Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Random Thoughts this Wednesday

I plan so much in a day's time and usually only accomplish half of it if I'm lucky. The days are too quick, seems they pass in the blink of an eye. I was thinking today that a whole new month is almost upon us. How is that possible, where did March go?

It's been another sick day for me so I don't really have a post prepared for today. I decided a few moments ago that I'd just share some random thoughts with you. It's better to blog my random thoughts than not at all I guess.

Random Thoughts for the Day

* I've been miserably sick. I hate to start this post out by whining but frankly I've done a lot of whining today. I woke up feeling like I'd been in a fight with a bear and lost. My face felt like it was going to explode from the sinus pressure and my teeth were aching. I took some Motrin and my Antibiotic & luckily it eased off enough that it was bearable the rest of the day. I'm hoping to not jinx myself but I'm actually feeling some better tonight. Hopefully I'm on the mend and tomorrow will be a better day.

* Ax and Lee Lee both were home all day today. We got a skip of snow and that little skip actually stuck to our roads causing Axle's school to be cancelled. Anika's school was on a 2 hour delay so she didn't have to go in until 10:00 this morning. It gave her plenty of time to doll up and look super cute.

*  I can't believe I'm STILL blogging about snow. It feels like I've been mentioning it in every post for the past year. This has to be the longest winter in History or at least it sure feels like it.

* Lee Lee has been throwing herself some massive tantrums lately. The child is going to be a force to be reckoned with when she gets older. I've been trying to just redirect her but sometimes it's difficult. Today she got very upset because Hubby took away a chocolate cake from her. I have no idea where she found it but let's just say it was probably something Ax shoved under his bed a week ago. We tried to give her everything from cheese to crackers to juice but she wouldn't have it. She was right down mad. About that time Lunch was done so I sat her at the table and gave her a plate. Homegirl wasn't happy about it so she slung the plate off the table busting it all over the floor. Needless to say she spent the next 15 minutes in her crib thrashing and banging but eventually calmed herself down. What am I going to do with her?

* We had Hamburger Helper for lunch today. It's been forever since I've made it. I used to make it all the time and today I remembered why, quick and easy!

* I worked on planning out a possible route for vacation. The way we do our vacation's is complicated and I'll go more into that later on but pretty much I'm going to come up with about 5 possible routes and then we will decide from there. Here is our first possible. It takes a long time to research and come up with these possible routes but it's a lot of fun. I just need to come up with about 4 more now.

Day 1: Home to Sandusky, Ohio
Day 2: Cedar Point, Sandusky, Ohio
Day 3: Kelly's Island (taking ferry from Sandusky, Ohio)
Day 4:  Drive to Niagara Falls- Stopping at a Drive Thru Safari & The Christmas Story House on the way
Day 5: Tour Niagara Falls
Day 6: Drive to Jersey City, NJ (landing spot for our time in NYC)
Day 7: Tour NYC
Day 8: Tour NYC
Day 9: Tour NYC
Day 10: Drive to Ocean City MD
Day 11: Ocean City MD
Day 12: Ocean City MD
Day 13: Drive to Washington DC
Day 14: Tour DC
Day 15: Drive Home

* I actually remembered to put the First Steps Paperwork in the mail today. I swear my memory is so bad anymore. Now I just need to remember to take Little Lee for a physical and to an ENT for a Hearing Test.

* Naptime could not come soon enough today. Can I just tell you it was a total FAIL. Lee did sleep for about 15 minutes and then Ax woke her up. Ax didn't sleep at all, he was off schedule due to there being no school.

* It's supposed to warm up tomorrow, thank god! If it does I think I'll take the kids for a walk. We need some sunshine! Friday and Saturday looks to be wet days around here with rain and possible severe thunderstorms! I hate thunderstorms, especially severe ones! Sunday is going to be in the 50's with sunshine and then it's going to be warm the first part of next week. Horray for warmth!!

* I called my friend Christie today because I haven't heard from her in a week. While we are best friends, we don't typically talk everyday but do talk at least a couple times a week. With sick kids and then a sick self, I hadn't called her so thought I should check in on her. Turns out she hasn't called me for the same reason, she's been sick too. It's the season for sickness I suppose.

* My Axle is a climber, always has been. It's nothing to walk through the house and see him perched on the kitchen table digging through a basket on the bar. Annalee is following in his footsteps as evidenced by this photo. One habit I wish she hand't picked up from her brother. By the way, dismiss my dirty tub. I was supposed to of cleaned it today and didn't. Coal dust does a number on bathtubs.

