Monday, April 14, 2014

Angie Tells All Monday

I woke up this morning and wasn't in a good mood at all. I quickly had to remind myself that today was NOT a bad day. I've been trying hard to remember that there are amazing days, plain old days and bad days. I put bad days into the category of sitting with a sick child in the hospital, losing a loved one, etc. Amazing days to me are those days that you are on top of the world happy & then there are the plain old days. Today was a plain old day. Nothing exciting happened but it was by far not a bad day. Frankly, I woke up and celebrated another day therefore, I was blessed!

I pondered on how I wanted to do a blog post tonight and my creative juices just aren't flowing so I'll leave you with a good old confession session. Those are always fun, right?


- That I didn't budge this morning when Anika left for school. She said she tried to wake me several times but couldn't. Thankfully I wasn't dead because she went right on to school.

- That when I did wake it was 9 am and I was in a state of panic. I sent Ax to wake up Anika and he came back and said she wasn't there. Praise God, she didn't oversleep.

- That after doing my praising I might have gotten worried that someone kidnapped her and called my Mom just to be sure she had picked her up. Yes my brain works like that. Mom assured me she was fine.

- That Ax threw a tantrum not wanting to go to school and I really didn't feel like fighting with him so I didn't make him. Yes, bad parenting, I know.

- That I've been super unproductive today. I'm totally blaming it on the headache I've had.

- That I talked on the phone to my Sister in Law the entire time I bathed. No, I didn't wash my hair. I call it multitasking.

- That sometimes I want to shake the shit out of people and ask them what is wrong with them. How do people get so stupid?

- That my Sister in Law and I had a long conversation about drinking and being a Christian. Anyone else want to put their two cents in on this topic? I'd love to know what you think.

- That I drove my Husband's car today and I was seriously embarrassed. The dang thing has NO exhaust. You could hear me coming a mile away.

- That the most annoying part about my Husband's work car isn't even the exhaust. It was the fact that only 1 of 4 doors open. Okay, he says more than that do but seeing as how there is no handle, I don't flipping know how to do it. I ended up putting Annalee up front and Ax in the back because I couldn't lift her over the seats.

- That I must have looked seriously pitiful throwing groceries over the seat and trying to hold on to two kids because a man stopped and assisted me. Thank God for nice people.

- That it was nice to walk into Advanced and get a part to fix my car without paying anything. Yay for it still being under warranty.

- That I found out a girl I know fairly well lost her dad last night in a motorcycle accident. So sad for her family.

- That I made Mom pick up Anika from school so she wouldn't die of embarrassment in Hubby's work car. Yes, she is spoiled.

- That I'm glad mom picked her up because Dustin came home with her and they were going to the movies. I'm tired of them two love birds. I needed a break. I know, terrible mom again!

- That I'm hateful today and my kids have drove me insane. I still love the little boogers though.

- That I have a billion loads of laundry to do and probably will never get it all done. Ugh, it's never ending

- That I got two nail polishes out of the mail today from a Sweepstakes I won forever ago. I actually forgot about them. I love freebies!

- That I really miss doing sweepstakes but I have such an addictive personality and can't quit when I start.

- That I'm totally addicted to these lunch cakes and can eat a box in one day. No wonder I'm gaining weight!

- That I take entirely too much Motrin. Somehow this has turned into a post about everything I'm addicted too.

- That I'm really hoping the $100.00 I deposited today was enough to cover the check I had out. Total Wife Fail! I suck at budgeting and bills.

- That I let my son eat BBQ Chips for breakfast because he wasn't interested in the fruit we were having.

- That I was super disappointed when I thought I found us a really great boat and learned today that it isn't for sale.

- That I'm happy it's a 4 day work week for the Hubby. I love Hubby Time!!!

- That it's hard to be mad at Axle cause he's so cute. For instance, he poured a whole thing of bubbles on my couch today and when I asked him why, he replied "cause I was done wif them mom".

