Monday, March 31, 2014

Summing up Our Sunday

Happy Monday Morning Friends!!!

I didn't manage to get up a post yesterday so I thought I'd drop in early this morning and do it. Our Sunday was definitely a busy one.

I ended up waking up around 9:00 yesterday morning. Torie and Anika were just getting ready to go out the door and get on the church bus. I could have kicked myself for not getting up earlier and taking a picture of them. They both looked beautiful. Their plan for the day was Sunday School, Church and then a Community Walk against drugs!

Hubby and I chatted for a bit and then I had to get up and make toast. Axle found the new jelly I bought and he was demanding some toast for breakfast. I can't complain though, he ate an entire piece. That is huge for Axle, the kid who doesn't eat. Little Lee enjoyed her's too of course! She enjoys pretty much all food though.

She always has her eyes closed in pictures!!!

Hubby had traded for another truck at work the other night so his plan for the day was to go get it. His buddies Derek and Jimmy were going with him & he was going to take Ax too. I was pretty happy about it, I figured Lee and I could get our grocery shopping done while the boys were gone. Ax got all cleaned up and was ready to go right up until time to leave and then he decided to stay with me. He's such a Momma's Boy!

While I really dreaded taking BOTH little one's to the store, I knew I was going to have to. It's going to be a busy week this week and I really just needed to get my shopping out of the way. Hubby also needed me to run some errands for him so I bit the bullet and got myself and Lee dressed. It was cold yesterday so we had to dress in layers!!

I ran Hubby's errands first which ended up being a total waste of my time. The boy that I was supposed to pick up a title from ended up not being home and the beer store didn't open till 1:00 and I was there at Noon. At least I got some pretty photos on the way.

I couldn't help but snap a picture of these two also. They looked so cute cuddled together in the car!!

We did manage to get our Grocery Shopping done and actually the kids weren't all that bad. I had to get on to Ax a few times for adding stuff to our buggy but otherwise they both did pretty well. I was proud of them!

When we got home I put Lee down for a nap and she was more than ready. She immediately went to sleep. I fixed Ax some milk, got him a blanket and pillow & turned his cartoons on. He was asleep by the time I got all the groceries carried in. 

I got our groceries unloaded and put way. We are good on grub for another week. I try to spend $100.00 or less each week at the store and menu planning has really helped me reach that goal. While I went over $25.00 this week, I was still very happy! I didn't end up buying anything that wasn't on the list except for a can of fried apples that Lee will enjoy for breakfast. I did good. 

Here is our Menu Plan for this week. I just plan 7 days of dinners and then I make them as I decide. That allows me the freedom to choose an easier dinner on busy days and a more complicated meal on down days. I also always buy stuff for the Hubby's bucket and breakfast items as well as a few snack foods for the kids and I. This week I had to pick up some stuff to make Oreo Dessert as well. I'll be sending it to the family for the dinner after the funeral service today.

Day 1: Cheeseburgers, Potato Salad & Baked Beans
Day 2: Hamburger Steak Fried Potatoes, Pinto Beans and Texas Toast
Day 3: Chicken & Rice, Loaded Baked Potatoes and Rolls
Day 4: Homemade Chicken Noodle with Mexican Cornbread
Day 5: Tex Mex & Mexican Cornbread
Day 6: Chicken & Stuffing Bake, Macaroni and Cheese and Biscuits
Day 7: Mini Meatloaf, Mashed Potatoes, Corn on the Cob & Rolls
Dessert: Dump Cake

Since the kids were both napping, I should have tried to of been very productive but it just didn't happen. Instead, I watched some television, lounged on my couch and had a long phone conversation with my friend Christal. Sometimes you just NEED to do that. Other than minor straightening, no work got done around here yesterday :)

Hubby ended up getting home with his truck. It actually don't look 1/2 bad for what he paid for it. I was pretty shocked. He came in briefly and then headed right back out. He had to run over to that boy's house and try to get the title that I went after earlier with no luck. While he was gone I fixed some Sloppy Joe's and French Fries. I guess I could have waited on him to get back and eat with me but I didn't, I was hungry!!! After I ate I got a shower. Both kids were STILL asleep. They took, very good naps yesterday. I went ahead and dried my hair and fixed my makeup before waking up Lee. It was nice to get cleaned up all by myself.

Around 4:30, I woke up Lee and fed her. Ax was still asleep so I didn't bother him. I got Lee dressed. She looked so pretty. I wish I'd taken a picture. I then got myself dressed and ready to go. Hubby came home shortly after and by that time Axle was awake. Lee and I headed off to the funeral home while Hubby and Ax stayed here and worked around outside. Anika still hadn't gotten home when I left. Her Church Group made a day of it!

The funeral went okay to be a funeral. It was sad and everyone was just heartbroken to lose Aunt Debbie. I saw lots of family that I haven't saw in years and even got to catch up with an old friend from Elementary School. Lee and I ended up staying about 2 1/2 hours. Lee did so good, she was just so sweet. Everyone LOVED her!!!

When we got home the boys were already inside and on the computer. Hubs was looking for a part for his side by side. Anika had went to spend the night with her friend Torie. Hubby said she tried calling me but couldn't get me so he just let her go. He acts like I don't allow him to make a decision for our kids LOL!

Lee was exhausted so I changed her clothes, fixed her a bottle and put her too bed. She fell asleep in no time. I guess getting passed around from person to person wears a girl out. Hubby, Ax and I sat in the living room and just hung out for awhile. I fixed us a sandwich before bed and Ax wanted MORE toast. Apparently he really likes the new jelly a lot! I fixed a title for the Hubby, straightened up the house a bit and then called my Anika to check on her. I never laughed so hard when she told me that she had to ride the bus to school tomorrow with Torie. The child hasn't been on a bus since Headstart. That should be interesting! By 10:30 I was in the bed myself. I'd hoped to be asleep earlier but it just didn't happen. 

