Monday, August 22, 2016

MIA for a Week!!!

Blogging has NOT been one of the things I've been keeping up with very well. I apologize and surely hope to do better! Here's a quick catch up post for you!

* The first of this week started out rough with Axle and school but I'm proud to report by Wednesday, we was doing much better!

* We got the kids four wheelers and boy did we get a good deal on them! Ax is loving his but Lee has no interest in riding hers!

* We have had torrential downpours about everyday this week. Luckily they aren't lasting long.

* Axle got his new glasses Monday and is wearing them like a champ! I'm pretty proud :)

* I made a new Cabbage & Sausage Skillet Recipe Monday night and it was SO GOOD!!!!!

* Lee got her one on one night with Mom and Dad Monday night too. Ax stays a lot with them by himself but she rarely does, She had control over You Tube, got her toes and nails done & was pampered like a princess. She had a blast :)

* Tuesday I had a Headstart Meeting in the next town over. It was a quick meeting just wrapping up any unfinished business from last year. They served us dinner from Pig in a Poke (not my favorite) and then I swung by Cato's to do a little window browsing and of course I did by something! I couldn't resist!

* Tuesday evening Hubby helped my dad all day and then Mom fixed us a big family meal. It was delicious!

* Wednesday Lee finally started school. She's in Pre School so she always starts later than Bub. She was so excited and didn't shed a single tear. I was so proud of her!

* The High School let out early on Wednesday due to no Air Conditioning and a Water Leak. Anika had no complaints with it at all. She ended up going to her friend Elizabeth's house and spent the night there!

* I had yet another Interview for the school on Wednesday and sadly I didn't get it. It truly was a job I was passionate about and wish circumstances would have been different. I must admit, I was pretty disappointed.

* SJ's Uncle was here ALL day Wednesday and 1/2 the day Thursday trying to fix his vehicle. It broke down on him and he made it to our house but couldn't go any farther. He finally got it fixed!

* Our evening Wednesday was lazy. We done the normal baths, homework, etc but other than that nothing else got done. Oh well it happens.

* Thursday we had a lazy morning. I guess it just rolled over from Wednesday's lazy evening!r

* After the mail ran Thursday, we rode to a nearby town and got SJ's check cashed. We grabbed us some lunch at Arby's while we were out.

* Thursday evening was pretty much just a regular evening of getting things done and prepared for the next day.

* Friday we got some possible good news from SJ's job! We might qualify for Short Term Disability which would be amazing if we did. Fingers crossed!

* Anika got dress coded  Friday at school around 10:00 so she ended up having to come home. Figured it was a good day to go get her nails and hair done. That school kills me!

* Friday evening the kids went to Youth Group and spent the night with Mom. Hubby and I had Date Night and his brother & his wife joined us. We fished till way late and had a great time enjoying nature and camping!!!

* Saturday morning we hung out at the lake for a bit before heading home.

* I ended up with a bad migraine so slept a few hours after coming home before picking up the kids.

* Saturday evening I hit up Goodwill, picked up my babes from Mom's and took Anika to spend the night with a friend! The rest of our evening was pretty much just lounging around.

* Sunday I missed Church. I spent my morning revamping my planning routine a little and doing some housework.

* I picked Sis up around 3:00 and brought her home. She's somehow hurt her shoulder and is in a lot of pain!

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Outfit Update

I didn't do great remembering to take outfit photos this week! Oops maybe next week! Here's what I got though :)

Took Axle to get his glasses!
I love this tank and it gets lots of use
The capris are a keeper too I think :)

I wore this to a Meeting for Headstart
I'm really kind of liking this
1st Maxi I've actually liked since starting this process

I got dressed and forgot a photo!
It was a Job  Interview Day for me

This is what I wore to Walmart and Arby's
I did have shoes on
Easy outfit and it looked alright I suppose

Date Night and totally didn't take a photo!

Sick/Bad Headache- Stayed in Pj's all day

Lazy Day/didn't get dressed!!!

Yep, I gotta put more effort in this week
Wish me luck :)

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Our Weekend

What our weekend was made of:

Kids going to school Friday with no tears! Little Lee can't wait to start

Doctor's Appointment for SJ- scheduled to see a Neurosurgeon now. Praying for the best!

Walmart Trip for Anika's school supplies and scored myself two cute new pair of shoes while I was there

Lots of errand running, it's just what I do!

A visit from my friend Christie. I miss her bunches

Fun day at the water park with our Church Youth Group


No sleep due to vomiting and tummy cramps :(

Feeling weak as dishwasher all day Sunday

Light housekeeping because the place needed to be livable again

Burgers on the grill- yummy

Pinterest and lots of my favorite things!!!

A new Moleskin Planner to start my bullet journaling

Attending a benefit for a young man in our community with cancer

Preparing for a new week ahead

Sharing these adorable photos of my kids

On the Playground at School

Bring on a NEW WEEK!!!!!