Saturday, March 8, 2014

Sunshine and Shopping

I should have been in bed hours ago but instead I've been looking at more Vacation Ideas! Seriously, July cannot get here soon enough. Anyway, on with today's post, it was a great day and I definitely want to blog it.

Poor Hubby didn't get to enjoy the day with us. He had to leave here at 5:00 this morning and head 2 hours away to a 9 hour retraining course. He always loves going to school, NOT! Although he had a very boring day, he did get a bit of a surprise. He is salary and today at the meeting the salary guys got a bonus! I'm not going to list dollar amounts but let's just say it was a substantial bonus. While we are very thankful, we were very shocked. This is the first time in 15 year he has ever received this bonus!

Okay, back to our day (I got sidetracked) after the Hubby left for work, I went back to bed. I told myself last night that I was going to stay up and do chores. It just wasn't happening for me this morning. Instead, I crawled back in my nice warm bed, covered up and went fast to sleep. I didn't wake up till 10:30 when Lee started whining and Ax crawled on top of me and said it was morning.

Upon waking I found the sun shining brightly. When I opened the front door, I felt warmth. It was that very point that I told Anika to get dressed. There was no way I was missing out on the sunshine and warmth today. Anika and I got ready and then we got the little's ready. Anika did Annalee's hair, she usually does and I couldn't help snapping a picture. It's so sweet to see my big girl taking care of my little one.

 We all sported short sleeves today! I was so excited about being able to be outside that I made the kids pose for a pic before I let them get in the car. They thought I was nuts. I mean it was only 55 degrees but to me that was just perfect. Can you tell I"m tired of winter?

Axle of course wanted to climb to the top of the bank and take a picture. He's such a goof!!!

Yes that is a bottle in his hand, DON'T JUDGE!!!!!

After our photo shoot, we got loaded up in the car and headed out. I had to stop and pay a bill and then I took Axle to my Mom's. She had called this morning wanting him to come hang out with her. She wanted to take him for a walk and to feed the ducks. We dropped him off and he gave us kisses bye. He loves staying at my Mom's so he didn't mind us leaving one bit. Us girls then hit the road.

We stopped for gas and snacks and then made a V-Line to Factory Connection. Anika and I both love to shop there. I absolutely adore the fact that they have a Misses section too. We both found some really cute things and went through a hundred dollar bill like it was nothing. I ended up getting 2 pairs of pants that Anika swears looks like clown pants. I beg to differ, I think they are cute and I know they are super comfortable!

I also scored a cute dressy black tank, a thin white cardigan, a black sweatshirt and these shoes! I love these shoes!!!

Anika got an adorable dress, a very pretty peach and tan cardigan and a blue crochet top. She also got a pair of shoes. I'm still wondering HOW she will ever walk in them.

Annalee was such a trooper. Factory Connection doesn't have buggies so I worried about how she would do but she walked the entire time and was such a good girl. I thought I'd reward her by letting her ride the quarter machines outside the store. I'm not sure it was a reward now though. I have no clue if she liked them or not, she was expressionless the entire time!!!

Since we had time to kill I talked Anika into (more like begged) going into Goodwill with me. The child claims to hate Goodwill. I think it's because I look forever. I really didn't find too much in there today. I snagged a nightgown, pair of shorts and two tops. Anika found a top, a dress, a scarf & yet another pair of wedges!

She also found this ridiculous looking lamp. I swear the stuff that appeals to her amazes me. To me this lamp is the oddest looking thing ever but she loved the stupid thing and it was $3.00 so I bought it. It now sits in her room. Talk about tacky LOL

After all our shopping we were starving. I said I'd eat anything but Mexican (we eat it all the time) and she said she would eat anything but Chinese (we had it last time). We settled on Ponderosa. We both got the Buffet Bar and all three of us ate until we were about to explode. Little Lee really enjoyed their
Mac n Cheese!

After dinner we headed to my Mom's to pick up our boy! He was outside playing with his Papa when I got there. It was obvious he was having a great time. He had some toy that flew high up in the sky that Mom bought him. He told me all about walking across the swinging bridge and feeding the ducks. I was glad I decided to leave him. I know he had a much better time than he would have if he would have went shopping with us girls.

On our way home Hubby called and said he was out of class and on his way. The kids and I made one last stop to get milk and then we came home. Anika and I straightened the house and I did a load of laundry & then we waited on Hubby. It was almost 6:30 when he got here. We all sat around and chatted awhile and then Hubs went out to his garage for a bit. We ordered Sandwiches from the Pizza Place for dinner tonight and just all took it easy. By 9:30 Hubby was sound asleep, I know he was exhausted.

Everyone is asleep now except me so I got to get my butt off this computer and get in bed. Hubby is wanting to go look at something (some sort of homemade vehicle, don't ask) tomorrow and I know he will have us up bright and early to do it. It's supposed to be in the 50's again tomorrow and sunshine so that makes this gal very happy!

Hope y'all are enjoying your weekend!
Talk to ya soon :)



  1. I'm so jealous of their short sleeves!

  2. Yay for sunshine!! I agree, I'm so over winter and we didn't even have very bad weather out here this year. I am just ready for longer days, sunnier skies, and something to wear other than boots, scarves, and wool coats all the time. I loved it at first, but now all I want is tanks and flip flops!