Saturday, March 22, 2014

Saturday Happenings

I'm getting ready to put myself in the bed but wanted to take a few minutes to write about our day today. Hubby ended up staying out in the garage till late last night. I waited up on him as long as I could but around 2:00 am I gave up and went on to bed. Apparently he was working on the jeep. I just couldn't hold my eyes open a minute longer.

We ended up waking around 10 this morning. Little Lee and Ax woke us up. Lee was bouncing sky high in her bed and Ax was telling us it was time to get up! We knew we wanted to take the kids riding for a few hours today so we all got up and stirred around awhile. It was obvious Little Lee was too sick to go with us. She was coughing her little head off. I sure didn't want her in the wind today. I called mommy and she said she'd keep her so Anika and I got ready & ran her up there. Lee was MORE than happy to spend the day with her Nan!

Anika was determined to get Biscuits & Gravy this morning so I took her to our DQ. They serve breakfast till 2:00. I am not a big Biscuits and Gravy fan but Anika had me wanting some too so I ordered her and I both an order & got Ax a kids meal and the Hubby a cheeseburger. We headed on home.

The boys already had the Jeep loaded up so we ate a bite and took out to spend the day in the sunshine and 60 degree temps! Tomorrow it's supposed to be back in the 40's so we knew we didn't want to waste this pretty day. The wind was a bit cool but Hubs fixed that problem with some plastic he had.

We hit the hill behind our house and began our journey. Of course we weren't a mile up the road before the Hubby found a tree that needed to be removed. The man works on the road more than he rides!

Any stop is a good excuse for me to take a picture so I snapped this one of my cuties in the backseat!

We hadn't been out no time at all when we ran into our friend's son Matt & his buddy Blake. They decided to follow us on around the ridge. We stopped at what used to be an old cabin and chatted with the for awhile.

I remember when this cabin used to be usable

The boys checking out the Jeep

Ax not wanting to take a picture

My silly girl

Wonder where she gets it from? 

She's such a tom boy!

We all decided to ride on out to another cabin and so we did. Ax was just amazed that there was a house on the hill. He kept asking who lived there. Then he asked where the milk, washer and dryer, bathroom and television was! It's a really nice cabin to be in the head of no where but it's definitely not livable to Axle standards :) 

This is a great place to relax around the fire on the weekends

Very nice cabin!

Incredible views

God's beautiful Earth

There is a bench that overlooks this. It's such a peaceful place
to sit

Off to our left the hills were on fire

Old Stove inside the cabin

My pretty gal 

Ax checking it all out

I think he looked at everything inside and out

Relaxing on the front porch

We journey on around the hill after about an hour. We rode up what is called "God's Promise Trail". It's actually a trail accessible by the main road. Many people, my mom included, walks it on a regular basis. All throughout the trail there is bible verses, benches, etc. It's a beautiful place. I walked it once and it was by the grace of God that I didn't have a heart attack. The hills on the trail are quite steep. I prefer to travel it by jeep!

At the very end of the trail, this is the scenery!!!

Way out in the distance sits this cross. It's only visible from this spot. I don't have a clue exactly where it's even located.

We all sat around and chatted. I took in all the beauty around me. It was such an amazing day out. I truly just felt BLESSED!!!!

You know I had to capture a few pics while we were out there

Do you see the hole in the rock Anika and I are setting on? It's a mailbox and on the inside there is a notebook. Inside the notebook is Index Cards and a pen. You can write your prayer requests on the Index Cards and place them back in the notebook. Every so often someone picks them up and prays for your requests. It's an awesome thing!

As bad as we hated for the day to end, we knew we had to head home. Axle was NOT happy about it, he wanted to keep riding. We parted ways with the boys and came back to our house.

I fried some bologna sandwiches to hold us over till we picked up some dinner. Ax fell asleep before I ever got them done. He was worn out. We ate and then I cleaned up the kitchen while Anika washed her hair and Hubby played on Craigslist.

I showered and got myself cleaned up and Hubby got himself showered and cleaned up. Ax ended up getting about a 1 hour nap all in all. I figured when we woke him he would be a bear cat but he actually wasn't too bad. He let me dress him with little argument. I called my Mom to tell her we were on our way to pick up Lee but she said Lee was napping. She was running a low grade fever so Mom gave her some Motrin and put her down to nap. She said when she woke she would clean her up and bring her up to the funeral home to us.

Hubby, Axle, Anika and I loaded up and headed to Giovanni's. I had ordered 4 pizzas to take to the funeral home plus one for us. We picked them up, ate ours in the car (big mistake, Ax had it all over his clothes) and we went on to the funeral home. We ended up staying till around 9:30 tonight. Hubby's Uncle and some other relatives sang and it was truly some beautiful music. We socialized with everyone and I heard lots of stories about the family that I didn't know. It's sad that the family isn't closer but Hubby's grandparent's had 22 kids total. That is a lot of kids, grandkids and great grandkids and they are all scattered everywhere.

Both little kids did well. Ax was a little wild but nothing that wasn't acceptable. I think he was just overwhelmed with all the people. I was pretty proud of all my babies tonight though. Everyone commented on what a beautiful young lady Anika is and I have to agree!

By the time we got home it was almost bedtime. I changed Lee's diaper and put her to bed. She was out like a light. I"m hoping she feels better tomorrow. If she isn't drastically better by Monday it's back to the doctor for us. Ax is on the mend I think but he still doesn't have much energy. He laid around with his dad for awhile tonight and kept asking was it bedtime. Hubby finally just went to bed with him. They are lying side by side on my bed as I type this and they are both snoring like pigs! Anika is still up, she's texting her little heart out. That child would be lost to death without her phone.

We have to be up by 8 in the morning so we can get ready and get out of here. The funeral service is at 11 tomorrow and then they are having a dinner following the service. Both of the little one's will be staying with my Mommy tomorrow while we attend the funeral. After we get home tomorrow I hope to get caught up on some housework and get things all ready for a new week ahead. I've fallen behind this weekend.

Hope you all are enjoying your weekend
Till Tomorrow


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