Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A Rainy Tuesday

I had plans to blog last night and it just didn't happen. I'd be lying if I told you it was because I was super busy. In reality it was because I started watching Chicago Fire. I've never been one to watch television but Hubby had just finished watching an episode of something when I flipped through the channels and Chicago Fire had just came on. I was actually making a To Do List & had no plans of watching it but somehow got sucked in. It may now be my favorite new show!

I didn't have a lot to blog about last night anyway. Our weather has been crappy, lots of rain, so we have been pretty much just hanging here at the house. I'll just bullet a few important parts of our day yesterday and we will call it done, shall we?

* I had to wake up at 5:00 with the Hubby. Okay I didn't have to but I did. Let me just tell you that it is NOT in my genetic makeup to be a morning person. I seriously HATE mornings.

* I woke these two beauties for school. I can't resist taking a picture of them sleeping. Is there anything more precious than watching your child sleep? I think not.

* Ax was actually very cooperative about school yesterday morning. He got up and got dressed with no problems. I think it was because he was excited to use the umbrella. Sometimes it's the little things that make all the difference in the world!

* My Anika looked beautiful yesterday morning as usual. I swear it's unbelievable to me that she is almost 16 years old :(

* After I got everyone off to school, I did what any responsible adult would do, I went back to bed! Annalee and I ended up sleeping till 10:00 am.

* When we woke I threw some clothes on Lee Lee and brushed her hair. I didn't get time to dress myself but I did get my hair brushed.

* I had an appointment with the First Steps lady at 11:00. They come here to the house for all of our meetings which is super nice. She is very prompt though and showed up at exactly 11:00. She asked a million questions that I think I've answered at least 3 times already. We finally have a date set for the therapist to come out. He will be here next Tuesday. Our meeting lasted 2 whole hours and by the time she left it was already 1:00.

* I ended up going straight on up and picking up Ax from school. He panics if I'm late. I must tell you, I looked like I just crawled out of bed. I'm glad I didn't see anyone too important.

* We came home and the kids did their normal routine. They had a snack, got some milk, watched cartoons and napped. I spent some of their nap time counting out change. I ended up finding almost $70.00 in silver!

* I also used their nap time to straighten up my kitchen and FINALLY get myself dressed for the day. I couldn't resist a picture of my cute shoes. Don't you love these? They came from Avon!

* Speaking of Avon, it's kind of an addiction for me. I placed my new order yesterday!! Here's what I got:

I'm hoping this makes me look all sun kissed

I seriously can't wait to try these. I've heard really good things about them :)

* My kids ended up waking up around 3:30 so we had to make a trip to town and run some errands. We got caught in a downpour and I got sopping wet. Such is life I guess. I had to pull off the road once because I couldn't see. It was like buckets full of water falling from the sky!

* We didn't have to pick up Anika from school because my Dad picked her and Dustin up. He needed Dustin to help him unload some privacy fence yesterday evening and then him and Mom to them to the movies to see Heaven is for Real. Anika said it was good but not as good as God Is Not Dead!

* The little one's and I did a bit more housework and started supper. We pretty much just hung out till Hubby got home. Of course when he got home they both headed straight out the door with him. The rain had stopped but it was a big huge muddy mess out. My little two had a blast playing in the puddles and of course Ax had to get his motorcycle out and ride through the mud!

* We had Baked Ravioli for dinner last night and it was pretty good! Ax even ate some so that was a plus!

* Hubby's parent's stopped by and I notarized a Title for them. They stayed for awhile and hung out with they kids. They even got to see Anika because she made it home before they left.

* I had planned on planting Ax's watermelon BUT the ground just didn't dry up enough. I really NEED to get it planted, it's getting so big!

* We ended up coming in around 8 last night and I bathed my little one's first thing. They were muddy as pigs! I gave them both some tub paint to play with. Lee Lee didn't enjoy it all the much but Ax sure did. Lee Lee was much more content playing with her balloon.

* Everyone was in the bed last night before 10 EXCEPT for me. I stayed up too late watching television which is why I almost overslept this morning. I will never learn!

It's raining here again this morning although I guess I can't complain. We are so fortunate to not have had any severe weather unlike so many other places. My heart just aches for all those that are suffering right now.

Our day isn't going to be all that interesting today. I have a meeting at Axle's school at 1:30 but other than that, we will be taking it easy.

I hope you all have a nice Wednesday
I'll be back later :)



  1. you are always on that sleeping see-saw!! i think most mothers ride that too often. you have beautiful children and yes, i LOVE your sandals and matching toes ;)

  2. Cute flip flops. I used to be Avon crazy but now I use Julep. It's more expensive, but the product is better. I may be going back to Avon soon though. Anika is sooo pretty in that outfit. And the littles are cute in the tub. Looks like they are having fun.