Thursday, March 13, 2014

Ten Things Thursday

Hey Gang...I just thought I'd drop in and give you a little Ten Things Thursday post. It's pretty much just a fancy way of saying I'm going to tell you about Ten Things going on around here & on my mind today!

1. Today was a Snow Day

I got woke up by the telephone this morning at 5:30 am. It was the automated message from my kids school. It said that Headstart (my son's school) was cancelled for the day but all other schools (my daughter's) was on a 2 hour delay. That meant I had to get up and reset my clock. Around 6:30 the phone rang again and again, it was the school. They had decided to cancel regular school for my daughter too. Needless to say the next time I woke was at 10:30! There was no snow when I got up, not a drop. I could not figure out why they called off school. Later my dad said that around 6:30 we had a squall line come through that dumped a quick inch on the ground. It obviously melted quickly. I usually hope for snow days but seeing as how my kids are going to be going to school ALL summer long and they have already lost their Spring Break, we really don't need anymore snow days. Today was pajama day for Axle too which was a bummer!

2. Schedule, What Schedule?

You all that know me know that I have been aiming to implement some sort of schedule around here. While I use the word schedule loosely, it really has helped me in being more productive. I think what I do is more planning our day's. For the past two days, things have just not jived the way I have had them planned. Today it was due to the kids having a snow day and yesterday at was due to an issue Anika had at school. While I haven't really been able to follow through with our plans, I have been able to follow through with most of our routines! I still got up this morning and got dressed, we still had lunch at the same time, we still did Tot School today, we still had dinner around the same time, we still got our baths tonight and then we headed for bed! My little two are already down for the night. It's progress for me and I have to admit, it's getting easier to follow the routine. I just can't wait till next week and things go back to normal and I can start planning my days again. It's when I do that, I can see real results of how my time was spent. Either way, we have been fairly successful with winging it and that is something we weren't able to do before. I count that as a win!

3. Meeting my Goals

I told you before, I set only 2 goals a day for myself. If those get accomplished, I feel like I've done well. Anything beyond those 2 goals is just a bonus. Today's goals were to Get everything in order for our Bristol Weekend away and to Sweep and Mop my floors. I'm happy to report, both got done. I'm not completely packed for Bristol but I've got a very good start on it. I've already found our campground we will be staying at and I'll be reserving our site in the morning. I've still got to wash our coolers out but I did go shopping and bought some grub to take with us. I've also got the kids stuff packed and ready to go for their weekend with my mom. I'd call that successful! I also swept and mopped all my floors today so that chore is done! I even worked in some bonus work today!

I put away this mountain of clean laundry that was sitting on my table

I cleaned out and organized my son's closet!

4. Youth Group

My Anika is a great kid. You will always find me bragging on her on this blog of mine. She's truly just a very special girl. For the past couple of years life has really threw her some curve balls. She struggled with tragedy after tragedy, got into a bad relationship, fell into a depression and pretty much changed into someone I didn't even know. The beautiful, happy, compassionate child who was so outgoing and loved people and life more than anything just disappeared before my eyes. As a mother it was gut wrenching to watch her. I got her into counseling and for awhile she took medication. I'm happy to report that she is doing so much better. She's found strength from within and she's ready to take on the world. She has made new friends (good ones at that), she has gotten out of the bad relationship and her whole personality has changed. She's happy, she smiles, she loves life and it's so refreshing for me to watch her. I know that she is unstoppable and I think now she knows that too. When she told me tonight she was going to Youth Group at a local church, I couldn't have been prouder. While I didn't raise my kids in Church (all on my shoulders), I did teach them about God and the love he has for us. For a long time she rejected Church and would get defensive at the mention of going BUT this Youth Group she decided she wanted to go to all herself. When she returned tonight she seemed to have had a very good time. I was happy to see her smiling and she said she was going back next week. God is Good! You know I had to snap a picture before she left. How could I let her leave all dolled up and not take a picture?

5. Tot School

The kids and I hadn't gotten to do Tot School for a few days so when I asked if they wanted to do it today, Ax was jumping up and down for joy. The boy loves his Tot School Time. Our focus has been Green this week and so today I carried on with the Green theme. First I got out our stamps and a green stamp pad I bought from the Dollar Tree. The Green color was too light so I broke out our large rainbow stamp pad. We talked about all the Green Stamps and made all sorts of designs. Ax played with them for a very long time. I think it's because it had been awhile since we last used them. Annalee didn't really get it so she pretty much spent her time just lining up her stamps and trying to eat them. Typical for my Annalee!

