Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Love Hate Relationship

In every day there are things I love and then things I don't love so much. Today was no exception. Here is my list of Love/Hates for the day!

Today I Loved

* Sunshine and Warmth- It hit 60 degrees today. That made this gal VERY happy!

* My wonderful Husband Husband. He's such a great man. He loves his kids more than anything and they love their daddy. Last night Ax woke up sick around 2:30 am. He was throwing up and running a fever. Hubby hadn't been home from work too long so he got up with the little guy and let me sleep. They ended up sleeping on the couch together last night. I'm so blessed.

* That we were able to sleep in again today. I got up this morning with Sis and got her off to school but then I climbed my butt back in bed. We ended up sleeping till after 10:00 this morning.

* That I was able to sport my new coral flats. I welcome you with open arms Spring and Sunshine!

* That Hubby found the problem with my car and luckily it's just a wheel bearing. It won't be too terribly expensive to fix and Hubby can do it himself. Sounds like he's got a weekend project on his hands.

* That my little one's got some daddy time before work today. This included wagon rides, hill climbing and dry sledding. Their ideal of a perfect day!

* That it was warm enough to eat our lunch out on the porch!

* That we are FINALLY on a nap time schedule. Ax only naps if he goes to school but even if he's home for the entire day he will lay down and watch cartoons while Lee naps. This gives me a much needed break throughout the day.

* That we have a good doctor close by that we trust. Ax got some medicine today and just as I suspected, he said it was drainage from a sinus infection.

* That Anika went to Youth Group this evening and came home so excited about it. Next week they are taking them to the movies and then at the end of April they are doing an anti drug walk. She is pumped to be a part of this group!

* Anika's Prom shoes. She forgot them at my Mom's yesterday so today was the first time I saw them. They are stunning. How she will ever walk in them, I don't know!

* How cute Little Lee looked in her outfit. She's so darn cute!

* Blog reading- what little bit I got to do. It's really hard to find time to read anything with a 1 and 3 year old at home.

* The new shirt I bought. It screams Daisy Duke to me!

* That I met both my goals- My kids school stuff is now organized in one corner instead of strung out everywhere. I also made my meal plan for next week. All that is left to do is get that grocery list wrote!

* Long phone conversations with my Mother and the fact that my Daddy called me from work to just check on me.

* Finding out that tomorrow is my Sister in Law's first baby doctor appointment. I can't wait to find out her due date.

Now since I always keep it real here on the blog, I'll share some things I didn't love so much. I mean it's not all sunshine and roses now is it?

Today I Didn't Love

* Annalee's temper- The girl has started taking numerous tantrums every day. What am I going to do with her?

* My boy being sick and vomiting all over my bed. Guess who had to wash bedding again today!

* Ax breaking a glass all over my front porch. I'm not even going to tell you all what he was trying to do when he broke it.

* Finding out that Ax will be going to school now 5 days a week instead of 4. This is so they can make up some snow days and won't have to go as long this summer. I'm sure I'll love it more when summer rolls around though. Still, we like having him home on Friday's.

* Hearing that we have cold weather going to set back in this weekend and snow is in the forecast for next week. Seriously Spring, where are you?

* Our Pharmacy....why does it take them so darn long?

* Missing a phone call from the Hubby. He called from work and there is no way of calling him back. I hate that I missed him as he doesn't get to call very often at all.

* That we didn't get to work in Tot School. With Ax being home sick and having to go to the doctor today, it just didn't happen. I did pull out a sensory box for them that I made for Lee. I didn't think Ax would enjoy it but boy was I wrong. It kept them occupied a good 1/2 hour or longer.

All in all it's been a nice Wednesday. Hope you all have had a good one too!
I'll be back tomorrow to offer up some of my Thursday Thoughts



  1. Hopefully now that he got medicine you won't have any more mid-night pukies!

  2. I am jealous of your sunshine and warmth. Even though it's the first day of spring there was SNOW at my house this morning! Boo.