Today is going to be another long one. Actually this week is going to be a long one. It's going to be a busy week. The Little One's and I will be going to the Funeral today at 2:00. Anika isn't going, she can't miss anymore school. 

It's Monday and it's early but I'm still happy....
Wanna know why? Spring has FINALLY arrived!!!
It's going to be a beautiful weather week and for that, I am thankful :)

Happy Monday Friends
Hope you all have a great week


Saturday, March 29, 2014

Rainy Saturday

It's been a cold, dreary, rainy Saturday. You know the kind perfect for pretty much doing nothing. Yep, it's been one of those days.

I managed to sleep in this morning till about 10:00. That was pushing it since I totally ignored Axle's requests for me to get up for nearly a 1/2 hour. He finally succeeded in driving me crazy and I gave in. Upon my feet hitting the floor I was not a happy camper. Someone (not naming names Axle) poured an entire can of pop all over my bedroom. Do I have to remind you that I just mopped yesterday?

Hubby thought he was going to sleep in this morning too. The kids thought differently so he was up just shortly after I was. Our morning was spent sitting around on the couch just talking. Hubby and I both felt terrible. I took Motrin and an Antibiotic & he took an Alka Seltzer. I didn't even know they made Alka Seltzer still.

I talked on the phone with my Mommy and got the arrangements on my Aunt Debbie. They are having her out tomorrow night and her funeral will be Monday. Mom and I worked out the details on the flowers we were going to send as well as the food we were going to make. It's still so heartbreaking to me that Debbie is gone. I just adored her.

The kids were wild this morning, especially my Axle. My kids pretend their chairs are cars and drive them all over my living room. Some days (like today) it drives me insane. Ax wouldn't hush until I took a picture of him driving though so here it is.

Anika asked if her friend Torie could spend the night tonight and I told her yes. Apparently that was motivation enough for her to hit the shower and get dressed. Before I knew it, that was where she was. So much for my plans on showering early this morning. We seriously need another shower in this house. Since I couldn't shower I decided to go ahead and knock my morning chores out. Hubby took the kids out to the garage with him for a bit which was nice. Chores are always easier without kids!! The kids really wanted to play in the rain but we wouldn't let them. They have both been too sick. They stood at the garage door and watched it forever though. You could tell how bad they wanted to be out in the middle of it. Sorry guys!!!

I took a look at our new Side by Side while I was out there. I must tell you, my Hubby sure does get some dandy items. He assures me that it will only cost a little over 500.00 to get this thing running. I'm going to take his word for it.

My morning chores actually went pretty smoothly except for trying to get the sopping wet towels and blankets out of the washer. I might have soaked the floor from the laundry room to the front porch. I did all that work so that they could bring me a new washer today and they didn't even show up. Apparently they don't work in the rain. Go figure!!!

I figured since we were all home together today (and won't be tomorrow), I'd go ahead and fix a big dinner today. I put on a pot of Chicken n Dumplings, some Mac n Cheese and some Cornbread in the oven. Before it ever got done, Torie called wanting to know if I could come pick her up. I ended up throwing on some clothes and going to get her. Anika stayed here and finished up dinner. She did quite a fine job I might add!

When we got back I plated everyone some food and we ate. I love dumplings and ate entirely too many of them. Isn't no wonder I will never lose weight. I just love to eat.

After dinner the kids played some Playstation while I hem hawed around the house.

Hubby decided he needed to run down the road and get a battery charger from a guy he loaned it too so I took him. We took Axle with us and Lee stayed here with the girls. The guy ended up not being home but later dropped it off to him. Apparently his wife told him we had been there. On our way home we stopped by a place called the Little Country Market. It's about 5 minutes below our house and they sale everything from prepared food to canned goods to home decor. I picked up some fresh garden tomatoes and a jar of homemade jelly. I love going in there and seeing all their items. Hubby got some pickled bologna (disgusting) and Ax got an icecream!

I might be way too excited to eat this on toast in the morning!

Once home, Hubby went out to his garage. A buddy of his stopped by and they hung out for awhile. I straightened up my living room once again and did another load of dishes. There is always something needing done around here. I decided to go ahead and find something for myself to wear tomorrow so for the next 1/2 hour I had a mini fashion show in my room. Finally, I decided on an outfit. I went to look for Hubby to get his opinion and he was in the camper. Apparently his buddy left and he had decided to do some cleaning. He informed me that he needed cleaning supplies so I came in and changed and made yet ANOTHER trip to town to the Dollar Store.

This trip I made without kids, I left them both here. I got what he needed and browsed for a few minutes. You know me, I love the Dollar Store. I found some cute hairbows for Lee and 2 necklace sets for myself!

As soon as I walked through the door, I changed into my pajamas. I had decided my day (at least running) was done!!!! Derek our neighbor was here when I got here and him and Hubby have been outside working on his vehicle ever since. The cleaning supplies are still sitting on the table not being used. Isn't that about right?

The girls have texted, talked on Facetime, picked out clothes and baked cookies. I must say the cookies turned out excellent. Here's my plate they brought me. Aren't they sweet? 

The girls went down to the neighbor boys this evening and hung out for awhile. He ended up coming back home with them. Him and Ax are playing the Playstation and the girls are eating AGAIN!!!! I managed to get a nice hot bath while they were gone and bath my little man. I also got a hold of Suddenlink and talked to them about my bill raising every month. They kill me!

Hubby is STILL in the garage and no telling how long he will be there. I've taken my sleeping pill so I'm betting my bedtime will be shortly. Annalee is already tucked in and the girls can't stay up to late, they have Church tomorrow.

Before I go to bed I'd like to work on my Tot School Plan for next week. Ax brought a calendar home from school Friday with what themes they are working on this month. I think I will try and stay within the school's themes! I already have my menu planning for next week done and although Monday is my usual shopping day, I'm going to try and work it in tomorrow. With the funeral being Monday, I just don't see how I can get it done.

