Sunday, March 23, 2014

LONG Sunday

I am desperately trying to get my Little Lee to go to bed so I thought I'd take a few minutes and type up today's blog post. It's one of the things I can do and be quiet. Lee is so sick. Annalee is NOT a crier by any means and that is all she has done today. She is still coughing her head off and to the point that she throws up. Her and I will be making a return visit to the doctor in the morning.

Today has been a long day. Hubby and I were talking earlier that it's just been a long weekend in general. I think the stress of dealing with the death of a loved one just makes for long days. We had to get up this morning at 9:00. I had my clock set for 8:00 but didn't actually get up till 9:00. I woke feeling terrible. I could barely talk and was coughing terribly. Luckily as the day has went on it's subsided some. I hope I'm not getting the gunk the babies have had.We had to be out of the house by 10:00 this morning so Anika and I got ready first and then the boys got ready. The two little one's were staying with mom so they only required their pajamas this morning. That made it quite a bit easier. We actually did meet our goal and was ready to go by 10:00. Of course, you know there was picture taking that took place.

We took the two babies to Mom and Dad's. Dad had originally planned on going to church this morning and Mom was going to stay home with the kids BUT Daddy was sick. I think he has came down with what the little one's have. I'm sure Mom was glad to have him home today instead, she said Lee cried the entire time she was there too. Mom had made food for us to take to the family so we gathered it up and headed on to the Funeral Home. I come from a family who believes in cooking for the family of someone who has passed. It's just the way they have always been and it's something I hope to pass on to my own kids. To us it's just a way to help and show our respect.

We got to the Funeral Home about a 1/2 hour early. It was packed with people. In 89 years Jay had touched a lot of lives. The funeral began with the military doing their salutes and then the singers from the Church up the road sang some hymns. They are a great group and it was beautiful music. My Dad's pastor actually did the funeral and he did a wonderful job. Brother Larry is a great man and always relays a wonderful message. The service ended with the final viewing which is always such a hard part for everyone. Before going to the grave site the Military did their gun salutes and fired their shots. Military services in my opinion are always very touching.

We went to the grave site to say our final Farewells and then all the family gathered at Jay's home. I helped my MIL distribute food while Hubby and Anika socialized with family that he hadn't seen in years. Anika hadn't ever even met some of them. It's such a large family but all such wonderful people. Before we left we were give a family portrait which is very old to take home with us. It's definitely something that will hang on our wall as long as we are around.

This photo is of Hubby's Grandparent's and all their children. Can you even imagine raising that many children? Only two of the children have passed on, the rest are living. Jay and Alice, his grandparent's, have both passed on. The photo is actually a canvas type and the frame is  real wood. Their is no glass or anything in it. It's definitely something to treasure.

As much as we would have enjoyed staying and chatting with everyone all evening, we couldn't. We had two little kiddos that needed picked up. We journey on up to my parent's to get them. Axle seemed to have a VERY good day. He had been to the garbage dump and store with his Papa. He also had talked Papa into buying cheese curls and popsicles! Like I said, Lee had a rough day. She was lying in her crib when I got there but wasn't asleep. She feels so bad she just can't hardly even sit up.

We visited with Mom and Dad a bit before leaving. Dad got a new schedule at work which starts next month and it's going to be SO GOOD for him. Financially it's going to be tougher but my Dad isn't really able to be working anyway and this new schedule gives him a lot more time off. I'm praying he uses that time to fish and do some things he loves to do. Right now he works 6 days a week so on his day off (Sunday's) he goes to church and rests. He really doesn't feel like doing much else.

Lee was getting cranky so we ventured towards home. I was starving so we ran through the drive thru at the Dairy Bar and got some lunch & stopped by the gas station to pick up a 12 pack of pop. We came on home and ate. Neither of the babies ate, I think it's just were they have been so sick. Anika had stayed at my Mom's so I'm sure she ate good there. Mom is always fixing big dinners.

Hubby ventured outside for awhile this afternoon while I attempted to clean house and watch the Nascar Race. I'm totally NOT happy about Jimmie Johnson having a flat at the end of the race! I managed to make the place 1/2 tidy and get a store list and menu for next week planned out. I also did a few loads of laundry and laid our clothes out for tomorrow. There is still lots to do but other than me getting a bath and fixing us a snack, not much else is going to get done.

Hubby and Ax are out in the garage as I type this. Hubby is helping a buddy fix a busted brake line on his car and Ax is playing with a little boy about his age. I hear Hubby periodically quarreling at them to NOT get in the creek. Boys are such funny creatures!

Tomorrow is a new week and while it's supposed to be cold Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, luckily we don't have much planned. I'll be so glad when ALL this cold weather passes.

Well for now I'm out of here. I'm heading to the kitchen to see what I can whip up for a snack. I already know what dessert is, cupcakes my Mommy sent home with us.

Hope you guys have a great upcoming week!!


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