Friday, March 7, 2014

Trying not to Whine

It's almost 8:30 here in Kentucky and it seriously feels like it should be Midnight. This has been the LONGEST day ever. I think it's because I've been so overwhelmed and frustrated all day. I'm hoping a good nights sleep will bring a much better tomorrow. For the sake of not whining and crying this entire post, I thought I'd do it ABC Style!

A- Anika was up before her alarm clock went off this morning. I'm thinking she was excited to show off her new teeth without braces!

B- Between not sleeping well last night and PMS, it's been one hell of a day!

C- Currently watching my children destroy my bedroom. Axle claims they are building a big camper. I claim they are piling all my dirty clothes on top of a table!

D- Didn't do anything educational or fun with my children today. Yep, I was that sucky mom. I just have had NO Motivation.

E- Every television in this house is blaring Spongebob right now, I'm not kidding

F- Finally cleaned off the top of my fridge today. I decided to add something decorative to it instead of the piles of junk I've been stacking on top of it. My Apple Set worked perfectly.

My cabinets SERIOUSLY need painted!!

G- Granny called a bit ago and talked forever. I think the kids and I might try to ride up and see her tomorrow.

H- Hubby had to go into work early today and then has to leave for training at 4:30 in the morning and won't be home till after 6:00. I've not seen him any this week. Sunday he is all mine!

I- I hate dealing with people on pills. I had an encounter (not a good one) with 2 pill heads earlier today. Why do people do that to themselves? 

J- Just for the record, doing this ABC Style didn't make me any less whiny. Sorry about that, I tried!

K- Kids have been wild today OR I have been very cranky and impatient. Either way, is it their bedtime yet?

L- Left my 2 little one's unattended for 15 seconds this morning and they somehow managed to pour out an entire bottle of milk and smash goldfish in my floor. How is that even possible in 15 seconds?

M- Made an easy dinner tonight of Hamburgers and Fries. Ax ate fries but no hamburger. The child doesn't eat enough to keep a bird alive.

N- Needing to get some sort of routine/schedule implemented in my life but just don't know how. This stresses me out!

O- One day I will be rich and money will be no object- Let me keep dreaming please!

P- Purchased a new Maxi Skirt on clearance at the Dollar Store. It's one of the Hi/Low Styles. Never tried one before but figured why not, it was just $3.00. After trying it on at home, I really like it. Total Score!

Q- Question myself everyday as if I should return to the workforce or not. My feelings are so mixed. I really want to be home with my babies but I need social interaction and let's face it, extra money wouldn't hurt. Seriously tough decision!!!

R- Really don't understand teenagers. I have listened to my daughter talk about her ex-boyfriend all evening. They are on again/off again. I don't know why they bother, one always ends up with a broken heart. They just need to move on already.

S- Spending the day out and about tomorrow if we have to drive around in circles. It's supposed to be almost 60 degrees, I refuse to miss out on that nicer weather.

T- Thinking WAY too much tonight. My brain just needs to stop already

U- Used a foot scrub on my feet tonight that I found on Pinterest. It actually worked pretty well. I was impressed!!

V- Very excited to take Axle to Monster Jam next weekend. I think he's going to love it.

W- Wondering if I want to paint my living room or not. I actually know I want too but don't actually know that I want to do the work. I just want it done.

X- Xylophone is one of Annalee's new favorite toys. She packs it through the house and plays it all the time.

Y- Yay, I'm almost done, I'm getting sleepy

Z- Zero things left to write, Goodnight Friends!!!


  1. Hi Angie! I'm very tired tonight too!
    Its been a loooooong day, and I have PMS too :(

  2. I loved your ABC's! Hope you have a good weekend! Amber is in the same boat - she hasn't seen much of her husband all week. He worked 14+ hours everyday! She is surprising him with a movie date tomorrow and LD and I are going over to watch the babies Sunday afternoon. I admire you young ladies for keeping your marriage and time together a priority. Children grow up an leave. Parents stay.