The girls are still going to walk tomorrow in the March against drugs but due to the having to be at the wake tomorrow evening, I will not be walking. 

I'll post sometime tomorrow afternoon though and check in with everyone.

Hope you guys are having a great weekend!


Friday, March 28, 2014

Friday's Love List

What a day my friends! Up until around 6:00 this evening everything was sunshine & rainbows around here. I got a phone call from my Aunt asking me to go tell my Grandma that her baby Sister suddenly died of a massive heart attack. Not how I wanted to spend my afternoon. Don't get me wrong, I wanted to be with my Grandma but no one wants to be the bearer of that news. My Great Aunt Debbie was a very special woman and will be greatly missed but always in our hearts. At this time there have been no arrangements made. She has lived away from here for years but has two son's who live here. I'm not sure what they will do as far as a viewing and funeral, we are still waiting to hear.

With that said, I had started a Friday's Love List earlier today. Pretty much it was just summarizing what I loved this Friday. For the sake of not turning this into a tragic post, I'm going to go forth and share my love list. It's always a good idea to count your blessings so here's mine for the day.

Today I Loved:

* Lying in the bed listening to the rain. We got a few brief showers this morning and I was awake. I love the sound of rain from my cozy bed.

* How stunning Anika looked! Unfortunately her principal didn't agree and labeled her outfit inappropriate. I'm still not real sure why but whatever. That meant I had to make a trip to her school at 8:15 am to take her clothes because she had to sit in the office until she changed. Regardless, I thought she looked beautiful.

* Spongebob- No kidding folks! After my kids left for school I sat on the couch and literally laughed out loud at Spongebob. It was the episode where he was pretending to be dumb in front of what he thought was Patrick's parent's in order to make Patrick look smarter. Have you saw it?

* Gifts from my sweet Momma!!! When she picked up the kids for school she also brought me a new bag and Hubby some pickles she canned. Mom's are the best :)

* Completing all my Morning Chores early. I was totally on a roll this morning

* Warmth and being able to open my front door. It was a beautiful day today. I tried to go for a walk this afternoon with the kids but Anika whined around that she had boots on and her feet hurt so we didn't get to go. Ugh, teenagers!!!!

* Motrin- My sinuses have been killing me. I've literally lived on Motrin this week for facial pain and headaches.

* My Bologna, Egg & Cheese with Tomato on Toast that I made for breakfast. If you have never had one, try it. You will NOT be disappointed!!!

* Getting to have a long talk with my Sister in Law! It's been awhile and it was good to catch up with her. 

* My nice comfortable dress! I've felt like I've been in my pajamas all day, it's that comfortable. As a matter of fact, I still have it on.

* Leftovers for lunch which resulted in me not having to cook. Potato Soup is just as delicious on Day 2

* Finding my boy in his classroom and happy when I picked him up from school. He was sporting a party hat (big deal cause at the first of the year he wouldn't wear one) because they were celebrating their March Birthday's. He was covered in icing and had a big smile on his face. It always makes me feel better knowing he does okay once he's there.

* Cute little papers I got out of Axle's locker. There was a bundle of them but I didn't want you to have to see ALL of them so I snapped a picture of these two. This was when they were doing their 5 senses unit! My boy is getting smart :)

* My planner- Am I the only one who would be in serious trouble if it weren't for a planner? I write everything in it. Without it I'd never know where to be or what I should be doing.

* Getting a phone call from my Hubby so he could tell me he loved me before he went into work. Those just because calls are the best!

* Listening to gospel music, it did my soul good

* My dishwasher....we had 3 loads of dirty dishes today. I'm seriously glad I didn't have to do them by hand.

* Finding $10.00 lying on the bar. I have no clue where it came from but I really needed it.

* Compliments...I always love compliments :)

* Watching my kids eat Fun Dip!!! My kitchen floor did not love it so much

* That my washing machine isn't paid for. Yeah, weird thing to love, I know. It's tore up though and as long as I owe on it, they will replace it. Yippee, thank goodness I still had $120.00 to pay.

* Axle helping me mop the floor. He is such a good helper!

* Living in the country and listening to the frogs. While this little town annoys me most of the time, there are still many things I'd miss if I lived in a big city.

* Having a large family who all comes together in a time of need. Seriously, they are the best!

* Watching my kids play outside at my Grandma's. Her yard is fenced so I just turned them loose. They had the best time. I just wish I had my camera with me!

* Watching an episode of House Hunters. I love that show so much

* Having nice clean floors! Mopping is complete around here. Hubby is going to love it too. He absolutely hates sticky floors.

* Still having my precious granny at 35 years old. I am so blessed to have her in my life. Her health isn't good but she still gets around okay and her mind is fairly good. She is a precious gift for sure.

* Laughing at Annalee wearing a Depends. I left here in a hurry to get to my Granny and forgot Lee's diapers. She was wet so nothing would have Granny but me to change her and put one of her Depend's on her. I swear it was a Kodak moment. I was literally in tears from laughing.

* That my kids were both asleep by 9:00. It's been a quiet evening. Anika's been in her room and I've been in mine. I told the Hubby I'd try and wait up on him tonight but I'm not sure I'm going to make it. It's just now 11:30 and I'm so sleepy. I still have 3 hours to go!

That friends is my loves for today...definitely lots of blessings!

Before I go I want to sum up my weekly challenge for you. This week I vowed to not yell at my children. Well, I didn't fail miserably but I didn't pass with flying colors either. There was a few times that I caught myself yelling at Axle over something he was doing or was getting ready to do. He's at a tough age friends. While I slipped up a few times, I was happy to see that I really don't yell at them that much. For the most part I'm pretty calm. I won't say I was completely successful with this challenge but I'd give myself a passing grade. I'm going to blame the slip ups on me being sick anyway. It was my fault, right?

Next week my challenge is to dress up & try to be stylish. I'll be photographing each day's outfit for you so you can be the judge. I might need some luck on this one or maybe I'll just enlist Anika's help!

