing all the pictures. I feel as if I were there with you.