Monday, March 10, 2014

In Our World

I failed to post yesterday and really have no excuse other than it just didn't happen. I'll make it up in today's post though!

Yesterday (Sunday), I had big plans. The weather was supposed to be nice and I wanted to take the kids 4-wheeling. Hubby wasn't on board though. Back a few weeks ago we bought a little small vehicle. It's similar to a Geo Tracker. Hubby and I took it out in the hills last weekend. Our whole reason for buying it was so that we would have something to haul all of us in when we went on our off road excursions. While it did okay in the hills, Hubby wasn't satisfied that it was quite safe enough for the kids. I'm not going to argue with him, he's the 4-wheeling expert around here. He explained to me that it didn't have roll bars and that it was too light. He said if we had to go down a steep hill that it would slide and he didn't want that with the kids with us. Needless to say, our 4-wheeling trip was cancelled. Instead we spent the day just lounging around do much of nothing.

We did make a trip to look at a rail buggy and the kids cried the ENTIRE time. We had planned on getting something to eat but both of us were emotionally drained from being in the car with them so we came home and ordered Giovanni's instead! We watched the Nascar Race, got Ice Cream off the Ice Cream Truck, played outside a little bit and just took it easy. I did manage to get a little housework done but not even much of that got accomplished. Sometimes you just need to take a day off!

By 9:30 last night we were all in the bed. I think Axle had about done us all in. I'm not sure what his problem was but he was having meltdown after meltdown and frankly it was exhausting. I'm pretty proud of Hubby and I though, we managed not to get overly irritated and take it out on each other. I'd say we are making at least some communication progress!

Today has been a different story all around. We have been busy and quite productive. This morning I sent Ax back to Preschool. He had just about quit going before Christmas and they haven't had school but a sporadic day here and there since. While I know he needs to go, it is to gut wrenching for me to take him and him screaming and crying after me. After several long talks, Hubby and I decided to try it again but this time with my Mom taking him and me picking him up. I'm happy to report that this morning it worked. He got up, got ready and shed NO tears today. Praying tomorrow goes as smoothly.

I couldn't resist snapping a picture of Anika this morning as she headed off for school. I know I'm bias but geeze she has turned into a beautiful young lady.

After they left, Annalee woke for her morning bottle so I gave it to her and she fell back asleep. I spent the quiet morning hours planning out our day and getting myself cleaned up. I'm loving having time to dress myself and fix my hair! I also squeezed in a 1/2 hour phone conversation with my Mom without any disruptions!
By 9:30 Lee was up for the morning and so was Hubby. I dressed her and he got cleaned up & we headed out to town to run errands. We paid all the bills up, fueled his truck up for the week, went to the Dollar Store and grabbed lunch at the drive thru! We came home and ate and then I packed his dinner bucket. It was a beautiful day out so we took Annalee outside for awhile and let her play. Around 1:00 he had to head out to work (they changed his shifts again and he's on 2nd for another week, blah!) and I had to head out to pick Axle up!
Axle was happy to see me but seemed to have a very good day. He told me they had Green Eggs and Ham (made out of candy) for snack and that he got to play on the Train on the playground. He was smiling and seemed content. He even said he was going back tomorrow. He made this today and I just had to share. How cute is his Dr. Seuss hat?

I'm trying to get the kids on a schedule of sorts so when we got home, both of them went to their beds for Quiet Time. Annalee is used to a mid morning (noon) nap so I pushed her's forward a bit in hopes that he would take a nap after school too. It worked like a charm, both of them were asleep by 1:45 which gave me some ME time!!! I might have wasted it on Pinterest but that is okay, that is why it's my time, right?

At 3:30 I had to get both the kids up and we had to go pick up Anika from school. It gave them just enough sleep that they were refreshed yet wouldn't be up all night. On our way home from picking her up we swung by the Dollar Store (again), the Supermarket and to get the Hubby's medicine and then we came on home. Sis and I did some chores while Ax and Lee played and then we had a quick dinner of Fish Sticks and Mac n Cheese! As we was finishing up dinner we had company stop by. My friend Christal and her Hubby visited with us about an hour or so. It was good to see them.

Since Ax loves school at home, I asked him did he want to do school at home plus go to school. He said yes, very excitedly. I'm hoping that will help too! This week I decided to go with the color Green since St. Patrick's Day is next Monday!

First, I poured a big bowl of lucky charms and had him and Lee sort out all the Marshmallows. We talked about what color they were and what shapes they were. Ax really enjoyed it and absolutely grasped the concept. Lee started out scooping handfuls of cereal into her bowl and then she figured out she could eat it. She was done, the remainder of the time she ate cereal. I swear she's the biggest eater ever!

Our second project was to make "Green Folders." This folder will hold all our projects from this week! I gave them a blank folder and let them decorate it using a green crayon, green dot marker and green stickers. Ax loves the dot marker so he was all over this. Lee actually did pretty well. She used the crayon and dot marker fairly well to be one!

Our last project was to make Stoplights! Anika did the prep work for me on this one. She already had the base cut out and the white circles glued on. Ax and Lee colored their lights Yellow, Red and Green. We talked about the colors and what each meant when driving. Neither of them took too much interest in it. Little Lee was so tired she could barely hold her head up. I'm thinking we will try and do school earlier the rest of the week. We had company though so it threw us late. We didn't mind, we love company!

Axle's Light!

Annalee's Light!
By the time we finished up school, it was time for baths. Ax immediately asked if he could have a green bath so I gladly obliged. They love their colored baths! By 9:00 both kids were squeaky clean and in their beds. Annalee is already asleep but Ax is still fighting it like no other.
I'm going to finish up a few things tonight and head to bed myself very shortly. Tomorrow is story time so it will be a busy morning for us!
Happy Monday Friends!!!!


  1. You had a GOOD Monday!!! That's wonderful and I agree - your Anika IS beautiful!!!

  2. you have cute kids-- totally adorable!! Anyday that includes ice cream is a win in my book!! :)

  3. You have such cute projects for your kids. I'm so glad I found you again. I've been looking for you. Missed you.

  4. Oh my goodness, Anika looks so stylish and grown up in that photo! :-)