Happy Weekend Friends
Hope it's off to a good start for y'all


Thursday, March 27, 2014

Just Tired

I've been trying to blog for over an hour now and for some reason I just can't seem to get any words out. I'm just tired tonight, like exhausted. I've got a feeling it's going to be a very early bedtime for me. With that said, not much out of the ordinary has happened around here so I don't have a lot to tell anyway. I only managed to snap one picture today and let me just tell you, I feel about like she did!

Friends I'm going to finish up what I have to around here and then I'm calling it a night. This mommy's body is saying "I need rest". Hopefully tomorrow I'll be back with lots more energy.

Until Then,

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Random Thoughts this Wednesday

I plan so much in a day's time and usually only accomplish half of it if I'm lucky. The days are too quick, seems they pass in the blink of an eye. I was thinking today that a whole new month is almost upon us. How is that possible, where did March go?

It's been another sick day for me so I don't really have a post prepared for today. I decided a few moments ago that I'd just share some random thoughts with you. It's better to blog my random thoughts than not at all I guess.

Random Thoughts for the Day

* I've been miserably sick. I hate to start this post out by whining but frankly I've done a lot of whining today. I woke up feeling like I'd been in a fight with a bear and lost. My face felt like it was going to explode from the sinus pressure and my teeth were aching. I took some Motrin and my Antibiotic & luckily it eased off enough that it was bearable the rest of the day. I'm hoping to not jinx myself but I'm actually feeling some better tonight. Hopefully I'm on the mend and tomorrow will be a better day.

* Ax and Lee Lee both were home all day today. We got a skip of snow and that little skip actually stuck to our roads causing Axle's school to be cancelled. Anika's school was on a 2 hour delay so she didn't have to go in until 10:00 this morning. It gave her plenty of time to doll up and look super cute.

*  I can't believe I'm STILL blogging about snow. It feels like I've been mentioning it in every post for the past year. This has to be the longest winter in History or at least it sure feels like it.

* Lee Lee has been throwing herself some massive tantrums lately. The child is going to be a force to be reckoned with when she gets older. I've been trying to just redirect her but sometimes it's difficult. Today she got very upset because Hubby took away a chocolate cake from her. I have no idea where she found it but let's just say it was probably something Ax shoved under his bed a week ago. We tried to give her everything from cheese to crackers to juice but she wouldn't have it. She was right down mad. About that time Lunch was done so I sat her at the table and gave her a plate. Homegirl wasn't happy about it so she slung the plate off the table busting it all over the floor. Needless to say she spent the next 15 minutes in her crib thrashing and banging but eventually calmed herself down. What am I going to do with her?

* We had Hamburger Helper for lunch today. It's been forever since I've made it. I used to make it all the time and today I remembered why, quick and easy!

* I worked on planning out a possible route for vacation. The way we do our vacation's is complicated and I'll go more into that later on but pretty much I'm going to come up with about 5 possible routes and then we will decide from there. Here is our first possible. It takes a long time to research and come up with these possible routes but it's a lot of fun. I just need to come up with about 4 more now.

Day 1: Home to Sandusky, Ohio
Day 2: Cedar Point, Sandusky, Ohio
Day 3: Kelly's Island (taking ferry from Sandusky, Ohio)
Day 4:  Drive to Niagara Falls- Stopping at a Drive Thru Safari & The Christmas Story House on the way
Day 5: Tour Niagara Falls
Day 6: Drive to Jersey City, NJ (landing spot for our time in NYC)
Day 7: Tour NYC
Day 8: Tour NYC
Day 9: Tour NYC
Day 10: Drive to Ocean City MD
Day 11: Ocean City MD
Day 12: Ocean City MD
Day 13: Drive to Washington DC
Day 14: Tour DC
Day 15: Drive Home

* I actually remembered to put the First Steps Paperwork in the mail today. I swear my memory is so bad anymore. Now I just need to remember to take Little Lee for a physical and to an ENT for a Hearing Test.

* Naptime could not come soon enough today. Can I just tell you it was a total FAIL. Lee did sleep for about 15 minutes and then Ax woke her up. Ax didn't sleep at all, he was off schedule due to there being no school.

* It's supposed to warm up tomorrow, thank god! If it does I think I'll take the kids for a walk. We need some sunshine! Friday and Saturday looks to be wet days around here with rain and possible severe thunderstorms! I hate thunderstorms, especially severe ones! Sunday is going to be in the 50's with sunshine and then it's going to be warm the first part of next week. Horray for warmth!!

* I called my friend Christie today because I haven't heard from her in a week. While we are best friends, we don't typically talk everyday but do talk at least a couple times a week. With sick kids and then a sick self, I hadn't called her so thought I should check in on her. Turns out she hasn't called me for the same reason, she's been sick too. It's the season for sickness I suppose.

* My Axle is a climber, always has been. It's nothing to walk through the house and see him perched on the kitchen table digging through a basket on the bar. Annalee is following in his footsteps as evidenced by this photo. One habit I wish she hand't picked up from her brother. By the way, dismiss my dirty tub. I was supposed to of cleaned it today and didn't. Coal dust does a number on bathtubs.

* While my kids have bad habits, they sure are some great kids. Ax and Lee loves to help me around the house. Ax's favorite chore is laundry. He loves to put the clothes in the washer and dryer, pour the detergent in and push the buttons to start the machines. Annalee is a big fan of the dishwasher. She reaches me each clean dish and I put it away. She also drops the dishwashing tablet in the basket, closes the door for me and pushes the button to start it. Anika is old enough to know that chores are no fun!!!!

* Speaking of Anika, she went to the movies tonight with her Church Youth Group. They picked her up at 4:45 and she didn't get home till after 9:00. She said the movie was great, it made her cry. I'm glad she's enjoying Youth Group. They watched God is not Dead! She highly recommends it.

* Axle is becoming very independent these days. He has recently learned how to put on his own shoes and now he is mastering putting on his own pants. He's one of those kids that it doesn't do any good to try and teach him anything until he makes up his mind that he wants to learn it. Everything is on his terms!

