Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Tuesday Countdown

I decided to hit up the blog a bit earlier tonight. I'm really hoping to get in the bed a little earlier tonight. I managed to lay down last night at 11:00 but received a phone call from a drunk at 1:40 this morning. After dozing right back off, I had a nightmare. I ended up just getting up and waiting on the Hubby to get home. Praying tonight I get more sleep!!!

Since I get bored typing regular old posts, I thought I'd do a Countdown Post for you tonight. You know me, always expressing my creative side. You know, the one I don't have!

10 Things About My Day Today

1. I woke up on time again this morning. I'm 2 for 2 this week. I'm impressing myself!

2. We missed Story Time this morning. I was up and ready & so was Annalee but the Hubby needed us to run him somewhere so we ended up doing that instead.

3. The kids and I did not do Tot School today. While I hate missing Tot School, there was NO WAY we weren't going to take advantage of this beautiful 70 degree day. We threw all my lessons out the window and just played outside instead. I'm certain that the kids didn't mind one single bit!

We Played with Sidewalk Chalk

We did some dry land sledding!

We rode in the Cozy Coupe

We pretended to double on the 4-wheeler

We pushed our trucks around and filled them with gravel!

One of us did lots of wandering around and checking everything out

Of course one of us had to take SILLY PICTURES!!!!

4. I had two goals today and completed both of them. I've decided to only set 1 or 2 goals for myself each day. If I meet those, I'm doing good. Everything extra I do is just a bonus. It keeps me from setting myself up for failure. Today my goals were to schedule Anika's counseling appointment that the Truancy Office was making us go to & to clean out my car. Both are marked off my list. I was lucky and got her counseling appointment the same day as her Orthodontist Appointment next week so that will be nice since they are in the same town. As for my car, I shouldn't even be allowed to drive something that looked as filthy as it did. I'm not kidding, I got two full bags of garbage out of it. It was absolutely shameful!

5. It's been an easy cooking day for me. I fixed some Sloppy Joe's for lunch and then I just warmed up the Fish Sticks and Fries from last night for dinner. Anika went to my Mom's after school so it was just the little two and myself eating and they didn't even notice!

6. Axle had another good day at school. He got up this morning with very little arguing and got ready. Mom said he did really good for her and walked all the way to the door! My Aunt (his teacher) said he only cried for about 5 minutes this morning & when I picked him up he was sitting outside with all the other kids eating a popsicle! He looked perfectly content. I'm so thankful!

7. I watched an episode of House Hunters this morning and for the life of me cannot understand those people. How can they possibly find complaints with a $500,000.00 home? For real, my house would sit inside most of them 5 times!!!!

8. I finished ALL my laundry today. I'm not even joking, it's ALL done. The only dirty things in the house are what we are wearing on our backs. I've been plugging away at it for 2 weeks now and finally have it all caught up. I think I need a laundry schedule now to keep it all caught up :)

9. I have felt so blessed today!!!!!!

10. I ate a bowl of Lucky Charms cereal for a snack today. It's the first time I've ate Lucky Charms in years. My taste has not changed, I still like the marshmallows the best!

9 Things I'm Loving Right Now

1. Being able to wear short sleeves although according to our weather guy it's going to be short lived. Rain and cooler temps is in the forecast tomorrow with snow coming tomorrow night. The only good news is that it isn't supposed to last but a day or two and then warm up again!

2. This Time Change!! I know most people are NOT loving it and I too am still getting used to it but it not getting dark till 9:00 is reward enough for me!

3. How Annalee says "Done" every time she's finished eating. Annalee doesn't talk much. She only says about 4 words and Done is one of them. Tickle Tickle is another, go figure!!

4. That Anika is SO HAPPY!!! I've seen such a dramatic increase in her mood lately. For the longest time she suffered from pretty severe depression so it is really nice seeing her happy, smiling and laughing.

5. That I get to go Prom Dress Shopping this year. While it's unbelievable to me that my Daughter is old enough to go to a High School Prom, I am one of those Mom's that love to Dress Shop. We will be taking a trip very soon!

6. My relationship with my Husband. We had some major trials last year and I wasn't sure we would ever overcome them BUT things right now are better than they have been in a very long time. There is so much more communication, affection and compassion. It's so nice, my heart runneth over!

7. Clothes- I've been making a real effort to get up and get dressed everyday. I must say, I've done pretty well at keeping up with it. It really does make a difference in how I feel. While I thought it would be a chore, I've actually found that I'm having fun with it. I've even started choosing my outfits the night before and laying them out. This has made my mornings so much simpler.

