Saturday, April 26, 2014

A Perfect Saturday!!!

It's been an amazing Saturday my friends. I've enjoyed every single moment of it. While I'm sad to see it end, I've got a feeling our Sunday is going to be just as wonderful! Here's what we have been up to today!!!

* We had breakfast on our front porch this morning. You can't beat that. It was only Cinnamon Rolls but anytime you can sit on the porch and eat breakfast, it's a good day!!!!

* I ran to town to do a few errands. The little two insisted on going with me. They actually were very easy today. Thankful for that!

* I done some Thrift Shopping all by myself. Hubby kept Ax and Annalee & I had a solid hour of digging for treasures all alone. It was pure bliss.

* I scored some really cute things at the Thrift Shop and spent $10.00. This makes me happy.

* The Hubby got the grass cut. It's the first of many times this year I'm sure. It sure does make our yard look nice!!!

* I made us a pizza for lunch. Ax ate Toast & Jelly instead. We also enjoyed this meal outside too!!!

* I got the camper cleaned out and vacuumed. It's totally ready for our next camping trip!

* Annalee rode her Power Wheels while Axle rode his Motorcycle!!!

* The babies got some daddy time

* Some of us tried to sneak in some outdoor rest but the others of us wouldn't let them :)

* I completed a MASSIVE amount of laundry including everything that was dirty in the camper

* We broke out the Sprinkler and it was definitely a big hit!

* Of course we figured out that the sprinkler was making mud puddles in the yard and those are ALWAYS lots of fun!!!

* The kids got a good warm bath to clean off all the mud and grass & then got prettied back up. Hubby might have took a nap while all this was happening!

* We had a cookout with my parent's and it was a blast. It included some new cool riding toys that Uncle Mike brought up to let the kids play on, lots of delicious grilled food, playing cornhole until well after dark, icecream for the kiddos and lots of hugs and kisses goodbye at the end of the night.

We got Dustin home and then came home. Our kids were out within the blink of an eye. I think we exhausted them today. Hubby is chatting away in the garage with his friend Brandon and Anika is showering. I'm getting ready to call it a night. It's been a PERFECT Saturday! Tomorrow is Church and then a little boat riding and a picnic at the lake. Let the good times roll :)

Happy Weekend!!

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  1. Sounds like Summer has hit your place! It's still pretty cool up here in the northwest. I remember when my children were little...such happy days of plumpness and wiggles. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the lovely peek into your Saturday. God bless you.