Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Tuesday's Okay's

Tonight is going to be another early to bed night for me so I thought I better get up my blog post while I was thinking about it. I woke this morning feeling like I'd been ran over by a Mack Truck. I'm not feeling any better this afternoon. Let's hope the antibiotics I'm taking kick in and I feel like a new woman tomorrow. Since I don't have a lot to post about because I haven't done much today, I thought I'd share with you an "It's Okay" post. I've said those words to myself over and over today, "It's Okay". I was pretty much trying to convince myself that there will be tomorrow to do what I need to do so just let it go!

It's Okay: That I was asleep by 9:30 last night and still overslept this morning. In my defense I wasn't sleeping soundly because I was listening for Little Lee. Hubby woke me once this morning around 2:00 am because I was gritting my teeth. I guess it was just a restless night for me. Luckily Anika woke up on time so she wasn't late for school and somehow I managed to get Ax to school on time too!

It's Okay: That I felt like I might die this morning. Thank God for 800 mg Motrin and a hot bath. Without those two things I'm not sure I would have made it. Okay, I might be being a little over dramatic.

It's Okay: That I thought I might cry when I woke up to this sight. Mother Nature, you pissing me off!

It's Okay: That I left my 3 year old at school with my Aunt crying himself to pieces. I know he NEEDS to be in Preschool but it's still so hard.

It's Okay: That I had to literally force myself to bath this morning. Lying around in pajamas in my own filth actually sounded pretty appealing.

It's Okay: That Lee Lee has been into everything today. She's feeling MUCH better so I haven't minded one single bit. Thank God, I think the steroids are working.

It's Okay: I hate making Mexican Cornbread. It's very time consuming. I made it to go with a pot of Chili for lunch today and it was wonderful. As much as I hate making it, I love eating it so I make it often anyway.

It's Okay: That I was supposed to pick up medicine for my daddy and forgot. Wouldn't you know he showed up right on time this evening to get it. I made it alright though, I went and got it & took it to his house to him.

It's Okay: That my Husband took my camera to work. Okay, it's really not. I hate not having blog post pictures. Blame this bare post on him. Boo Hubby!!!!

It's Okay: That I spent a majority of the day watching Storage Wars. I love that show!

It's Okay: That I forgot to put money on my credit card to pay a bill. They will wait till tomorrow I guess. I did at least remember to make a deposit at the bank :)

It's Okay: That I wore a white sweater today and worried myself to death I was going to spill something on it. I'm a very messy eater.

It's Okay: That I had big plans of cleaning out my closet today and didn't happen. It was actually one of my two goals for the day. I just moved it over as one of tomorrow's goals. Oh and just for the record my other goal was to fill out Annalee's First Steps paperwork. That one I did accomplish.

It's Okay: That there is so much that needs done around here. I'm guessing there always will be. At least I can go to bed tonight feeling half accomplished. I did get my morning & evening tasks completed, my housekeeping for the day done and even put away all the clean laundry.

It's Okay: That I fed my kids Grilled Cheese and Soup for dinner. I seriously just didn't feel like cooking.

It's Okay: That my biggest pleasure today was hearing Ax tell me about the flower he planted at school and when it grows he is going to bring it home and we can plant it in the yard. Seriously, it's the little things!

It's Okay: That I've spent $60.00 in two days on medicine...it was definitely NEEDED!!!

It's Okay: That when I laid out my clothes for tomorrow, I almost didn't choose the dress because I dreaded shaving my legs. I decided not to be lazy though and just shave them in the morning!

It's Okay: That we haven't done Tot School one time this week. With all of us feeling yucky, we just haven't been up to it. I'm hoping to work it in tomorrow.

It's Okay: That I have wanted dirt pudding since Saturday but have been too lazy to make it. I might get to it soon.

It's Okay: That I have done nothing to my Home Management Binder today. It's on my goal list for tomorrow so hopefully I'll be able to complete it some more. I'm really excited about getting to use it.

It's Okay: That I totally forget to tell you I've decided to start challenging myself weekly. They will only run Monday through Friday- I'm exempting the weekends. Pretty much each week I'm going to set a challenge for myself for that week. This week I am challenging myself to not yell at my kids. I don't yell a lot but sometimes I feel like I still yell too much. Yesterday I aced it and kept my patience all day. Today, not so much. I caught myself yelling 3 times. I'm blaming it on being sick.

It's Okay: That it's just now 8:00 and I'm going to TRY to convince myself to stay up till 9:00 or maybe not.

Friends, I'll be back tomorrow and hopefully feeling better
You all have a great Wednesday ahead!!!

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  1. We got just a dusting overnight. Thankfully it didn't leave anything on the roads. Although trying to leave my neighborhood a car was stopped apparently because they couldn't see out of their car. I guess they didn't think they needed to remove the snow we did get from their car. What a dummy.