8. Speaking of clothes, I'm loving these new Avon finds. Oh what to order, decisions, decisions!!!

I adore this pearl necklace!!!

These shoes would be perfect for Spring!

I'm in LOVE with these colors

These absolutely rock my world too :)

9. Life- Everyday Life! How Sweet it is!

8 Things that Stress me Out

1. Death- While I know it's unavoidable, it terrifies me. My own death, the death of loved ones and friends, all of it. 

2. Tornado's- I'm so glad I don't live in Tornado Alley, I'd never make it!

3. Decisions big and small. I have a terrible time making decisions. I analyze them to death. I wish I was more of an impulsive person.

4. Cheaters- I have had my fair share of friends/family cheating on their significant others lately. I don't know, I guess it's something in the water. It drives me insane though. If your not happy, file for divorce. Problem Solved!!!

5. Money...no matter how much you have, there is still never enough

6. Religion- I know that may sound odd but just when I think I know exactly what I believe, someone tells me I'm wrong. It's just so complicated.

7. Axle's Whining and Tantrums...while I'm sure it's just the age, he drives me insane with his constant crying. Good thing I love him to the moon and back.

8. Other people's bad moods (mainly my Mom's, Kids, Husband's, Etc.) I just want everyone to be happy ALL the time and while I know that isn't realistic, I still want it!

7 Things I'm Planning

1. Our first camping trip in our RV and it looks like it will be Memorial Day Weekend

2. Axle and Annalee's Birthday parties!!! I know they are still a few months away but I've already been scouring Pinterest for ideas

3. Painting or at least hiring someone to paint. If my living room doesn't get painted soon, I might just go insane!

4. Our Summer Bucket List- Fun Stuff!!!

5. Vacation- July can't come soon enough

6. A cleaning schedule that ACTUALLY WORKS!!!!!

7. Tot School Ideas- I might be obsessed

6 Things I'm Thankful For

1. Feeling better and fighting my depression!!!

2. That  Axle and Annalee are so close to one another

3. My Parents who show me unconditional love. They truly love me and my children more than they love themselves.

4. My Health- I know so many who are sick and down right now. I just thank God I'm healthy and so are my Husband and Children

5. My Husband's Employment- The coal industry has been hit hard and so many I know have had to relocate to find work. We have been so fortunate and missed all the layoff thus far.

6. Compliments- I got my haircut a few weeks ago and have received so many compliments on it. I think the fact that I'm dressing up everyday has helped too. For someone battling depression and self esteem issues, compliments truly do mean the world.

5 Things I'm Debating

1. Vacation Plans- The Hubby wants to head towards Texas, Anika wants to go towards NYC and I want to go to the Florida Keys!!!

2. What to do this weekend. I thought I had it all figured out. Saturday night we were going to take the kids to Monster Jam and Sunday we were going 4-wheeling in our new Jeep. Hubby called from work today and they gave him 2 tickets to the Saturday and Sunday Bristol Race in the Presidential Suite. We can't hardly turn them down. Oh what to do!

3. To buy a Tanning Bed or to not buy a Tanning Bed....I really want one but will I actually use it?

4. If I want to paint my living room myself or just hire it done

5. Signing Annalee up for First Steps. While she is very advanced in most things, her speech seems really delayed. I'm not sure if she will qualify or not so I don't know if I want to go through the whole evaluation process to find out.

4 Things I Still Need to Do

1. Show you a pic of our new Jeep!! Consider it done!!!

2. Write my Hubby a love note before I go to bed

3. Start Potty Training Annalee

4. Try out my new hair rollers I bought

3 Plans for Tomorrow

1. Go shopping for Annalee some clothes. The poor gal has outgrown everything. If I don't buy her some stuff soon she is going to be naked

2. Sort/Organize Annalee's Closet- It's a hot mess!!!

3. Roll my Hair and see how it turns out

2 Things I Wish

1. That my Hubby could get a straight dayshift job

2. That I could afford a housekeeper

1 Final Thought

1. I'm sorry if I talked your ear off. I'll give it a rest now. Hope you all are have had a great Tuesday. This gal is writing a love note and then going to bed!

Goodnight Friends


  1. How successful was the dry sledding? It looks like fun but just seems like it would get stuck a lot. I have never really been a Lucky charms fan, I do love fruit loops though. I say no for the tanning bed-definitely seems like one of those things you think you will use but don't end up using, plus they just aren't good for you.

  2. 70 degrees?!? I'm so jealous!! And congratulations on completing your goals, that always feels great. :-)