Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Tuesday's Good and Bad!

Hey Friends..it's time for another post. That means my night is winding down and it's getting close to bedtime. These days I'm finding that I look forward to bedtime more and more. I'm going to contribute it to the fact that I'm on somewhat of a normal sleep schedule, FINALLY! I must say, sleep does wonders for a person's mood. I've found I'm much happier throughout the days now that I'm sleeping. Anyway, on with today's post. I thought I'd share the good and bad of our day today.

Bad: I didn't get into bed until after midnight last night. Actually, it was going on 1:00 am when I finally fell asleep. It's okay though, my Ax woke up sick and needed his Mommy. He started screaming and the next thing I knew he was vomiting. As soon as I felt of him I knew he was running a fever. I gave him some Advil (that he said tasted like pop) and put him in the bed with me. He tossed and turned forever before finally falling asleep.

Good: I got to sleep in this morning and catch up on a few of the missed hours from last night. Anika spent the night with Mom last night so that she could take her to her appointments today. Since Ax was sick, he didn't go to school either so that allowed us not to climb out of bed till after 10:00 this morning.

Bad: Hubby is on 2nd shift again this week. This is due to him trading weeks with the other boss so that he wouldn't be so tired after the Bristol race. While this really irritated me, turns out it was a good thing he did it. We would have had to miss the race otherwise.

Good: As much as I hate 2nd shift, I do get an hour or two to chat with Hubby before he leaves for work. I love this time. It helps us get all our ducks in a row on plans we are making. It's just a general time for us to talk!

Bad: I had NOTHING planned for lunch today. I'm slacking!

Good: I ended up fixing some bologna sandwiches and fries. It was quick and easy but everyone seemed fine with it. Ax loves bologna so even he ate!

Bad: Anika went to the Orthodontist today and picked up her Retainer. We were super happy about being in the last phase of treatment. Within 2 hours of wearing it, she already had a place on her tongue. I called her Ortho and they said it probably had a high spot and we would have to come back in.

Good: Her new appointment is for Friday. I had planned on going up to that area Friday anyway so that I could do some shopping. At least we will be able to kill 2 birds with one stone.

Bad: Anika went prom dress shopping without me today. While I wanted to be totally selfish and tell her no, she had the day off school and time to kill so I told her to go on. Mom went with her and they had a good time.

Good: She found a dress! She sent me several pictures of dresses she tried on and we agreed that this one looked the best on her. It's just beautiful and it was on sale to boot! She also found her a pair of shoes to go with it and all within the $500.00 budget I gave her. I have to stop by on Friday and pay for the alterations but this is definitely the dress she will be wearing!

Bad: Anika had to go meet with the counselor today for her Truancy Worker. I seriously thought this was the craziest idea ever.

Good: She actually ended up really liking him and even scheduled another appointment with him. Guess I don't know EVERYTHING!!!!!

Bad: I stayed in my pajamas pretty much all day long. I have been trying to quit that habit but today I felt like I just needed to.

Good: I already have my outfit for tomorrow laid out and ready to go. It's really cute too!!!

Bad: I've felt VERY lazy and sluggish today

Good: Both my goals were met today. I did an inventory of my pantry and fridge & both got cleaned and organized. I also got my car cleaned out from our trip. As long as I meet my two goals, I have to consider the day a success!

Bad: When cleaning out my pantry and fridge I threw away a TON of expired food. Such a waste of money

Good: Meal planning is already in the works! I'm going to get back to doing it if it kills me. It makes my life so much easier plus saves us a ton of money.

Bad: My car decided today to start making a hideous whining noise. Like seriously, it got on my nerves so bad.

Good: My Hubby is what I call a Shade Tree Mechanic so hopefully it's nothing serious and something he can fix himself!

Bad: Tot School hasn't been working out the way I want it too. Annalee is still too little to do many of Ax's projects and the stuff Ax NEEDS to be working on. Ax is too big to be doing the projects Annalee NEEDS to be doing because he's mastered them a long time ago.

Good: We started a new way of doing Tot School today and I think it's going to work out better. I will be planning 2 projects per day for Ax and 2 for Lee. They will do them separately. They will also do 1 project together that they are both able to do and enjoy. It worked fairly well today! On Friday's we will do together projects only because they are both home all day on Friday's.

We are going on a Rainbow Theme this week- Annalee's are more geared towards different colors.
Today Annalee's two projects were:

Putting colored straws into a cup. I said each color to her as she put them into the cup. We tried this yesterday and she enjoyed it but was too tired to focus. I decided to revisit it today and am so glad I did. She spent forever doing it and even done it on her own the rest of the evening after school time was done.

Her second project was stacking colored blocks. We talked about the colors and I encouraged her to build. She participated for a bit and then went straight back to the straws. That was definitely the hit for her today.

We also played Peek A Boo today. Annalee will hide her eyes and then uncover them really fast and make a screeching noise. It's adorable. Annalee learned how to hold her finger up to her mouth and say Shhh today too. I was telling Ax to shh and looked over and she was doing it too. She's so funny.

Axle's school projects today were:

Using his dot marker to make the letter R for Rainbow. He LOVES to play with the Dot Markers so this was a big hit with him. He used green, blue and yellow (colors of the rainbow)

For his second project, we made Rainbow Tracks. We did his by putting different colors of paint on a piece of paper. He drove his cars & trucks through the paint and onto another sheet of paper. The boy loves paint and cars so you know this was a hit with him!

This evening we completed their "together" project. This was them dipping different colored chalks into water and then creating a rainbow picture on black paper. I thought they would both enjoy this one and I was right, they really did. Ax worked on his much longer than Lee but she still had a blast and did most of it all by herself.

Bad: While the above photos might look like everything has been under control here today, let me assure you it hasn't. Ax is in a terribly whiny stage and spends most the day walking around crying. Lee has developed a really bad temper and melts down at the drop of a hat. This mom feels like pulling her hair out most all day long.

Good: It's sweet moments like this that I get to witness throughout the day that keeps me sane and from putting my kids up for sale (just kidding)

The Bad: I called our local First Steps Program today to inquire about Annalee's speech. She will be two in July and says two words, Momma and Done. They said she was delayed in her speech.

The Good: They will be doing an evaluation on her and if she qualifies she will receive speech therapy here in our home a few days a week. I'm hoping we can land the same therapist for her that Axle had.

The Bad: It was too cold to play outside today

The Good: The sun was shining today and that always makes me happy. It's supposed to be warmer tomorrow so I see outside time in our future then.

That my friend's pretty well sums up my thoughts today. I'm convinced that if you look hard enough you can always find a silver lining in things.

I hope you guys are having a great week so far! I'll be back tomorrow with another post about another day in our lives!

Happy Tuesday

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