- That at 4:30 today I could have used a nap but didn't get one :(

- That this week is going to be a busy one. Anika has 2 doctor's appointments tomorrow, Wednesday Anika is participating in a Pride Cleanup thing with her Church and Annalee has a First Steps Evaluation, Thursday Anika has a Counseling Appointment and Friday Ax has an Easter Party!

- That I finally broke down and bought some toothbrushes. My Husband seriously thanks me for this one.

- That I almost forgot to put my Avon Order in and today was the last day. Thank Goodness I remembered, I really wanted these shoes!

- That as soon as Hubby came home from work, I sent both my little one's outside with him. I needed some mommy down time.

- That it irritates me when Hubby's friends pull in right behind him as soon as he gets home from work. Sometimes he never makes it to the door.

- That I think we found an RV Site at Myrtle Beach. I'm at least hoping so!

- That I really want to hit up the thrift store tomorrow

- That I made a huge mess making egg bombs but the kids LOVED playing with them. For this project I tore the tops off of egg, cleaned them out, filled them 1/2 full with sidewalk chalk and some baby powder. The kids threw them on the road and busted them creating a smoke like substance and leaving sidewalk chalk art on the road. They thoroughly enjoyed it!

- That I think it's super sweet how my Hubby lets the neighbor boy come down and help him work on our vehicles. The boy is raised by his elderly grandparent's and loves working on cars. Hubby says he's just showing him the ropes :)

- That my kids enjoyed their Easter Egg Bath. It consisted of green water (food coloring and no it doesn't stain) and 2 bags of plastic eggs. They spent most of their time filling their eggs with water and closing them up.

- That I wanted Chicken Alfredo for dinner but had Ravioli instead. Anika stayed at Mom's tonight and Alfredo is her favorite. I just couldn't make it without her here.

- That I cringed when I saw the forecast tomorrow. 45 and Snow Showers, Please NO!!!!

- That I might have cried at the above forecast except for the fact that it's supposed to be in the 60's again by Thursday!

- That I'm really dreading buying a part for our camper. Not sure what it is but Hubby says it's going to be expensive. Go figure!

- That for the past two days I've been running the AC in my bedroom. I'm not going to like my electric bill.

- That as mean as my kids are, they are equally as adorable :)

- That laying out everyone's clothes the night before saves me a ton of time in the mornings. I'm trying to make a habit of doing it.

- That my son paints his toe nails every time he catches our heads turned. I cannot convince him that boys do not wear nail polish. Bless his heart!

- That my hair is ridiculously dirty and MUST be washed tomorrow

- That I should make an appointment to get my eyebrows waxed sooner than later. I'm looking shabby.

- That Ax needs a haircut like bad- Hubby is going to have to get that done.

- That I'm overjoyed my car is fixed and I no longer have to drive Hubby's junk. No seriously, I'm really overjoyed.

- That my Hubby is grumpy today and pissed me off tonight but I have been doing a wonderful job of not arguing and remaining peaceful. I swear you have NO idea how much my medicine helps me.

- That Ax went to sleep at 8:00. He will be up early tomorrow

- That Anika is snappy, I have no clue what her problem is

- That I still need to pack Hubby's bucket. I should go do that now

- That it's going on 11:30 and I really need to get my butt in bed.

- That I love you all but it's night night for me

Happy Monday Loves
Talk to you all tomorrow


  1. Glad your car is fixed. Always seems to be something. Those Debbie cakes do look good.

  2. Well I sure am glad that Anika got herself off to school, and that you weren't dead! :-)

  3. your kiddos are so adorable!

    Little Debbie! I can never get enough of her either.

    Hehe, glad your car is fixed :)

  4. That's good Anika got herself off to school, and of course it is great that you weren't dead. I did chuckle at that bit though. Awesome that your car is fixed too :D

  5. You are a good mom, with adorable kids!! I may have to try those little Debbie cakes!!