Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Snow Days Continue

Yesterday I had full intentions of posting but we had company stop by and it just didn't happen so today I'll be catching up!

Yesterday the kids had another snow day. The road were still ridiculously bad so I didn't leave the house all day long. The Hubby got up and ran to town for me before he went to work so we didn't have to get out. That is about the only benefit I can see of him being on 2nd shift this week.

While he was gone running errands, I cooked up a big breakfast for my crew. We had Sausage, Scrambled Eggs, Biscuits and Gravy. I don't do breakfast often or at least not big ones so I think they all enjoyed it. After we ate Hubby headed outside with Axle. Hubby is an outdoors person even in the winter time and Axle is just like him. They swept off the porch, shoveled a path to the driveway, our vehicles and even a spot so the mailman could get off the road. I think they were just trying to find something to do.

I will be the first to tell you that my nerves were pretty much on end yesterday. I blame it on my approaching PMS. I swear I'm a poster child for the PMDD that they advertise on television. I really should probably see a doctor about it.

After the boys came in and warmed up, we lounged around a bit before time for Hubby to go to work. Unfortunately, that time was short. It seems like he works more than he is home. I packed his bucket, helped him gather his stuff and then he was off.

I decided that my kids (Annalee at least) needed a nap. She was getting very hateful by that point and I was ready for a break. Luckily she went down pretty easily and slept a good two hours. Ax cooperated too and watched television in his room. I got some chores done while they were sleeping and even slipped in some Internet time.

When they woke, I had a few projects I had planned for them to do. My thought process was that they would do different projects based on their age and capabilities. It was not the best idea I had ever had. While they did do their own thing, they were constantly wanting to get involved with what the other one was doing. I knew I'd have to change the plan up for next time.

I used to do what I called Tot School with Axle and we just quit doing it. He loved it so much and I knew Annalee would too that I wanted to start it back. While I don't want to pressure myself with it, I do want to do it from time to time when our schedule allows. Since I'm a "theme" person, I decided we would do a few things this week involving the color red.

For Annalee, I made her a red discovery bucket. It was pretty much just a red bucket of various things like plush alphabet letters, a ribbon, a car, etc. She emptied that bucket but looked confused the entire time. She really didn't play with anything in it. I'm not convinced discovery buckets are the way to go for her.

I also had a project for her where I had torn up some red paper and put it in a bowl. I told her to "look at the red paper" and then dumped it out. She being her neat freak self immediately picked up all the pieces and put them back in the bowl (that was the objective so she got a good girl!) She actually did this several times and seemed to enjoy it. The child actually likes cleaning things up, wonder how long that will last?

Axle being 3 understands a little better so when I gave him red paint and told him to paint me a picture, he went to town! He said his picture was of a red car without wheels. You see it, don't you?

Axle also glued pre-cut red hearts to a piece of paper. He loves working with glue

We read two books and then headed to the bathtub for a bath. When paint is involved, a bath usually follows. I tinted their bath water with red food coloring and filled their tub with all the red blocks we could find. They had more fun actually finding the blocks and tossing them in the bath water than they did the bath itself but whatever floats their boat!

After baths, I decided to be a really cool momma & set up a tent in our living room. I had big plans of us sleeping in it for the night but Ax bailed out and decided he didn't want to. He said he liked his bed, go figure! Setting up a tent in your living room if it's small like mine is NOT an easy task! It took Anika and I forever to get it set up plus it required me having my couch in the middle of my kitchen for the rest of the evening. The kids were amazed though at first and played in it for a good couple hours then they got bored and there set the tent abandoned the rest of the night.

By the time Supper rolled around, I was feeling pretty rough. I was just frustrated and felt like I was ready for bed. I made a quick meal of Salisbury Steak and Mac n Cheese! Salisbury Steak is one thing Axle will eat. He's gotten to be a very picky eater lately. After dinner I cleaned up the mess while the kids played.

Around 8:00 an old friend called and said he was in the area and wanted to stop by to visit so I told him to come on over. By the time he arrived it was almost 9:00 and Annalee was already fast asleep but he got to see Axle and Anika! He had Court this morning and had come to town for that. He ended up visiting forever it seemed. While I enjoyed the company, I had also already taken my sleeping pill and was fairly concerned I was going to fall asleep on him.

Hubby got home around 2:00 am and I was still awake. The kids were all snug in their beds by this point so we talked a bit and then he took a shower and we hit the sack. That was the latest I had been up in a really long time and trust me, my body sure felt it.

