Friday, March 21, 2014

Newsome Family Friday

Happy Friday Y'all....hope everyone is having a great start to the weekend. Our Friday has been busy but we have made it through and it's almost my favorite part of the day, bedtime for the kiddos. Let's face it,  most of us are ready for the day to wind down by the time night falls. It's just a part of  it.

Today Ax and Anika both missed school. Ax still wasn't well enough to go and Anika had yet another Orthodontist appointment. The Hubby took off work today due to the death of his Grandfather so he accompanied us on our venture out today or at least 1/2 of it. We woke up around 10 this morning. Anika and I went ahead and got ready before waking the boys. Little Lee was already up so she hung out with us gals. When we were almost finished getting cleaned up we woke the boys up and they got ready. It takes them MUCH less time than it does us. I packed up a diaper bag, fixed drinks for the road and we loaded up in the car. Of course I had to get Anika to take a picture of me before we left cause I really just liked my shirt!

We stopped and fueled up my car on the way and got us some snacks. Ax seen a quarter machine and just had to ride. He loves those things.

He also bought himself some candy cigarettes. Can you believe he'd never had them before? My poor kid, totally sheltered. I used to love them when I was growing up.

We made it to the RV place and Hubby got out and got everything squared away. They fixed the generator for us and the heat. They couldn't fix the fridge so they put a brand new one in it. I didn't complain one bit. It's a nice stainless steel one at that.

This is our camper!

Since the camper was good to go, the boys got in it and drove it on home. Anika, Annalee and I ventured on up to the Ortho office. We arrived about a 1/2 hour early so had to wait till 1:00 when they came back in. It wasn't too bad, Annalee kept herself entertained by moving all the magazines off the shelf to the chair and back again. 

Anika was the 1st one back when they came in from lunch and she might have been in there a total of 10 minutes. They just had to cut the wire that was poking her off of her retainer. If they would have just said so, I could have done that LOL!

We decided to have lunch at Applebee's. Annalee ate pretty much nothing. I think it's because she is sick. She is also cutting teeth so that isn't helping matters none I'm sure. I got the Club Sandwich which was beyond delicious. I've had them before and they NEVER disappoint. They actually put Honey Mustard on them and it seriously just makes the sandwich. Anika had Three Cheese Pasta Penne. I had several bites of hers. It was absolutely wonderful. I might just be ordering it myself next time we visit. Her and I shared a Blondie for dessert. Pretty much the reason we even go to Applebee's is so we can have a Blonide. They are top notch in our book. The only complaint I had about dinner was the old man sitting across from us. He seriously would not shut up. We couldn't eat for him. He was telling me how it was going to come a big snow here on June 15th. I sure hope he had no idea what he was talking about. Anika was confident he didn't. She thought he probably escaped from an Institution somewhere. He was definitely out there.

After dinner we decided to do some shopping. We stopped at Goody's first. I didn't find too much there other than a pair of white capri's. Anika found a pair of camoflauge pants on clearance that she wanted and she got a pair of Khaki pants. I have NEVER known my daughter to wear khaki pants but she has surprised me a lot lately. Just this morning she was listening to Gospel music in her room. While I was super proud, I was super shocked. She has always disliked Gospel music.

Our next stop was Cato's. I really should have just by passed that store. I'm a HUGE fan of Cato's clothing. I got a whole load of Spring stuff for myself. Let's just say I came home BROKE!!!!

On our way home I ran and got the Hubby some Bud, his weekend drink of choice. I also swung by and picked him up a bag of ice and Annalee some diapers. 

When I got home I found my Little Man enjoying time outside. It was almost 70 today! He is getting very good on his motorcycle but he still scares me senseless!

Apparently they had spent the biggest part of the day outside today. Hubby had been working on changing the tires on his jeep and Ax had been riding. They also mastered Ax kick starting his motorcycle although he still requires a little help.

Anika went in to get cleaned up while Hubby took me out to show me the camper. He had been cleaning on it some today. While I was out there I snapped some pictures of the inside of it for you.

While we was checking out the camper, we heard the Ice Cream truck music coming. Axle LOVES the Ice Cream Truck so he was ready to go. Little Lee was in the house so she missed it but don't worry, we did get her a popsicle!

We came inside & while the kids ate their treats, I showed the Hubby every single piece of new clothing I purchased. He was such a good sport! He looked at everything and even pretended her cared! Brownie point for the Hubby :)

While Anika was finishing re-touching her makeup and hair, Hubby got a shower and got cleaned up. I ironed him a shirt while he was showering. That man would be lost without me. They both were ready by about 7:00 and I made them take a picture for me before they left. I think my family hates my camera!

They are still gone to the visitation service at the Funeral Home for his Grandpa. I decided to not go tonight and just keep the little two at home.

I've hung up all our new stuff and wrote up this post since I've been home. I've also laid out everyone's things for tomorrow. I've still got to do a quick straightening of the house tonight but for me, my work is almost finished for the day. Annalee is in her crib trying to go to sleep. She missed her nap today so she is way off her schedule. I'm sure she will sleep soundly tonight if she can keep the coughing spells to a minimum. Her cough sounds terrible.

Ax is watching Jake and the Neverland Pirates but I can tell he's getting tired. He just hasn't had his normal energy this week. He's still coughing his head off too. I'm hoping the rain we are expecting tomorrow brings the pollen count down a little.

Tomorrow we are hoping to take the kids Jeep riding for a few hours. There is snow in the forecast for Sunday so we want to take advantage of the sun and warmth while it's here. Tomorrow night we will all be going to the funeral home for visitation and Sunday is the funeral.

That my friends pretty much wraps up the Newsome Family Friday!

Hope all of you have a great weekend!!

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  1. What a great day you had!!! Now I'm hungry for Applebees!! I love their Asian Chicken Salad! Never tried dessert there before but may have to now!
    LOVE your camper!!! It is AWESOME!!!