Saturday, March 29, 2014

Rainy Saturday

It's been a cold, dreary, rainy Saturday. You know the kind perfect for pretty much doing nothing. Yep, it's been one of those days.

I managed to sleep in this morning till about 10:00. That was pushing it since I totally ignored Axle's requests for me to get up for nearly a 1/2 hour. He finally succeeded in driving me crazy and I gave in. Upon my feet hitting the floor I was not a happy camper. Someone (not naming names Axle) poured an entire can of pop all over my bedroom. Do I have to remind you that I just mopped yesterday?

Hubby thought he was going to sleep in this morning too. The kids thought differently so he was up just shortly after I was. Our morning was spent sitting around on the couch just talking. Hubby and I both felt terrible. I took Motrin and an Antibiotic & he took an Alka Seltzer. I didn't even know they made Alka Seltzer still.

I talked on the phone with my Mommy and got the arrangements on my Aunt Debbie. They are having her out tomorrow night and her funeral will be Monday. Mom and I worked out the details on the flowers we were going to send as well as the food we were going to make. It's still so heartbreaking to me that Debbie is gone. I just adored her.

The kids were wild this morning, especially my Axle. My kids pretend their chairs are cars and drive them all over my living room. Some days (like today) it drives me insane. Ax wouldn't hush until I took a picture of him driving though so here it is.

Anika asked if her friend Torie could spend the night tonight and I told her yes. Apparently that was motivation enough for her to hit the shower and get dressed. Before I knew it, that was where she was. So much for my plans on showering early this morning. We seriously need another shower in this house. Since I couldn't shower I decided to go ahead and knock my morning chores out. Hubby took the kids out to the garage with him for a bit which was nice. Chores are always easier without kids!! The kids really wanted to play in the rain but we wouldn't let them. They have both been too sick. They stood at the garage door and watched it forever though. You could tell how bad they wanted to be out in the middle of it. Sorry guys!!!

I took a look at our new Side by Side while I was out there. I must tell you, my Hubby sure does get some dandy items. He assures me that it will only cost a little over 500.00 to get this thing running. I'm going to take his word for it.

My morning chores actually went pretty smoothly except for trying to get the sopping wet towels and blankets out of the washer. I might have soaked the floor from the laundry room to the front porch. I did all that work so that they could bring me a new washer today and they didn't even show up. Apparently they don't work in the rain. Go figure!!!

I figured since we were all home together today (and won't be tomorrow), I'd go ahead and fix a big dinner today. I put on a pot of Chicken n Dumplings, some Mac n Cheese and some Cornbread in the oven. Before it ever got done, Torie called wanting to know if I could come pick her up. I ended up throwing on some clothes and going to get her. Anika stayed here and finished up dinner. She did quite a fine job I might add!

When we got back I plated everyone some food and we ate. I love dumplings and ate entirely too many of them. Isn't no wonder I will never lose weight. I just love to eat.

After dinner the kids played some Playstation while I hem hawed around the house.

Hubby decided he needed to run down the road and get a battery charger from a guy he loaned it too so I took him. We took Axle with us and Lee stayed here with the girls. The guy ended up not being home but later dropped it off to him. Apparently his wife told him we had been there. On our way home we stopped by a place called the Little Country Market. It's about 5 minutes below our house and they sale everything from prepared food to canned goods to home decor. I picked up some fresh garden tomatoes and a jar of homemade jelly. I love going in there and seeing all their items. Hubby got some pickled bologna (disgusting) and Ax got an icecream!

I might be way too excited to eat this on toast in the morning!

Once home, Hubby went out to his garage. A buddy of his stopped by and they hung out for awhile. I straightened up my living room once again and did another load of dishes. There is always something needing done around here. I decided to go ahead and find something for myself to wear tomorrow so for the next 1/2 hour I had a mini fashion show in my room. Finally, I decided on an outfit. I went to look for Hubby to get his opinion and he was in the camper. Apparently his buddy left and he had decided to do some cleaning. He informed me that he needed cleaning supplies so I came in and changed and made yet ANOTHER trip to town to the Dollar Store.

This trip I made without kids, I left them both here. I got what he needed and browsed for a few minutes. You know me, I love the Dollar Store. I found some cute hairbows for Lee and 2 necklace sets for myself!

As soon as I walked through the door, I changed into my pajamas. I had decided my day (at least running) was done!!!! Derek our neighbor was here when I got here and him and Hubby have been outside working on his vehicle ever since. The cleaning supplies are still sitting on the table not being used. Isn't that about right?

The girls have texted, talked on Facetime, picked out clothes and baked cookies. I must say the cookies turned out excellent. Here's my plate they brought me. Aren't they sweet? 

The girls went down to the neighbor boys this evening and hung out for awhile. He ended up coming back home with them. Him and Ax are playing the Playstation and the girls are eating AGAIN!!!! I managed to get a nice hot bath while they were gone and bath my little man. I also got a hold of Suddenlink and talked to them about my bill raising every month. They kill me!

Hubby is STILL in the garage and no telling how long he will be there. I've taken my sleeping pill so I'm betting my bedtime will be shortly. Annalee is already tucked in and the girls can't stay up to late, they have Church tomorrow.

Before I go to bed I'd like to work on my Tot School Plan for next week. Ax brought a calendar home from school Friday with what themes they are working on this month. I think I will try and stay within the school's themes! I already have my menu planning for next week done and although Monday is my usual shopping day, I'm going to try and work it in tomorrow. With the funeral being Monday, I just don't see how I can get it done.

The girls are still going to walk tomorrow in the March against drugs but due to the having to be at the wake tomorrow evening, I will not be walking. 

I'll post sometime tomorrow afternoon though and check in with everyone.

Hope you guys are having a great weekend!



  1. We are just finishing up three days of rain!! Nice to have little bakers in the house!!

  2. You pack more into one day than I do one week! Those cookies look yummy. I think it's a great idea to work tot school into what Ax is learning at preschool. Sort of reinforcing things.