Friday, March 14, 2014

Monster Jam

I am absolutely exhausted tonight but I wanted to take the time to post anyway. I figure I'll have enough to catch up on when I come home from Bristol that I didn't want to have to catch up on today's post also.
Today has been somewhat of a rough day. I told my Husband earlier this morning that I just felt nervous, anxious and frustrated for some reason. I can't really pinpoint where the anxiety has come from but it's definitely there. I've tried to just breathe through the day and take it one step at a time. I've been successful and haven't yet had a panic attack nor have I been unbearably hateful but I must admit, it's been work. I've had to tell myself over and over again to just relax.

I got to sleep in this morning since Axle doesn't have school on Friday's. Anika has been doing really well getting herself up and getting ready. I'm glad she did this morning because I never even heard the alarm. She woke me at 7:30 to tell me my Mom was here to pick her up. I kissed her bye, rolled over and went right back to sleep. It wasn't until 10:30 that I woke again to a crying Annalee and Axle climbing on top of me telling me he wanted some milk.

I got up and fixed them both some milk. They both have to have milk first thing in the mornings. They watched some cartoons while I chit chatted with my Mom for awhile and then while I called a friend and talked to her. By the time I got off the phone, Hubby was up. We lounged around and talked for awhile. I actually lounged a little too long and got a late start on fixing lunch. I threw together some Philly Cheesesteaks like a mad woman and then packed the Hubby's bucket so he could go on to work. He told me today that he volunteered to work 2nd shift again next week. That means we will have 2 more weeks of 2nd shift. It will make a solid month that he has been away at night by the time it's over. I hate 2nd shift so this frustrated me to no end. I realize he did it so that he wouldn't have to get up early Monday morning after being gone to Bristol all weekend. I don't want him to be exhausted but on the same token, I want him home. I tried to not say much as I knew my mood was probably effecting how agitated that it made me so I bit my tongue. Hopefully tomorrow I'll have a better outlook on the whole thing.

After the Hubby left I checked in on lodging at Bristol. Initially we were going to stay at a campground but then Hubby thought maybe we should just get a room since we would be saving money on gas. After a quick internet search, I found that the closest room was going to be over a 1/2 hour away and in Bristol traffic that was NOT going to be fun. We once again decided to just go with a campground located across from the track. They offer a shuttle service to and from the track so it will be easy to get back and forth. While I despise spending $160.00 for one night of camping, I'm not sure we have much other choice.

I finally decided that I MUST get up and get showered. It was already going on 2:00 by this time and I had accomplished absolutely nothing. Of all days for me to feels sluggish and blah, today was not the day I needed to do it. I took a bath and was hoping to relax a bit but no such luck. Annalee was napping and Ax was watching cartoons right up until I turned on the bath water. Annalee continued to nap but Ax decided it would be much more fun to torture me by driving his trucks in my bath water while I bathed. I finally gave up. I hurried up, washed my hair, shaved my legs and then got out. He was already 1/2 undressed and ready to get in. Oh the life of a mom!

I finished getting ready while he bathed. Here is a self portrait I took of myself today!

I got Axle dressed while Annalee was still sleeping and then I woke her and got her ready. She looked so cute today. She had on a white outfit with hearts all over it and a matching bow. I tried and tried to get a picture of her but she would not have it. Every time I pointed the camera at her she hit the floor and cried. She was definitely being uncooperative.
I got the kids loaded in the car and by this time I really was ready to back out of going to the Monster Jam BUT I had already promised Ax and I didn't want to disappoint him. We ran up to the school and picked up Anika, made a stop by Rite Aid (for a cute thing I'm doing for the Hubby for St. Patrick's Day) and then came back home. Anika ate her a quick bite and straightened up the house while I packed a few things for Bristol. It was definitely team work on our part as we were back in the car and ready to go by 5:00.
Annalee stayed with my Mom tonight while we went to Monster Jam so we took her up there and dropped her off. I went ahead and took Ax's stuff with me so I didn't have to try and remember it early in the morning. Poor Annalee cried after us. I hate leaving her when she's crying. I knew she would be over it in no time though. She always cries anytime one of us leaves and she doesn't get to go.
As we were backing out of my Mother's driveway (literally), Anika's new friend texted her and said he could go with us IF I would come pick him up. He lived about 20 minutes or so away so I knew I'd be cutting it short on time. I agreed but ONLY if his mother would meet me after we got back I didn't want to have to take him home. I told Anika to get directions and we headed off to pick him up. Let me just tell you, the boy suck at directions. We passed up his house at least 3 times before finding him which meant it took us probably a 1/2 hour longer than it should have. We finally found him though and we were off to see the trucks. I was running late already so the only stop we made was for fuel.
The trucks were a little over an hour away from where we live. Ax was VERY patient on the ride up there and especially since we had ran all over God's country looking for this boy. Parking wasn't too bad at the event. We paid $5.00 and parked across the road from the Expo Center. We went through line and purchased our tickets. Once we got inside we headed straight for the stand that sold earphones. Ax hates loud noises so I knew earphones were a must. They set me back $20.00 but was well worth it.
As we entered the arena, the lights were already dimmed and the trucks had just started their engines. Ax was terrified, crying and shaking. I was seriously thinking I just wasted $100.00. Luckily, once we got to our seats, got our earphones on and started watching the show, he was just fine. He ended up loving it and was so excited the entire time. I'm not sure which he loved more, the big trucks or the motorcycles. As I watched him stare in amazement, I was DEFINITELY glad I decided to take him. We had Popcorn, Nachos, an Icee and a Pop! It was a good time for sure.

After the race was over we made a potty break before hitting the road back home. I got lost twice trying to get out of the little town where the Expo Center is. I have no idea how, it's a tiny town. I've also been there a billion times. Only Me!!! Ax was ridiculously cranky on the way home right up until he fell asleep. The boy that was with us tried to call his Mother multiple times before finally getting ahold of her. When he did she told him he would have to find a ride home. Okay, like I was going to put him out on the streets SO I took him home. It was definitely a trip I was hoping not to have to make.

We ended up getting home around 11:00. I put Ax to bed although he's still not asleep. He will probably be up all night now that he got his nap in. Anika changed her clothes, took off her makeup and hit the bed. I sat down to type this post and as soon as I finish up I'm heading to bed myself.

While today has been challenging it's definitely been a good day. Seeing the smiles on my boy's face made the whole day worth it.

Tomorrow we our Bristol Bound for the weekend! I won't be back till Sunday so I will catch up with you all either Sunday night or Monday. I've got a boat load of stuff to do tomorrow before we leave and Hubby is wanting to leave at 9:00 am. That means I must get my butt in the bed now!

Hope you all have a great weekend!!!

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  1. How fun!!! This reminds me that I never posted about our Monster Jam experience!!