* I bet have the cleanest bedding in 25 states. I have washed our sheets and blankets a gazillion times in the last week due to the kids vomiting. Today I had to wash them once again because Ax slept with me last night and had a pee pee accident. Nothing like waking up at 2:00 am and your shirt soaked with pee. Thanks Buddy!!!

* My nose is sore- like super sore. I have wiped it so much that it hurts to touch it :(

* I worked on my closet this afternoon. Can I just tell you I suck at purging when it comes to clothes. I love clothes and hate to get rid of anything. I think I finally convinced myself to let go of 1 whole trash bag of stuff. I did do some organizing though and made some room. As it stands, everything is hung up and where it needs to be. The Hubby's stuff is all piled on the chair in my room. I'm going to make him weed through it tomorrow before work to see what he wants to get rid of. He's going to enjoy it so much, not!!! I hope to work on the bottom part of my closet tomorrow and finally do something to organize my millions of pairs of shoes.

* I have a fascination with these new Little Debbie Cakes. I'm NOT a snack cake fan but I LOVE these. Have you tried them? 

* The kids and I ended up taking a late nap today. We fell asleep around 6:30 and didn't get up until after 8:00. I figured Lee wouldn't want to go back to bed but she's already asleep luckily. Ax on the other hand is watching cartoons. I'm hoping he gets tired soon, he has school tomorrow. I seriously just felt so bad that I had to rest. I went ahead and took my sleeping pill at 9:30 tonight so hopefully I'll be able to go back to bed before too long too.

* We haven't done any Tot School this week. Between the kids and I both being sick, we just haven't gotten to work it in. I feel bad about it but sometimes things just happen. Hopefully tomorrow and Friday we can do some fun activities. With the weather being nice we might try to do some outdoor stuff!

* I made the kids a Homemade Pizza tonight. Ax and Lee both pretty much ate none. Anika ate 2 pieces and I ate a piece. I guess it tasted alright, I couldn't taste it. Nothing has taste where I'm sick. It sure did look good though.

* While I didn't complete both my goals today, I did complete one of them. I got the upper portion of my closet cleaned and it was a job! I still haven't gotten to work on my Home Management Binder anymore, maybe soon. I've got some chores to catch up on tomorrow if I'm feeling better. I'm hoping I am, I don't want to have to catch up this weekend.

* I thought the anti drug walk was Saturday. That is what my Mom told me anyway. Come to find out it's Sunday. My Mom really needs a calendar to write stuff down in.

* Well that is it for my randomness. My boy is in my bed and looks like he's needing a sleeping buddy. Anika is drying her hair and getting ready for bed too. I should probably head that way myself so I can get up early tomorrow morning. Between my stopped up nose and this heartburn (why I have heartburn I'll never know), I hope to sleep at least a little. Hope you all are having a good week.
Talk to You Tomorrow

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Tuesday's Okay's

Tonight is going to be another early to bed night for me so I thought I better get up my blog post while I was thinking about it. I woke this morning feeling like I'd been ran over by a Mack Truck. I'm not feeling any better this afternoon. Let's hope the antibiotics I'm taking kick in and I feel like a new woman tomorrow. Since I don't have a lot to post about because I haven't done much today, I thought I'd share with you an "It's Okay" post. I've said those words to myself over and over today, "It's Okay". I was pretty much trying to convince myself that there will be tomorrow to do what I need to do so just let it go!

It's Okay: That I was asleep by 9:30 last night and still overslept this morning. In my defense I wasn't sleeping soundly because I was listening for Little Lee. Hubby woke me once this morning around 2:00 am because I was gritting my teeth. I guess it was just a restless night for me. Luckily Anika woke up on time so she wasn't late for school and somehow I managed to get Ax to school on time too!

It's Okay: That I felt like I might die this morning. Thank God for 800 mg Motrin and a hot bath. Without those two things I'm not sure I would have made it. Okay, I might be being a little over dramatic.

It's Okay: That I thought I might cry when I woke up to this sight. Mother Nature, you pissing me off!

It's Okay: That I left my 3 year old at school with my Aunt crying himself to pieces. I know he NEEDS to be in Preschool but it's still so hard.

It's Okay: That I had to literally force myself to bath this morning. Lying around in pajamas in my own filth actually sounded pretty appealing.

It's Okay: That Lee Lee has been into everything today. She's feeling MUCH better so I haven't minded one single bit. Thank God, I think the steroids are working.

It's Okay: I hate making Mexican Cornbread. It's very time consuming. I made it to go with a pot of Chili for lunch today and it was wonderful. As much as I hate making it, I love eating it so I make it often anyway.

It's Okay: That I was supposed to pick up medicine for my daddy and forgot. Wouldn't you know he showed up right on time this evening to get it. I made it alright though, I went and got it & took it to his house to him.

It's Okay: That my Husband took my camera to work. Okay, it's really not. I hate not having blog post pictures. Blame this bare post on him. Boo Hubby!!!!

It's Okay: That I spent a majority of the day watching Storage Wars. I love that show!

It's Okay: That I forgot to put money on my credit card to pay a bill. They will wait till tomorrow I guess. I did at least remember to make a deposit at the bank :)

It's Okay: That I wore a white sweater today and worried myself to death I was going to spill something on it. I'm a very messy eater.

It's Okay: That I had big plans of cleaning out my closet today and didn't happen. It was actually one of my two goals for the day. I just moved it over as one of tomorrow's goals. Oh and just for the record my other goal was to fill out Annalee's First Steps paperwork. That one I did accomplish.

It's Okay: That there is so much that needs done around here. I'm guessing there always will be. At least I can go to bed tonight feeling half accomplished. I did get my morning & evening tasks completed, my housekeeping for the day done and even put away all the clean laundry.

It's Okay: That I fed my kids Grilled Cheese and Soup for dinner. I seriously just didn't feel like cooking.