There was no school again today so luckily I got to sleep in. I think it was around 10:30 when I got up. The Hubby was already up with both the babies so we chatted for a bit and then I told him to go lay back down for awhile before work time. I knew he had to be exhausted. When Anika woke, she watched the little two while Hubby napped and I ran errands up town. The roads were much better today and I was glad to get out even if it was just for a few minutes. I even stopped by the Dollar Tree and browsed a bit before coming home.

I was feeling sluggish from being up so late so I grabbed some KFC for us for lunch. I woke Hubby up when I got home, we ate and then he had to get ready and leave for work again!

I spent a few minutes online after he left and then Anika and I tore into the monsterous tent and taking it down. Can someone tell me how you are supposed to fold a tent small enough for it to fit in that tiny little bag they give you? Hubby will have to figure it out I guess. I gave up and just laid it in his garage. I moved all the furniture back and we now have a regular person living room again.

Annalee was getting fussy but I had a project planned involving snow and the snow was melting quick so I decided to let her and Ax go ahead and do it before there was no snow left. I gathered them both a bowl of snow, gave them some paint and paintbrushes and let them go to town painting snow. I must say Axle LOVED it. He painted for nearly an hour. He used primarily black though for some reason!

As you can tell from the photos, Annalee ate more paint and snow than she actually did creating. She also thought the paint brush was a makeup brush. I'm sure that is because she watches Anika put on makeup ALL the time! It didn't matter to me, she had fun and she was learning. That was the objective. She wasn't happy when we made her quit though!

That my friends is what an Annalee fit looks like!!!!

By the time we were done getting her and Ax wiped down with a washcloth, she was exhausted. I put her down for a nap and Ax laid down to watch cartoons for some quiet time. I took full advantage and did my chores for the day. It helped that I was feeling better because a lot actually got done.

Anika decided she wanted to fix supper tonight. She made her favorite, Potato Soup! Midway through her cooking she realized she didn't have any cream of chicken soup so I made a quick run to town for her since the kids were still sleeping. I'm glad I did, her soup turned out fabulous!!!

Annalee ate the soup but of course Ax wouldn't touch it. I knew that meant I'd be fixing him something before bedtime.

After dinner the kids did another project while I finished up a few more chores. I tinted a bowl of cool whip red and gave them some red cars to drive in it. I thought for sure Ax would love it, he loves cars. It held his interest about 10 minutes and then he was done. Annalee on the other hand had a blast eating the cool whip. Good thing I didn't use shaving cream!

Both kids got a bath and got scrubbed good tonight. Between 2 days of messy projects they needed it. They even both got their hair washed which is a real chore. I'm not sure which one screams and cries the loudest during hair washing time.

I fixed Axle some breadsticks after he got out of the tub and then him and Lee played a little while before hitting the bed. They were both soundly sleeping by 9:00.

I laid out everybody's stuff for tomorrow and left the Hubby a detailed note on where everything is and what he needs to take to my Mom's tomorrow when he takes the kids. Anika has an Ortho appointment to get her braces off at 10:30 and it looks like the weather is going to let us make it. Hubby will be watching the little two until time for work and then he will be taking them to my Mom so I can pick them up when I get home. Since he's being so kind and getting up early after working all night, I thought I'd have everything ready for him so his day would be easier tomorrow.

I've been doing this thing "Do something new Everyday"! I'll explain it in a later blog post but anyway, Anika wanted to crimp my hair tonight so I let her! Let me just tell you, it was BAD!!! Even she laughed after it was done. It was a good thing I was planning a shower right after anyway. I got my shower, washed my ridiculous hair and slipped into my pajamas. I watched a show with Anika on television and then came to post this blog.

I've already had my night night medicine so I'm going to scour pinterest for just a bit and then hit the hay! Tomorrow is going to be an early and long day but it should be fun. It's not often I get to spend one on one with my oldest!

Hope everyone is having a fabulous week!
I'll be back tomorrow posting NO BRACES PICS :)



  1. OMG! That photo of Annalee staring at the empty Red Bucket was hilarious! She has this look as if she's thinking - now what?!?!

    I feel your pain about the endless cold, snow and snowdays!!! We are having them too. Today in MA, it's not supposed to get above 20 degrees!!!! That is way too cold for March. I'm ready for the summer.

  2. Your Annalee has sure grown!!! I love having you back in the Land of Blog!!