Thursday, March 20, 2014

It's been a "Sick" day

Life is winding down here early tonight. I'm not really that far ahead of schedule but just decided it was time for everything to wind down. Some days you just have to take control and make that call. It's just been one of those days. Here's a few of our happenings today!

* My Husband's Grandpa passed away. His name was Jay and he was 89 years old. He had been sick for awhile and at his age, everyone knew it was coming sooner than later. It still doesn't take the pain away from his family though. The next few days will be very difficult for them all.

* I got the phone call about his passing around 6:30 this morning. I woke Hubby up and told him & then I went ahead and woke the kids for school. Ax was still coughing this morning but seemed excited about going to school so I sent him anyway. He even posed for a pic this morning with his sister before they left. He was staring at her instead of the camera. She is definitely his idol!

* I got on Pinterest for awhile trying to make myself stay awake. I kill way too much time on that site but I just love it. Look at these cute pins I found this morning.

I LOVE this DIY TO Do Board
If I had this I might get more accomplished
Ya think?

This sounds like my kind of drink 

Isn't this the cutest kids project?

* Even though Pinterest kept me entertained a bit, I still couldn't stay awake. Ax tossed and turned all night coughing and sneezing his head off. Lee coughed all night long as well. I slept NONE!!! I ended up falling back asleep and didn't wake till 10:00 when my Mommy called me.

* Mom got a text from my Aunt (Axle's teacher) that he was feeling miserable, coughing constantly and just was very sluggish. I told Mom to text her back and tell her I'd come get him so I woke up Hubby to watch Little Lee, threw on some clothes and headed to the school.

* Ax was in the gym playing ball when I got there but it was obvious he was feeling super bad. He was totally ready to come home too.

* Him and I ran to town after leaving the school. We grabbed some pop and some lunch at the Dairy Drive Inn.

* When we returned home Hubby and Lee were hanging out watching Television. Hubby was watching some kind of car show. We had lunch and then I got Hubby ready for work. He had to leave a 1/2 hour early today in order to do a favor for me. I had promised my Granny that I would take her and drop her off at the hair stylist at 1:00. Since Ax was so sick, I didn't want to drag him out. My Hubby being the sweetheart he is took her for me on his way to work.

* I knew both kids just needed rest so I put Lee down for a nap and gave Ax some water, put him in his bed and turned on cartoons. Within a 1/2 hour both of them were sound asleep.

* While I should have done something productive while they were sleeping, I didn't. I stretched out across my bed with a pen and paper & just did some list making. It was sheer relaxation for 2 hours!

* Hubby called when he got to work and said he would be taking off work tomorrow to go to the Funeral Home. 

* At 3:30 I had to get the kids dressed and we headed to town to pick up Anika from school. She seemed to have a very good day. On our way home we stopped and got some Sprinkles for a project we were doing and got some Milk for the kiddos. Bless their hearts, I took these pics of them in the car. Look how bad they felt.

* We came home and I straightened up the kitchen and living room while Anika cleaned up the bathroom and bedrooms. I then gave Ax and Lee a wet rag and all 3 of us cleaned the floors. I hadn't cleaned the floors on my hands and knees in a long time. They look so much better. The babies had a blast helping too. Anika informed me to enjoy it cause once they got a certain age that wouldn't be cool anymore. I know she's right.

* We ordered Pizza for dinner! Ax said he felt like he could eat breadsticks. Apparently he was wrong because I don't think he took but one bite. I on the other hand ate my entire sandwich. It was good.

* Anika made us chocolate chip cookies for dessert. I'm NOT telling how many of them I had!

* I walked out and checked the mail and to my surprise I had a package from Avon. It was a box of stuff I won back when I was doing sweepstakes and they had just now sent it. It had a lipstick, eye shadow, mascara and lip gloss in it. It was all very pretty colors. I'm excited to try it out. It kind of made me miss doing sweepstakes but I realize how much happier I am by NOT spending my entire day online.

* When I came back in from checking the mail, Anika was in the bathroom throwing up. Now I'm wondering if it's a virus on top of this awful crud they already have :(

* I did a load of laundry, straightened some more on the house and then heard Axle throwing up. I swear it's never going to end.

* Little Lee was sitting in the middle of the living room floor during it all doing her own little Tot School. She enjoys stacking her blocks :)

* When  I mentioned the word Tot School, Ax started in wanting to do school at home. I swear the boy loves it. I got distracted from his pleas by a phone call from my SIL. She went to the baby doctor for the first time today. She is 10 weeks and 3 days! She's due in October. The baby looks perfectly fine which is a relief since she had a miscarriage last year. Looks like I'm going to be an Aunt again!

* I ended up hanging up with her because Axle was driving me insane wanting to do school so school is what we did.

* The kids first project was to decorate their sticky wall with rainbow colored construction paper. I really thought they would both enjoy this BUT it didn't keep their attention nearly as long as I'd planned. Axle did all the sticking while Annalee assisted. She had no interest in putting it on the wall but she wanted to help out and hand all the pieces to her brother. It was a really cute project and I left it hanging so they could play with it more in the days to come.

* Their second project was for them to make pictures with sprinkles and contact paper. These turned out super cute. Ax really enjoyed it and so did Lee. I helped Lee a little but for the most part she did her own. Please don't pay mind to how pitiful my kids look in these photos. They are sick, remember?

* Their last project was rainbow painting with marshmallows. I gave them marshmallows with a toothpick to hold on to them and all colors of rainbow paint. They dipped the marshmallows in the paint and then made a creation. Lee's time with this project was short lived. She poked herself with the toothpick and she was over it right then. Ax on the other hand created for some time. He really enjoyed it and talked about going camping the whole time. He loves to roast marshmallows when we go camping. This project overall was a success except for Lee's toothpick incident and the fact that while my back was turned she decided to use the paint as makeup!

* After school time both kids hit the tub. They were both a hot mess. I snapped a pic of Lee and her face paint. As you can tell I took this picture against her will!

* Anika bathed both kids (she always does if she's home) while I done another load of laundry and cleaned up the school mess. There was a combination of sprinkles and paint all over the floor.

* The kids both got their nighties on and I called to talk to my Mom for a few minutes before I put them to bed. While I was talking to her Ax was running around like a wild man coughing his head off. I kept telling him to quit before he got sick but he's 3 so of course he didn't listen. Needless to say my phone call with my Mom was cut short because I had to clean up vomit yet again.

* I got the mess cleaned up and Ax wiped down. I put Little Lee to bed and Anika got a shower and put Ax in the tub with her to get him clean for the 2nd time. I sat down to blog and that brings us to now!

* Anika is still in the tub, Little Lee is sleeping and Ax is eating Frito's and Cheese dip and watching cartoons.

* I'm going to let the water warm back up and then I'm going to shower, do a little writing and head to bed.

* Tomorrow will be a busy one around here. Anika has an Ortho Appt. at 1:00. Hubby and Ax will be riding up with us so we can drop them off to pick up the camper and bring it home. Anika and I hope to do a little shopping while we are out and have to stop by and pay for the alterations on her dress. Tomorrow night Anika will accompany Hubby to the funeral home. I will be staying at home with my little ones.

* I'm not sure if we will work in anymore Tot School in over the weekend. Today may be the completion of our rainbow theme. Next week we will be focusing on circles though so I've got to start planning for that.

* Hope you all have a great weekend friends. You will see me back tomorrow with another update.


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  1. Honey, NEVER underestimate the power of a NAP!!! Loved seeing all your pics! Hope everyone is feeling better......