It's Okay: That my biggest pleasure today was hearing Ax tell me about the flower he planted at school and when it grows he is going to bring it home and we can plant it in the yard. Seriously, it's the little things!

It's Okay: That I've spent $60.00 in two days on was definitely NEEDED!!!

It's Okay: That when I laid out my clothes for tomorrow, I almost didn't choose the dress because I dreaded shaving my legs. I decided not to be lazy though and just shave them in the morning!

It's Okay: That we haven't done Tot School one time this week. With all of us feeling yucky, we just haven't been up to it. I'm hoping to work it in tomorrow.

It's Okay: That I have wanted dirt pudding since Saturday but have been too lazy to make it. I might get to it soon.

It's Okay: That I have done nothing to my Home Management Binder today. It's on my goal list for tomorrow so hopefully I'll be able to complete it some more. I'm really excited about getting to use it.

It's Okay: That I totally forget to tell you I've decided to start challenging myself weekly. They will only run Monday through Friday- I'm exempting the weekends. Pretty much each week I'm going to set a challenge for myself for that week. This week I am challenging myself to not yell at my kids. I don't yell a lot but sometimes I feel like I still yell too much. Yesterday I aced it and kept my patience all day. Today, not so much. I caught myself yelling 3 times. I'm blaming it on being sick.

It's Okay: That it's just now 8:00 and I'm going to TRY to convince myself to stay up till 9:00 or maybe not.

Friends, I'll be back tomorrow and hopefully feeling better
You all have a great Wednesday ahead!!!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Monday Summarized

I'm tired already and it's only 8:00. Looks like it will be an early to bed night for me. Luckily I already have MOST of what I have to do done for the night. I still have to reload the dishwasher and finish up a final load of laundry but that is about it. I think this cold and congestion is just making me feel yucky. Hopefully I will wake feeling better tomorrow.

I don't have a lot to post today- no pictures. I actually lost my memory card for my camera up until late this afternoon so I couldn't take pics. I'll do better tomorrow. Anyway, I'm going to keep this short and sweet for ya today!

For Today: Monday- March the 24th, 2014

Outside my Window: Sits our RV we purchased a few weeks ago. We have been loading a few things each day that we are going to need when we actually get to use it. Could someone PLEASE let Mother Nature know I'm pretty excited to go camping & I can't do it with a forecast like tonight's. Yep, we are supposed to get a dusting of snow. This does not make me happy!

I am Thinking: About how far I've come with my depression since starting this blog. I'm doing really well and I'm really proud of myself. My progress is a combination of medication and putting my mind to it. While I've not made huge changes in my life, I have made minor changes and they really have had a big impact. I dress daily even if I don't feel like it. When I'm dressed cute, I get a good nights sleep and that really has been key to me having more productive days. When I'm productive I feel like I have a purpose! I've also started changing the way I do things around the house, just little things. I'm trying to come up with ways to manage my time better, accomplish more and still have time to just ENJOY life! Isn't that the whole purpose of our time here, to enjoy it?

I am Thankful: That Annalee's wheezing is much less tonight. I had her back to the doctor today and she is one sick gal. Her oxygen level was down to 86 and she had that whistle noise when she would breathe. He was very concerned and prescribed her an antibiotic and steroid. After just one dose of the steroid, she already sounds better and her coughing has calmed. I pray this works. He said if she didn't get much better in the next few days she would have to be hospitalized.

In the Kitchen: Is a full refrigerator and pantry. I decided last week that I was going to start menu planning again. Over the weekend I came up with my menu and grocery list. I have designated Monday's as my weekly grocery shopping day so today Lee and I went and stocked up. I only bought a few items that wasn't on the list but we needed them (Paper Plates, Etc). I'm so happy to NOT have to run by the store everyday this week. I hope I can keep it up. I used to do it so I know how much money and time it saves.

I am Wearing: Brown Pull-On Pants and a Brown Cowl Neck Sweater. Earlier today I had on a tan jacket and a brown scarf. It was a pretty cute get up! I'm getting ready to change into my pajamas though. My pajamas are definitely my favorite clothing pieces :)

I am Creating: A Home Management Binder. Years ago I had one and used it for awhile but let it fall to the wayside. I'm hoping to set this one up in a way that it will save me time and keep me organized! I'll do a post on it and how I set it up once I get it finished. Right now it's a work in progress.

I am Going: To have to have a major closet clean out session. Today my Mom called and said she had some clothes that my Aunt sent me at her house. I ran up and picked them up and oh my goodness, I hit the jackpot. I got a ton of cute tops, dresses and pants. I also scored a quit and some pillow shams that will find a new home in our RV. Anika's favorite part was the shoes, her and I wear the same size. We scored at least 10 new pair and 1 pair of them was Coach. Between what she gave me and what I bought on my shopping spree last Friday, I have no where to put everything!!!!

I am Wondering: If the Hubby will have to work this weekend. Probably, it's supposed to be pretty outside. That's usually when they require them to work. I think they do it on purpose!!!

I am Reading: Very few blogs these days. There just isn't enough hours in the day. I'm trying friends, I really am

I am Hoping: That the kids have school tomorrow. With snow in the forecast, who knows. I love having my kids home, don't get me wrong. They have already missed so much though they are going to be going all summer long. They just don't need to miss anymore.

I am Looking Forward To: An Anti Drug Walk I'm doing this coming weekend.

I am Learning: That you can only do what you can do. This season of my life is unpredictable and while it's nice to have a daily plan (it keeps me on track), there are some days that plan goes out the window. Today for instance, I got my chores done but we didn't get Tot School in nor did I get nearly enough planning done. It's okay, there is always tomorrow.

Around the House: Little Lee is almost asleep in her bed, Ax is watching cartoons in the living room & Anika just got out of the shower and is getting ready for bed. Things around here are definitely winding down for the night.