Our second project was a bit divided. Ax has a Preschool Workbook about colors so my plan was to do two pages with him while Annalee colored her Mickey Mouse Coloring Sheet. Annalee did not cooperate though and threw a terrible fit when I would not let her have the whole tray of crayons. Needless to say, she didn't get to participate and ended up spending her time crying while I let Ax work in his Workbook. Ax did pretty well with the two pages. The first page he had to color the palm tree green which he did. He does fairly well staying within the lines considering he's just three. He also had to trace the word green and while he didn't do as well with it, he tried and that is all that matters. The second page he had to circle the house with the green door. We went through each color and when he found the green one, he put a big circle around it! I wish I'd been able to have took pics BUT with Annalee throwing her fit it just didn't happen.

Our last project of the day was to find the green frogs in the green grass. I just used a basket, filled it with Easter grass and hid some little fake frogs in it. Ax of course loved it and would find the frogs and hide them over and over again. Annalee just liked the grass. She played with it forever!

After our Tot School Projects we hit the tub for our Green Bath! For anyone wondering, I just pour a little food coloring (green in this case) in their tub. It doesn't stain the tub or the kids!!!

6. Whirlwind Weekend

I am almost betting that this weekend is going to be a whirlwind. We have SO MUCH fun stuff planned and I'm so excited but it makes me tired just thinking about it.

Tomorrow night the kids and I will be going to the Expo Center to watch the Monster Trucks. I'm thinking Axle will love it but I could be wrong. It's going to be loud and I'm not sure how he is going to do with the noise. I'm praying he enjoys it since the whole trip is for him! Annalee will be staying with my mom, we know the noise will be too much for her.

Saturday morning we will be getting up and taking Axle to my Mom. Him and Annalee will be spending the weekend there. Hubby, Anika, Her Friend and I will be heading to Bristol. We will watch the race on Saturday and camp at the campground Saturday night. We will then chill out at Bristol on Sunday until time for the big race. Hubby and I were given tickets. We will be watching the race from the Suites with all food and alcohol paid for! The kids will be sitting in the stands. Hey, there are a few perks of being an adult. I see lots of good food, alcohol and fast cars in our future this weekend. We love Bristol!

If this is my last post till Monday folks, you will know why. I'm going to be one busy lady :)

7. Latest Pinterest Loves

Since I'm no longer doing the whole Facebook thing, I am finding a lot more time to surf Pinterest before bed. Am I the only one that loves that site? Here are my latest Pinterest finds that I'm loving!

These Rainbow Brownies
These would be perfect for Tot School next week
We will be learning about Rainbows

This seriously cracked me up!

I'm loving this for the Husband!

This outfit! I NEED it!!!

8. Looking Ahead

I was looking at my calendar for next week and boy does the first of the week look busy. I'm sure by next week the end of the week will too. One of the things I love about Winter is the slower pace of things but this year Winter has been too long even for me. I'm really looking forward to the busy days Spring and Summer is going to bring. I'm sure by the end of Summer though I'll be looking forward to the slower pace of Winter. I guess that is why God gives us all four seasons!

9. Recent Purchases

Today I had to run to the Dollar Store and find Anika a black shirt to go with an outfit she is wanting to wear this weekend. While I was in there I had to browse of course. The Dollar Store has some cute stuff sometimes and today I scored this Maxi Dress for $12.00. I was very happy about it. I tried it on when I got home and it looks super cute too :)

Do you see the little boy hiding behind the dress?

I also had to run into the Dollar Tree to grab some Tot School supplies. I was super stoked to find these prints to hang in the toy/learning room. These will be perfect and I might even start going over them on a daily basis with the kids. 

10. Finishing Up

It's 10 after 10 now so that is my cue to finish things up for the night and get in bed. While it's tempting to blog read and scour Pinterest for the next few hours, I know that I can't. I've been doing very good about keeping my bedtime and it's really made a HUGE difference in the way that I have felt throughout the day. I've still got to get a quick shower and do a little planning before the clock strikes 11:00 so I'm out of here for now friends.

Hope everyone has a great upcoming Weekend!!!


  1. You GO, Girl!! I like the idea of TWO goals for the day! I need to do that! Enjoy every moment of your weekend!

  2. Glad that Anika is doing better. It's hard being a teenager. I used to go to a youth group too and had a lot of fun.