* While my kids have bad habits, they sure are some great kids. Ax and Lee loves to help me around the house. Ax's favorite chore is laundry. He loves to put the clothes in the washer and dryer, pour the detergent in and push the buttons to start the machines. Annalee is a big fan of the dishwasher. She reaches me each clean dish and I put it away. She also drops the dishwashing tablet in the basket, closes the door for me and pushes the button to start it. Anika is old enough to know that chores are no fun!!!!

* Speaking of Anika, she went to the movies tonight with her Church Youth Group. They picked her up at 4:45 and she didn't get home till after 9:00. She said the movie was great, it made her cry. I'm glad she's enjoying Youth Group. They watched God is not Dead! She highly recommends it.

* Axle is becoming very independent these days. He has recently learned how to put on his own shoes and now he is mastering putting on his own pants. He's one of those kids that it doesn't do any good to try and teach him anything until he makes up his mind that he wants to learn it. Everything is on his terms!

* I bet have the cleanest bedding in 25 states. I have washed our sheets and blankets a gazillion times in the last week due to the kids vomiting. Today I had to wash them once again because Ax slept with me last night and had a pee pee accident. Nothing like waking up at 2:00 am and your shirt soaked with pee. Thanks Buddy!!!

* My nose is sore- like super sore. I have wiped it so much that it hurts to touch it :(

* I worked on my closet this afternoon. Can I just tell you I suck at purging when it comes to clothes. I love clothes and hate to get rid of anything. I think I finally convinced myself to let go of 1 whole trash bag of stuff. I did do some organizing though and made some room. As it stands, everything is hung up and where it needs to be. The Hubby's stuff is all piled on the chair in my room. I'm going to make him weed through it tomorrow before work to see what he wants to get rid of. He's going to enjoy it so much, not!!! I hope to work on the bottom part of my closet tomorrow and finally do something to organize my millions of pairs of shoes.

* I have a fascination with these new Little Debbie Cakes. I'm NOT a snack cake fan but I LOVE these. Have you tried them? 

* The kids and I ended up taking a late nap today. We fell asleep around 6:30 and didn't get up until after 8:00. I figured Lee wouldn't want to go back to bed but she's already asleep luckily. Ax on the other hand is watching cartoons. I'm hoping he gets tired soon, he has school tomorrow. I seriously just felt so bad that I had to rest. I went ahead and took my sleeping pill at 9:30 tonight so hopefully I'll be able to go back to bed before too long too.

* We haven't done any Tot School this week. Between the kids and I both being sick, we just haven't gotten to work it in. I feel bad about it but sometimes things just happen. Hopefully tomorrow and Friday we can do some fun activities. With the weather being nice we might try to do some outdoor stuff!

* I made the kids a Homemade Pizza tonight. Ax and Lee both pretty much ate none. Anika ate 2 pieces and I ate a piece. I guess it tasted alright, I couldn't taste it. Nothing has taste where I'm sick. It sure did look good though.

* While I didn't complete both my goals today, I did complete one of them. I got the upper portion of my closet cleaned and it was a job! I still haven't gotten to work on my Home Management Binder anymore, maybe soon. I've got some chores to catch up on tomorrow if I'm feeling better. I'm hoping I am, I don't want to have to catch up this weekend.

* I thought the anti drug walk was Saturday. That is what my Mom told me anyway. Come to find out it's Sunday. My Mom really needs a calendar to write stuff down in.

* Well that is it for my randomness. My boy is in my bed and looks like he's needing a sleeping buddy. Anika is drying her hair and getting ready for bed too. I should probably head that way myself so I can get up early tomorrow morning. Between my stopped up nose and this heartburn (why I have heartburn I'll never know), I hope to sleep at least a little. Hope you all are having a good week.
Talk to You Tomorrow


  1. I love that you are coming to the east coast for your vacation. Since I am right between NYC and Ocean City we have to meet! I am so excited to finally meet you in person. We have to talk about that as the time gets closer.

    So sorry to hear you are sick. I've been sick too and so has Joe. It's just one of those things going around. Maybe if it ever gets warmer we will feel better. Don't worry about anything you don't get to. I don't. Being sick is being sick.

    Have a better day today.

  2. Oh I want to see God is Not Dead, I have heard it is good. Sorry about being sick, that is the worst and hard for everyone when mama is sick. So crazy you are still getting snow. I went to Cedar Point once, so much fun! Definitely want to go again someday