I am Pondering: On if I want to go to Church Wednesday night. A part of me does and a part of me doesn't. I want to go but I don't want to be so late getting home. I guess we shall see what Wednesday brings.

A Favorite Quote for Today: 

One of my Favorite Things Today: When I picked up Ax from school today he brought me a bag of food. His Headstart Program sends home a bag of food (ramen noodles, soup, oatmeal, etc) with each child once a month. It's a sponsored thing by one of the churches. Ax was so tickled with this bag of food. He said it had soup in it, really good soup, and he couldn't wait to eat some of it. It was so cute. He was so proud!

A Few Plans for the rest of the Week: Tomorrow none, we are taking another day to see if Lee's health improves. Tomorrow is Storytime but she just isn't able to go. Wednesday Anika is going with the Youth Group to see a movie. The kids and I may go to Church. Thursday and Friday, no plans. As for the weekend, I'm doing a walk on Saturday but that is it so far :)

There you have it, our Monday summarized!
Hope all of you have had a good one
I'll be back tomorrow


Sunday, March 23, 2014

LONG Sunday

I am desperately trying to get my Little Lee to go to bed so I thought I'd take a few minutes and type up today's blog post. It's one of the things I can do and be quiet. Lee is so sick. Annalee is NOT a crier by any means and that is all she has done today. She is still coughing her head off and to the point that she throws up. Her and I will be making a return visit to the doctor in the morning.

Today has been a long day. Hubby and I were talking earlier that it's just been a long weekend in general. I think the stress of dealing with the death of a loved one just makes for long days. We had to get up this morning at 9:00. I had my clock set for 8:00 but didn't actually get up till 9:00. I woke feeling terrible. I could barely talk and was coughing terribly. Luckily as the day has went on it's subsided some. I hope I'm not getting the gunk the babies have had.We had to be out of the house by 10:00 this morning so Anika and I got ready first and then the boys got ready. The two little one's were staying with mom so they only required their pajamas this morning. That made it quite a bit easier. We actually did meet our goal and was ready to go by 10:00. Of course, you know there was picture taking that took place.

We took the two babies to Mom and Dad's. Dad had originally planned on going to church this morning and Mom was going to stay home with the kids BUT Daddy was sick. I think he has came down with what the little one's have. I'm sure Mom was glad to have him home today instead, she said Lee cried the entire time she was there too. Mom had made food for us to take to the family so we gathered it up and headed on to the Funeral Home. I come from a family who believes in cooking for the family of someone who has passed. It's just the way they have always been and it's something I hope to pass on to my own kids. To us it's just a way to help and show our respect.

We got to the Funeral Home about a 1/2 hour early. It was packed with people. In 89 years Jay had touched a lot of lives. The funeral began with the military doing their salutes and then the singers from the Church up the road sang some hymns. They are a great group and it was beautiful music. My Dad's pastor actually did the funeral and he did a wonderful job. Brother Larry is a great man and always relays a wonderful message. The service ended with the final viewing which is always such a hard part for everyone. Before going to the grave site the Military did their gun salutes and fired their shots. Military services in my opinion are always very touching.

We went to the grave site to say our final Farewells and then all the family gathered at Jay's home. I helped my MIL distribute food while Hubby and Anika socialized with family that he hadn't seen in years. Anika hadn't ever even met some of them. It's such a large family but all such wonderful people. Before we left we were give a family portrait which is very old to take home with us. It's definitely something that will hang on our wall as long as we are around.

This photo is of Hubby's Grandparent's and all their children. Can you even imagine raising that many children? Only two of the children have passed on, the rest are living. Jay and Alice, his grandparent's, have both passed on. The photo is actually a canvas type and the frame is  real wood. Their is no glass or anything in it. It's definitely something to treasure.

As much as we would have enjoyed staying and chatting with everyone all evening, we couldn't. We had two little kiddos that needed picked up. We journey on up to my parent's to get them. Axle seemed to have a VERY good day. He had been to the garbage dump and store with his Papa. He also had talked Papa into buying cheese curls and popsicles! Like I said, Lee had a rough day. She was lying in her crib when I got there but wasn't asleep. She feels so bad she just can't hardly even sit up.

We visited with Mom and Dad a bit before leaving. Dad got a new schedule at work which starts next month and it's going to be SO GOOD for him. Financially it's going to be tougher but my Dad isn't really able to be working anyway and this new schedule gives him a lot more time off. I'm praying he uses that time to fish and do some things he loves to do. Right now he works 6 days a week so on his day off (Sunday's) he goes to church and rests. He really doesn't feel like doing much else.

Lee was getting cranky so we ventured towards home. I was starving so we ran through the drive thru at the Dairy Bar and got some lunch & stopped by the gas station to pick up a 12 pack of pop. We came on home and ate. Neither of the babies ate, I think it's just were they have been so sick. Anika had stayed at my Mom's so I'm sure she ate good there. Mom is always fixing big dinners.

Hubby ventured outside for awhile this afternoon while I attempted to clean house and watch the Nascar Race. I'm totally NOT happy about Jimmie Johnson having a flat at the end of the race! I managed to make the place 1/2 tidy and get a store list and menu for next week planned out. I also did a few loads of laundry and laid our clothes out for tomorrow. There is still lots to do but other than me getting a bath and fixing us a snack, not much else is going to get done.

Hubby and Ax are out in the garage as I type this. Hubby is helping a buddy fix a busted brake line on his car and Ax is playing with a little boy about his age. I hear Hubby periodically quarreling at them to NOT get in the creek. Boys are such funny creatures!

Tomorrow is a new week and while it's supposed to be cold Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, luckily we don't have much planned. I'll be so glad when ALL this cold weather passes.

Well for now I'm out of here. I'm heading to the kitchen to see what I can whip up for a snack. I already know what dessert is, cupcakes my Mommy sent home with us.

Hope you guys have a great upcoming week!!


