Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Today, March 12, 2014

Today March 12, 2014

Outside My Window: It's bitter cold and the wind is blowing. It's been snowing and sleeting on and off. I'm not sure if we are supposed to get accumulation tonight or not but what I do know is that I'm beyond ready for Spring to arrive and stay!

I am Thinking: That I might eat the salad that is in the fridge before I go to bed. I definitely don't need it but I really do want it.

I am Thankful: That my daughter has such a great support system at her school. She has been having an issue with bullying and today things got pretty intense. She called me from her cell at lunch crying and I instructed her to go to the principal's office and stay until I got there. When I arrived, they were all with her and after a LONG talk, I left feeling confident that they would do all they could to help her. She ended up coming on home with me today to pull herself together. I'm praying tomorrow will be a better day for her.

In the Kitchen: Absolutely nothing has been going on. Since I had to go to the school for Anika today, it was too late to cook the Hubby lunch before he left for work. Instead, I stopped at our local Tea Room and picked up some grub! He didn't complain, they have excellent food. This evening the kids and I went shopping so while we were out we grabbed pizza to bring home for dinner. 

I am Wearing: A pair of jeans and an old worn out tee I changed into as soon as we got home. This girl LOVES comfortable :) 

I am Creating: Our Tot School Plan for tomorrow. It's supposed to be cold so we will be staying in. A perfect day for some Tot School Projects!

I am Wondering: Why I didn't start laying out our clothes for the next morning the night before a long time ago. It seriously makes our mornings so much easier. I've even started laying out mine which makes me much more likely to get dressed every day instead of hanging in my pajamas all day long. We used to have a heater hanging in our bedroom and the brackets are still there. I use it as my own personal morning clothes rack now!

I am Reading: Your blogs as much as possible. While I don't always have time to read as many as I'd like, I truly do enjoy reading about your lives.

I am Hoping: To get to wear my new clothing items I bought today very soon. Come on warmer temperatures, hurry up!

I am Learning: That life doesn't always follow a plan. I'm sure ALL of you have already figured this out. Why I'm so late learning it is beyond me. I've been doing somewhat of a routine and for the most part it's been going well. Today was NOT one of those days though. From the time I woke (which was late) to the end of the day now, nothing followed our routine/schedule. We made it through though just fine and while I love our routine/schedule, I have to learn to embrace those days that I must just fly by the seat of my pants.

Around the House- Annalee is sleeping and Ax is watching cartoons. Anika is texting as usual and I hear Spongebob on the television. Things around here are winding down. I did a very quick straightening of the house tonight and so for now my work is done. I'm just going to enjoy a little ME time before bed.

I am Pondering: If I want to take Annalee to Axle's Field Trip on Monday. It's going to be an all day trip and while I think she would most likely enjoy it, she would probably also get restless. On top of that, I kind of want the time with just him. School is and should be a big deal to him so I'm thinking I might designate his field trips for time just for him and I.

A Favorite Quote for Today: 

One of my Favorite Things for Today: Buying my Annalee an entire new wardrobe. The child had outgrew EVERYTHING she owned and I was stuffing her in clothing 3 sizes too little. I broke down today and got her a whole new Spring Wardrobe. She got 19 outfits, a cardigan and 2 pairs of shoes!

A Few Plans for the Rest of the Week: Tomorrow we will be staying home and keeping warm. I plan on doing some housekeeping and Tot School Projects! I'll also be packing our things for this coming weekend. Friday we will be picking up our camper that morning and then the kids and I will be attending Monster Jam that night. Saturday we will leave out for Bristol and will spend 2 days in Bristol watching Nascar and camping. Definitely lots of fun stuff coming up!

A Peek into my Day: As you know, I set two goals a day for myself. Today they were too get Annalee a new wardrobe which I did & to give her closet a good cleaning. I got that accomplished too. Here is the closet pic to prove it!

That my friends sums up our Wednesday. Hope all of you are having a great week so far. I'll be back tomorrow with another post if I'm not FROZEN!!!!


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  1. the "perfect" quote for today, pun intended!! sounds like you have a very fun weekend coming up!!