Monday, March 3, 2014

Snowed In AGAIN!!!!

Finally, the night is winding down. My youngest is in her bed having her last bit of milk for the night while my son is in his homemade tent drinking his milk and watching Spongebob. My oldest of course is on the phone. Where else would you expect her to be?

Here in Kentucky we have been iced and snowed in. The ice arrived last night around 11:00 and lasted for hours before transitioning to all snow. I really thought we would lose our power at some point but thankfully we didn't. Anika had an orthodontist appointment today to have her braces took off but we didn't make it. The office called her around 8:00 this morning and said they weren't even opening today. The ice pretty much shut everything down. Poor Anika, this is the 2nd time we have had to reschedule due to weather. I know she's so anxious to get them off. Hopefully the 3rd time is a charm!

I had this big schedule in place for today that we were going to jump right into but it just didn't happen. With school being cancelled we all slept later. I actually still got up around 8:00 but I was worried about my Daddy traveling to work. I called him and he was still home. He said he decided to not even try it this morning. While I probably should have tried to pick up on our schedule when we woke, I didn't. I figure when the kids finally get back in school I'll try to implement it but with them being out it's a bit too hard.

Our morning went pretty smoothly. The Hubby and I took a trip to town to grab some things we needed. Anika stayed here with the little one's while we were gone. I really didn't want to get them out on the road. It was a good thing too as the roads hadn't even been touched! I snapped a few pics on our way. As much as I'm ready for Spring, I must admit everything did look beautiful all covered in a blanket of snow!

The Hubby had to work tonight on 2nd shift which meant we had to have our dinner early. We usually eat around noon on his 2nd shift weeks. I put some pinto beans in the crockpot last night so when we got back from town today, I made some Mexican Cornbread, Kraut & Mustard Greens to go with them. While I was busy in the kitchen cooking, the boys played in the snow. They first took out our 4-wheeling vehicle for a spin and then they did some snow shoveling and sledding! Ax had a blast!!!

My girls weren't all that interested in playing in the snow. Anika decided she would rather just dress up like a snow bunny & look cute while Annalee was perfectly happy just running around the nice warm house with Momma!

After about an hour of playing, Axle decided he had enough too. He was more than ready to come in and warm his hands up!

We had a nice dinner and all got our bellies full. Hubby got ready for work while I packed his bucket and fixed my Granny a plate of food. Usually Mom and Dad takes her dinner every evening but I knew they couldn't get out today so I had Hubby drop her some off. Hubby called when he made it to work. He said it was pretty slick out. He's dedicated though, he never misses work due to weather!

The kids and I made some Snow Cream today. It was the first time I'd ever attempted it and it turned out quite well. Axle helped me with the mixing which he thought was fun. All three of my kids tried it and their opinions were all different. Axle didn't like it at all, I think he took one bit. Anika said it was okay but she didn't love it while Annalee thought it was the best thing EVER!!!!

Around 2:00 today I was so sleepy I could not hold my eyes open. Anika had went to the neighbors house to play video games for awhile and my two kiddos were napping. I couldn't resist so I ended up napping myself! I slept for about two hours. Before I went to sleep though, I had to snap this shot of Annalee. I swear she's so funny!

While I wish I could tell you that my nap made me feel better, it did quite the opposite. For some reason I woke up an absolute nervous wreck. This evening has been a tough one. My kids have ran wild and both have been very hateful. Anika and I did get the toy room lined out this evening and the house straightened up but that was about it. I finally had to retreat to the bathroom for a long hot bath just to calm my nerves and make it through the rest of the evening. I got to be honest, I'm very glad it's bedtime.

While I've had a million thoughts about what I need to do to make my life simpler and help battle my depression, I'm just not up to writing about them tonight. Maybe I'll get to it in another post. What I really want to do is sit down with my notebook tonight and start planning, scheduling, etc but frankly that isn't a good idea as I'm just too frustrated and it will only frustrate me more. Instead, I took my sleeping pill about a 1/2 hour ago and I'm going to blog read and play on Pinterest awhile until it kicks in. I'm going to need the extra energy I figure, tomorrow is another snow day for my kids!

Happy Monday Y'all
Hope  it's been a good one!!!



  1. hi angie, the kids look great!! we had snow as well, i have been saying that for months ;)

    i could just copy and paste.......not much has changed!!

  2. I'm pretty sure snow should be illegal in March. ;-)

  3. It really has been a snowy winter. I do love the snow, but I am so ready for spring!

  4. Angie! I just read your previous post, so glad you are getting back to blogging. I wondered what had happened to you, so to see all the heartache you had been going through, I'm just a blog friend.... All the way in Arkansas, but I'm here if ya need a friend! Also, the babies look precious!