Friday, December 19, 2014

Busy Holiday Season

Hi Gang,
Just thought I'd drop in and do another little update! It's been a few days since I've visited my little space here in blog land so I have quite a bit to share. I guess I should go ahead and get started!

* Today marks the LAST day. The last day of work for Hubby and I until December 28th. Yesterday marked the last day of school for my boy until January 2nd. Bring on the holidays!

* Every morning this week except this morning has been a lazy one for me. I haven't even rolled over until 9:30 or 10:00. This morning is a different story though. I've been up since 5:00 am

* Because I was lazy every day, Axle was late for school every day. He did make it though and without any tears. It's called bribery folks. Every day that he goes without crying, I have a new present wrapped up for him to open when he gets home. Don't judge, it works!

* We have been back and forth all week long with what we were planning to do for Christmas. It's finalized, we are leaving for TN tomorrow morning and will be staying until Dec 27th. The barn style cottage I chose is booked and waiting for our arrival!

* Our Elf has been into some mischief this week. I tried to take a photo every day and managed to except for one. That was the day he crushed up crackers all over my floor! Here's the moments I did capture though.

Our elf is quite the gymnast

Chris brought glow bracelets for the kids

He hid out in the fridge with his blanket

Of course he left us this sign so we'd know where he was

He thought our Television needed a little color

* My Dad turned 58 years old on the 17th. It's hard to believe my Daddy is almost 60. I was working from home that day so I was able to celebrate with him by having breakfast at his house! We got him an Orbital Saw to do woodwork with and a new sweatshirt! Unfortunately, we didn't attend Church with him that afternoon and wouldn't you know it was the first time ever he LED the service. I could have kicked myself.

* The scope of my current work project has changed which will allow me to work from home a little more. That is such a blessing. This week I was able to work from home on Wed and Thur. It couldn't have come at a better time either. This week was crazy busy and I so needed to be home!

* I had one of my co-workers make this sign for me. I'm giving it as a gift to my Grandma. He did an awesome job on it. I picked it up this week from him and was so pleased. When I was little my Grandma used to sing this song to me over and over!

* As of yesterday my Christmas shopping is COMPLETE!! It makes me so happy to be able to say that.

* Hubby has really been enjoying his 12 Days of Christmas I've been doing for him. It started last weekend and everyday leading up till Christmas I leave him a cute little gift. Most are inexpensive but he still loves it. I started this tradition with him last year. Here's what he's got so far.

Day 1: A new Timex Watch because no matter how much time passes, my love for him never changes
Day 2: Cream Soda Rootbeer- Because he satisfies me to the fullest
Day 3: 2 Toboggans because he makes me so hot and I wanted to return the favor
Day 4: Organizational Items for his garage- because I love everything about him- even his OCD
Day 5: A New Shirt because "He looks good in anything" (He says this all the time)
Day 6: 2 Boxes of Nails- To the best screw ever- there really is no other options for me!

* I've actually managed to document two outfits this week- I'm slacking, I know!

Shirt- Thrifted
Pants- Factory Connection
Shoes- Thrifted
Necklace- Family Dollar

Shirt- Hand Me Down
Blazer- Thrifted
Jeans- Hand me Down
Shoes- Thrifted
Necklace- Cato's

* Little Lee was sick the first part of the week. She had a horrible cough, runny nose and just felt terrible. Mom took her to the doctor for me and he gave her antibiotics and steroids. She's still coughing but seems to feel better. I'll definitely be taking the medicine to TN with me though.

* Ax had a Christmas Party at school yesterday. They had food and then Santa came to visit. All the kids got new scooters and Ax was thrilled with his because it had Lightening McQueen on it! Annalee loves going to his school. I'm just hoping she likes it as much next year when it's her time to go!

* On top of Axle's Christmas party yesterday, we also celebrated Anika's 16th Birthday. Technically her Birthday is Dec 21st and we do have plans for it BUT we will be out of town so we had a get together yesterday for family and friends at the Pizza Place. It was a blast! Anika scored great gifts but more importantly she got to see friends she hadn't saw in forever because of being on home school! I love her smile in the photos...she looks so happy!!!

* My friends- that is my busy life right now. We will be heading out tomorrow for the holidays in TN. Please whisper a prayer for us for safe travels!!