Saturday, March 22, 2014

Saturday Happenings

I'm getting ready to put myself in the bed but wanted to take a few minutes to write about our day today. Hubby ended up staying out in the garage till late last night. I waited up on him as long as I could but around 2:00 am I gave up and went on to bed. Apparently he was working on the jeep. I just couldn't hold my eyes open a minute longer.

We ended up waking around 10 this morning. Little Lee and Ax woke us up. Lee was bouncing sky high in her bed and Ax was telling us it was time to get up! We knew we wanted to take the kids riding for a few hours today so we all got up and stirred around awhile. It was obvious Little Lee was too sick to go with us. She was coughing her little head off. I sure didn't want her in the wind today. I called mommy and she said she'd keep her so Anika and I got ready & ran her up there. Lee was MORE than happy to spend the day with her Nan!

Anika was determined to get Biscuits & Gravy this morning so I took her to our DQ. They serve breakfast till 2:00. I am not a big Biscuits and Gravy fan but Anika had me wanting some too so I ordered her and I both an order & got Ax a kids meal and the Hubby a cheeseburger. We headed on home.

The boys already had the Jeep loaded up so we ate a bite and took out to spend the day in the sunshine and 60 degree temps! Tomorrow it's supposed to be back in the 40's so we knew we didn't want to waste this pretty day. The wind was a bit cool but Hubs fixed that problem with some plastic he had.

We hit the hill behind our house and began our journey. Of course we weren't a mile up the road before the Hubby found a tree that needed to be removed. The man works on the road more than he rides!

Any stop is a good excuse for me to take a picture so I snapped this one of my cuties in the backseat!

We hadn't been out no time at all when we ran into our friend's son Matt & his buddy Blake. They decided to follow us on around the ridge. We stopped at what used to be an old cabin and chatted with the for awhile.

I remember when this cabin used to be usable

The boys checking out the Jeep

Ax not wanting to take a picture

My silly girl

Wonder where she gets it from? 

She's such a tom boy!

We all decided to ride on out to another cabin and so we did. Ax was just amazed that there was a house on the hill. He kept asking who lived there. Then he asked where the milk, washer and dryer, bathroom and television was! It's a really nice cabin to be in the head of no where but it's definitely not livable to Axle standards :) 

This is a great place to relax around the fire on the weekends

Very nice cabin!

Incredible views

God's beautiful Earth

There is a bench that overlooks this. It's such a peaceful place
to sit

Off to our left the hills were on fire

Old Stove inside the cabin

My pretty gal 

Ax checking it all out

I think he looked at everything inside and out

Relaxing on the front porch

We journey on around the hill after about an hour. We rode up what is called "God's Promise Trail". It's actually a trail accessible by the main road. Many people, my mom included, walks it on a regular basis. All throughout the trail there is bible verses, benches, etc. It's a beautiful place. I walked it once and it was by the grace of God that I didn't have a heart attack. The hills on the trail are quite steep. I prefer to travel it by jeep!

At the very end of the trail, this is the scenery!!!

Way out in the distance sits this cross. It's only visible from this spot. I don't have a clue exactly where it's even located.

We all sat around and chatted. I took in all the beauty around me. It was such an amazing day out. I truly just felt BLESSED!!!!

You know I had to capture a few pics while we were out there

Do you see the hole in the rock Anika and I are setting on? It's a mailbox and on the inside there is a notebook. Inside the notebook is Index Cards and a pen. You can write your prayer requests on the Index Cards and place them back in the notebook. Every so often someone picks them up and prays for your requests. It's an awesome thing!

As bad as we hated for the day to end, we knew we had to head home. Axle was NOT happy about it, he wanted to keep riding. We parted ways with the boys and came back to our house.

I fried some bologna sandwiches to hold us over till we picked up some dinner. Ax fell asleep before I ever got them done. He was worn out. We ate and then I cleaned up the kitchen while Anika washed her hair and Hubby played on Craigslist.

I showered and got myself cleaned up and Hubby got himself showered and cleaned up. Ax ended up getting about a 1 hour nap all in all. I figured when we woke him he would be a bear cat but he actually wasn't too bad. He let me dress him with little argument. I called my Mom to tell her we were on our way to pick up Lee but she said Lee was napping. She was running a low grade fever so Mom gave her some Motrin and put her down to nap. She said when she woke she would clean her up and bring her up to the funeral home to us.

Hubby, Axle, Anika and I loaded up and headed to Giovanni's. I had ordered 4 pizzas to take to the funeral home plus one for us. We picked them up, ate ours in the car (big mistake, Ax had it all over his clothes) and we went on to the funeral home. We ended up staying till around 9:30 tonight. Hubby's Uncle and some other relatives sang and it was truly some beautiful music. We socialized with everyone and I heard lots of stories about the family that I didn't know. It's sad that the family isn't closer but Hubby's grandparent's had 22 kids total. That is a lot of kids, grandkids and great grandkids and they are all scattered everywhere.

Both little kids did well. Ax was a little wild but nothing that wasn't acceptable. I think he was just overwhelmed with all the people. I was pretty proud of all my babies tonight though. Everyone commented on what a beautiful young lady Anika is and I have to agree!

By the time we got home it was almost bedtime. I changed Lee's diaper and put her to bed. She was out like a light. I"m hoping she feels better tomorrow. If she isn't drastically better by Monday it's back to the doctor for us. Ax is on the mend I think but he still doesn't have much energy. He laid around with his dad for awhile tonight and kept asking was it bedtime. Hubby finally just went to bed with him. They are lying side by side on my bed as I type this and they are both snoring like pigs! Anika is still up, she's texting her little heart out. That child would be lost to death without her phone.

We have to be up by 8 in the morning so we can get ready and get out of here. The funeral service is at 11 tomorrow and then they are having a dinner following the service. Both of the little one's will be staying with my Mommy tomorrow while we attend the funeral. After we get home tomorrow I hope to get caught up on some housework and get things all ready for a new week ahead. I've fallen behind this weekend.

Hope you all are enjoying your weekend
Till Tomorrow