Monday, April 7, 2014

1st Camping Trip of 2014

Your going to get two posts today from me. I apologize in advance. I don't really like writing two posts in a day. It feels like overkill or something but I also don't like to get behind on my blogging and I'm behind. I had planned on posting yesterday about our Weekend Camping Trip and it just didn't happen so I'll share it with you now.

Let me just say that anything and everything that could go wrong this weekend did. It actually all started bad Friday morning and somehow the trend just continued. Our morning was insane crazy. We overslept for school which in turn made us have to spend the morning at the doctor's office so Anika could get an excuse. Then I ran like a mad woman to meet my SIL to pick up some paperwork. Ends up after I waited 20 minutes on her that she couldn't make it and forgot to call. I then had to pick up Torie and Dustin from school and run Dustin to his house to get his camping stuff. I stopped by the store and spent a fortune on food for the weekend and then I came home and packed clothes & laundered blankets like nobody's business. I did all this on about 5 hours sleep. I was already exhausted.

Hubby called on his way home and pissed me off first thing. Apparently there are days that he has this vision of me wearing a cape because I'm fairly certain he thinks I'm Superwoman. I bit my tongue and continued to pack. He came home, showered and offered to help. I will say he did a few things, I still did the majority of loading and packing. My Mom picked up Anika and her friends and took Anika to get her hair done & I sent Hubby and Ax on to the campground. Frankly, I was ready to get rid of them.

My plan was that Lee and I would head on to Walmart to grab a few things we needed, run by the Beer Store for Hubby and then meet Mom to pick up the kids. Of course that didn't happen because Anika had lost my keys and I spent the next two hours trying to find them. Just as I was on the verge of tears in pulls my Daddy with my keys and saves the day. Yes, my Daddy is a true Super Hero in my eyes! He got me settled down a bit, I loaded up Lee and was ready to hit the road when I saw this in my back window.

The next 15 minutes I spent chasing the cat and trying to get it back into the house. I was not nearly as amused by it as Lee Lee was!

By the time we finally got on the road, Mom and the kids were already on there way back so I just met them on the four lane and picked them up. Anika's hair looked really good, I'll show you pictures in a few. We still had to make a Walmart Trip and again, I spent entirely too much money. I will say though that I got the cutest outfit and purse while I was there. No they weren't camping related but by this point I needed some retail therapy. I forgot to take a pic of the outfit but here is the bag! Perfect Summer White!!!

I ran to the Beer Store and got Hubby some Beer. I might also have gotten myself some Mike's Hard Lemonade (yes I needed it)! I had planned on fixing a big dinner when we got to the campsite but it was already almost 8:00 at this point so I circled the drive thru at Little Ceasers and just grabbed Pizza and Crazy Bread instead. You can't go wrong with that.

We FINALLY made it to the campground (after dark), unloaded everything from my vehicle and ate. The kids played and the rest of the night went fairly smoothly. I must tell you though, I was exhausted. I think we were ALL in the bed by around 11:00 pm.

Saturday started off great and I was excited. We woke around 10:00 and the girls had already been up and showered. Hubby and I made some Breakfast Buritos, we ate and then him and the Little's went outside to bike ride while I cleaned up the mess and got myself dressed for the day. It was chilly but the kids didn't mind.

We enjoyed the day! We took the kids to the park, went on a few hikes in the hills, swung on some grapevines, walked the campground, blowed bubbles, played ball and all sorts of other fun stuff. It was great family time.

Annalee and I ended up napping around 4:00 and slept till almost 6:00. It was nice to just stretch out and sleep. Hubby wasn't so lucky, I think Ax kept him pretty occupied while we were napping. When I woke, I fixed a HUGE dinner for us all. My Mom and Dad came down and ate & we really enjoyed having them. Everyone definitely got their bellies full. We had Chicken (two kinds), Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Corn on the Cob, Ranch Potatoes and Rolls. It was fun just socializing with everyone. We built up a big fire and roasted marshmallows and smores! Of course, the kids loved that.

What seemed like a perfect day quickly ended though. Within minutes of my parent's leaving, Ax became very pale and quiet. The next thing I knew he was vomiting everywhere. Initially I was hopeful that he just ate something that didn't agree with him or that he had just exhausted himself. After about time number 10 in the first hour, it was obvious he had a virus. The rest of my night was spent cleaning up vomit. It's safe to say that it was the longest night I've EVER spent in a camper. It was non stop all night long and I'm fairly certain that my max amount of sleep was 20 minutes all night long.

Sunday I got up and came home. I brought Lee with me and Torie came too. Anika and Dustin stayed back to help Hubby with the camper and Ax wouldn't ride home with me. He was determined to ride with his dad. Our Sunday was a very lazy one. Ax slept on and off pretty much all day long. Thankfully he didn't throw up anymore but bless his heart, he was drained.

I truly had so much I wanted to do but I just couldn't muster the energy up to do any of it. I felt queasy all day and downright exhausted. Lee and I just stayed in and took care of Bubby. Anika and her Boyfriend went to my parent's house for a cookout and then watched a movie with them. Anika went ahead and spent the night up there so that I wouldn't have to wake the little one's this morning. There was no way Ax could go to school. Hubby worked out in his garage the biggest part of the day/evening yesterday with his buddy Derek. They were putting a rear end in Derek's vehicle. I guess they got it done, it was out of the garage this morning. Hubby came in around 11:00 last night and he and I went straight to bed. The two Little One's did too. I think we all just NEEDED rest!!!

That my friends sums up our first camping trip of 2014. Let's hope the rest of them goes better!

I'll be back tonight to give you a little peek into our Monday. It's safe to say, it's been a better day :)


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  1. Aw, I'm so sorry that things didn't go as planned. But I'm super jealous that you've already gone on a camping trip this year! Camping is one of my very favorite things! :-)